Will sneaked out from the others. He opened Dr. Burrows' journal and stared at a very special pages. Inside his father's notes about underground, there's something written for him. And he believed that his son would find it soon.

Because a father never wrong.

For I Am a Father

Warning and Disclaimer:

Tunnels © Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

All the words flow – and nearly the whole idea © Hikari Tenshiro

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First fic from Hikari Tenshiro for Tunnels



Dear Will,

I knew that when you found this paper, I've already dead. I tried my best to hide this weird mail when I'm still alive, but now I'll let you read it. Continue it, son.

Well, I've known that from the first time I met you in Deeper, I've been a bad father for you. I only think about my journal, my discoveries, my expectations here. This place is awesome, and I bet you thought the same. The lifestyle, religion, surviving ways… it's amazing. Too amazing that I never paid attention to everything I need to protect in Highfield. To my job. My family. Especially to you, my only son – even you're adopted.

But when I met you again after a very long time, I realized my fault.

Every time, when I've done my mistakes – what I've mentioned to you before – and realized it, I never tried to change my attitude. Always like that. Always trapped in the same mistakes that even a foolish donkey was still better than me, a doctor.

I wanted to ask an apology. Oh, not only a, but many.

I mean, you see. I didn't listen to you about the Rebecca twins. I always forget about you when I found something weird in here. I put my journal (dead object) first than you (alive son). You know what I mean, huh?

And now, I think it's too late to make everything perfect again. I'm so sorry that you've been neglected every time. Am I a bad father for you? You supposed to get a better father that able to teach you to be a good son. Not like me.

And I'm so sorry to take you in dangers like these. It would be continued even when I've already gone. You'll always escape and suffering, while I'm not feeling any suffer in heaven. If I got into heaven, of course.

There's too much mistakes to be written here. And I hope you'll understand. For every bad thing that happened because of me, I'll let you mock me and all I can say, by this unimportant mail, is S-O-R-R-Y.

If there's another word except 'sorry' to express my feeling... I'll use it to apologize to you, I'm promise. For I am a father, and I have to do all the best for his son. This, is the best thing I can do to you.

See you, my dearly son. Don't cry. Goodbye. I love you.

Dr. Burrows.




Dedicated to my beloved father, Andy Lohanda. Happy 41th birthday, Dad! Even you couldn't understand Tunnels, I still wanted to say that I love you and I'm sorry I can't be a good daughter for you. And... well, sorry to be late :(




Tears went down from Will's eyes. Still, no one around him, just like every time he read the mail for him. He wept his tears using his sleeve.

"I've taken your apologies since before, Dad..."