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A little about this fic: Once upon a time, I randomly tweeted how great it would be to see Edward & Bella in a similar plot as my childhood obbession, Anne of Green Gables. I immediately received several replies telling me... no... DEMANDING it be written.

This is a modern take on AoGG. If you've read the books, you know where this is going... kind of. I've tried to change things around a bit to fit the times. If you haven't read AoGG, this will be new to you.

a big THANK YOU to Sabriel017 who encouraged this and pre-read the prologue. TropicalSorbet also preread and Magnolia822 beta'd, as always.

SM and L.M. Montgomery own it all. I just mashed the characters up a bit.

Bella of Victoria




"He's Engaged?" The words wooshed out of me, leaving me breathless and dizzy.

"That's what I hear. Tanya, I think her name is, isn't it, Alice? Pretty girl. Mr. Masen mentioned something about her being in medical school with Edward. They'd make a fine couple, two doctors and all..." Mrs. Cope was busy making marks on her inventory sheet.

She always did talk too much.

"Shit," I heard Alice hiss next to me.

"You know, I always thought you an Edward would make a match of it, Bella. I guess it wasn't meant to be." The old hag's icy blue eyes peeked at me above the rim of her reading glasses.

Shut up, Mrs. Cope. Just shut the hell up.

"Let's get out of here. Bella, you need to breathe. I'll explain everything to you when we get home," Alice whispered as her arm wrapped around my shoulder trying to move me out of Mrs. Cope's general store. With much effort, she finally ushered me out into the fresh, crisp autumn air.

"Old cow, doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut," Alice muttered as we made our way to her car.

"When?" I croaked, not recognizing my own voice as I numbly slid into the passenger seat and weakly closed the door.

"When what?" she asked, sounding nervous while backing out of the parking space.

"When did it happen? How long have you known?" I could barely manage to string two sentences together.

"Um, well uh... oh, Bella, what does it really matter? You've moved on, right? You're successful, you're independent..."

"Answer the question, Alice."

"Shit. Okay. He brought her home last summer. They announced their engagement about a month ago."

Last summer.

The last time I saw him.

The moment I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Ten years. I spent ten years of my life falling for a boy I thought I hated.

And now I was too late. He'd moved on.

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