What Happens In New York

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee and One Tree Hill.

Couple: Rachel Berry/Brooke Davis

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Thank You

Rachel's smile spread clear across her face nearly stretching from one ear to the other, her large childlike brown eyes were wide and full of amazement as they stared up at the large city, the city of her dreams. "I finally made it!" She squeaked out as she did a spin on her heels, her large stylish colorful jacket flying up just a little as she did so. Her heart was pounding rapidly away in her chest threatening to break through her ribcage as she skipped along the sidewalk following the other teenagers as they made their way toward the hotel they would be staying at.

"Oh my gosh!" She shouted out as they passed the many landmarks. Barely able to contain their excitement, Kurt and Rachel both let out squeals here and there, grabbing onto each other's arms and jumping up and down as they explained to the rest of the group the importance of certain parts of the city.

Most of the other kids were wrapped up in their own excitement and were ignoring the two soon-to-be Broadway stars. Some interested in the fashion, some in the street performance, some in the art, but all of them were very excited to be in New York City. It was nothing like Lima Ohio.

As they reached the hotel that they would be staying at all of the teenagers followed Will to the desk, waiting impatiently as he checked them in. All of them wanted to head out and explore before working on writing the songs for Nationals, it was all a little surreal. Two years ago they had been a group of five in a Glee club and now they were going to Nationals in New York City.

Turning around Will clapped his hands together. "Alright everyone, we have two rooms. One for the girls and one for the guys!"

Santana's brown eyes glared toward Rachel who was tapping her foot impatiently, arms crossed across her chest as she waited to head out and search the streets for all of the things she had dreamt of. "Great, a whole weekend with man-hands."

Quinn rolled her hazel eyes as she looked toward the other girl, honestly she was shocked that the cheerleader still continued to make fun of Rachel after so long. Even she had given up on trying to hurt the other girl, because as intolerable as she could be on occasion she had grown to care a lot for the controlling diva. Apparently Brittany also thought that the Latina was being a little immature as she pulled on Santana's hand and whispered something in her ear causing the other woman to quickly apologize. 'She is so whipped… It's kind of… cute.'

Rachel did not allow the insult to faze her. Nothing would bring her down at this point, she was far too excited. Not to mention she had come to terms with the fact that she did not have manly hands in the least a long time ago, if anything her hands were smaller and far more feminine than any of the cheerleaders'. She was making her dreams come true and one day she would be rich and famous and loved by everyone, and high school popularity would mean nothing.

"Try as you might to bring me down Santana, I am making my dreams come true. Perhaps we could partake in making fake ID's in order to visit a strip joint and see if we can find you a job in order to help you in fulfilling your dreams."

Most of them laughed at this comment including Quinn who chuckled huskily under her breath as she watched the Latina warily, knowing that she would not hesitate to lunge at the helpless shorter girl in order to harm her. For some reason lately she felt the need to protect Rachel. Perhaps it was because of Beth and everything that happened, but regardless she quickly stepped behind Santana grabbing ahold of her arm stopping her from jumping the other girl as she screamed out profanities in Spanish.

Rachel screamed out and threw up her hands in order to protect her face, although she was feeling rather proud of herself for standing up to the cheerleader. Quickly Will stepped in between the two girl's extinguishing the arguing. "Okay, Okay! Girls! We are in New York and about to perform at Nationals, can we please keep it together!"

Santana stopped struggling against Quinn's grip and huffed out angrily as she crossed her arms and nodded her head, Brittany wrapping her arms around her in order to calm her down. Rachel crossed her arms and let out a loud breath causing her bangs to fly up as she did so.

"Okay, every one head up to your rooms and get settled and then feel free to head out and explore, just make sure to keep someone with you at all times."

After Will gave them their keys they all headed up to their rooms in order to settle in and unpack.

O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

"Oh my goodness! Look Rach!" Kurt practically screamed, making sure to keep his voice hushed so that the fashion designer would not hear him. That would be embarrassing. Both diva's had discussed what they would do if they ran into anyone famous that they looked up to, and what they had decided was that they would treat them like normal people. They were after all simply people, fabulous people, but people all the same.

Large brown eyes cast in the direction that the young man was looking and they widened filling with excitement. Trying her best to keep her voice down she let out a squeal. "Oh my gosh is that?"

"Yes!" He stated clasping her arm with his as they followed the person whom which they were watching, making certain not too look too obvious as they did so. "That is THE Brooke Davis! Fashion designer of one of my favorite lines Clothes over Bro's and the creator of magazine B Davis! I can't believe that she is standing right over there!"

"I'm going to go and say hello to her." Rachel whispered with a bright smile on her lips as she held her chin up confidently and started to strut toward the taller woman.

"What? Are you crazy Rach? What are you possibly going to say to a woman of her stature? She is probably all about fashion and money and no offence but you are not one who knows fashion, I know fashion." He looked down at the clothing she was wearing which he had always thought looked like a mix between old lady style and toddler style. When he looked back up he saw her mouth had fallen open a little and her full bottom lip had formed a pout. Rolling his blue eyes he laughed a little. "Okay, some offence, but seriously Rach she is probably obsessed with style and you have no sense of the word."

"I will have you know Kurt that I happen to like this style and although everyone else seems opposed to it, I think that it is indeed fashionable and I am almost certain that Brooke Davis would agree with this assertation. So, if you would excuse me." With that she once again put on her 100 watt smile and forced her chin upward confidently as she strut toward the woman who had stopped to look into one of the many shop windows on the street.

"Hello, miss Davis!"

Hearing a voice from behind her the fashion designer's ears perked up and she sighed to herself, this happened on too many occasions for her to not have grown tired of it. How many times did people have to come up to her and talk with her. On occasion it had worked in her favor when it came to meeting men, or showing off for certain people, but if she were truthful with herself she would admit that she missed the easy days in Tree Hill with her friends. She missed being the cheer captain at their school, because growing up was difficult and making your dreams come true was not nearly as fulfilling as she had hoped it would be.

Turning around, Brooke expected to be met with cameras but instead she was met with bright brown eyes. For a moment her breath caught in her throat as she stared deep into their emotional pools, she had never seen eyes that held so much behind them. Open for the world to see, the hope, the pain, the worry, the excitement, all on display through such a simple stare. It was then that she took in who the eyes belonged too as she allowed her breath to escape and hazel eyes roamed over the short woman standing in front of her.

Often she thought of herself as short, but this girl was even shorter than herself. Despite the height, which Brooke found she actually thought was cute; the girl was absolutely gorgeous in a strange way. She did not meet up to "model" standards, not by any means, and her mother would probably kill her if she ever tried to have someone who looked like her model, but she was unique in every aspect. The perfect naturally tanned skin, the dark emotional eyes, the almost too large nose that surprisingly was not distracting from her beauty, full and plump red lips, her small body and frame, and those long legs that seemed impossibly long for someone of her stature. Brooke Davis was a lot of things, but one thing she rarely was was speechless or someone to stare, but she was caught off guard by the girl with the large smile on her lips and dancing eyes.

'I miss when I felt that alive…' She thought to herself as she smiled softly and responded to the girl, who could not be older than twenty. "Hello." She rasped out. "Are you a reporter?"

"Oh goodness no!" Rachel said with a gasp as she moved closer to the beautiful woman standing in front of her, momentarily admiring her. "I am a mere fan of your art and your ambition, but more than anything you have been one of my most prominent role-models, while not as prominent as one Barbara Streisand, still very important in shaping my character. I admire you, for more than your amazing taste in fashion; I admire the woman you have become. For I too come from a small town and have hopes and dreams that seem nearly impossible, and one day I wish to say that I have been as successful as you yourself have been." Her voice held excitement and she spoke almost too quickly and in such a way that Brooke found it difficult to follow her, but she tried to listen to every word.

'If only she understood the price that you pay to have your dreams come true… it seems you either get wealth and success or love and happiness in this world…' "Well, thank you." She said with a little husky laughter, she could not help it. It was adorable, to say the least, the way that the other girl was rambling on and on as well as all of the emotions in her voice and changing facial features.

"No, I must be the one to thank you for being an amazing inspiration." Rachel stated with a bright smile as she tried to calm her racing heartbeat, she wanted nothing more than to hold onto her confident act and not go overboard. She always went overboard.

Brooke watched the other girl with curious hazel eyes, she was curious as to what the other girl's dreams entailed. "Did you move to New York recently for your dreams?"

Shaking her head quickly she glanced up at the tall buildings towering over the two of them and smiled brightly as she excitedly began to ramble again. "Oh how I wish! No, me and my high school Glee Club are here in order to go to the National Competition. But, in a year or so I shall be moving to New York in order to start my Broadway career, yes."

"Broadway?" Hazel eyes sparkled a little at this, the designer loved attending Broadway productions. 'So… that makes her seventeen or so… so young…' It was not that Brooke was old, in fact she was only twenty-two years old, but it felt as if she had thrown away her entire childhood and grown up remarkably fast. That would probably be what would happen to—'What is her name?' "That is fascinating; I wish you the best of luck with being successful. Maybe I'll have to come and see you some time." Her voice was teasing, perhaps even flirtatious and it caused her to blush a little, she hardly ever flirted with anyone since coming to New York, and now she was flirting with a little girl? 'What is wrong with me…? I can have any guy I want… and I do want guys!'

"That would be absolutely astonishing! I would love for you to attend my productions!"

Brooke raised an eyebrow and a dimpled grin spread across her face as she watched the excitement cross the beautiful girl's face, she was one of the most emotional people that the taller brunette had ever met. Hazel eyes connected with brown and once again her voice came off flirtatious and although naturally husky, it came out a little deeper than usual. "In order to do that I would need to know your name though." 'Where did that come from… God damn it Brooke Davis, pull it together! You were the queen bee in high school, and now you are an amazingly successful drop dead gorgeous fashion designer, no one ever gets you nervous and causes you to fumble with your words!'

"I am Rachel Barbara Berry." She stated proudly, announcing her middle name to show the prevalence of her greatest idol.

"I will have to keep my eye out for you." Pausing she smirked before stating in a teasing hushed voice. "Rachel Barbara Berry." For a moment she relished in the fact that the young diva's face flushed a bright pink at the use of her name, or perhaps the tone of her voice, either way, it was adorable. 'She is just too freaking cute…'

"Please do, though I do assure you it will be near impossible to miss me once I become a star." She whispered almost timidly as she looked away from teasing hazel eyes. 'She seems to be flirting with me… but that is extremely doubtful considering… gosh… how embarrassing...' "Well, I should probably allow you to return to what you were previously engaged in, considering that you are a successful fashion designer one can only draw the assumption that you are also on a very busy schedule and I would hate to intrude any further with my crazy idolization." After her ramble she flashed a bright smile and added before turning. "It was a pleasure to meet you."

Before she knew what she was doing Brooke found herself reaching out for the other girl as she called out. "Wait."

Turning the diva looked up at her with confused and slightly expectant eyes. "Yes?"

"I am opening a new store tonight and I would love it if you could come, maybe you could meet some people. Get your name out there?" The designer knew that she should just let the girl go, she had no reason to get to know her, but she could relate to her considering. Plus it was an excuse to get to see her a little more. 'Not that I'll be paying much attention to her with all of the cute guys around… hot male models equals yummy!' Her mind tried to convince her.

Rachel's face lit up with excitement as she let out a squeal and jumped up and down. "Oh my goodness! You have no idea how amazing that would be! It would be my honor to attend—" Pausing she looked over her shoulder spotting Kurt who was wearing a look of disbelief and confusion as he watched the interaction taking place. "Although I would have to ask if I would be allotted a plus one, because it would be unfair to my best friend and future Broadway co-star if I did not allow him to accompany me to the opening. He too is a fan of yours, you see."

"I see." Brooke husked out, chuckling under her breath. 'She sure does use a lot of words to say such simple things… that should annoy the hell out of me, but it's kind of cute… gah! What is wrong with me… she is SEVENTEEN! And a GIRL!' "He is free to come with you."

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Authors Note: If y'all give me some lovin's I promise to try and update fast! I know that this idea is pretty ridiculous and farfetched, but it is my two favorite shows. :) And my two favorite characters from said shows! (Though I also really love Quinn and Haley :) ) Still, I do not expect much of a response considering the two shows I am meshing together, but I still am writing it for me. For anyone who gives this a chance you guys are awesome! Please review!

-Tracy Cook