What Happens In New York

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee and One Tree Hill.

Couple: Rachel Berry/Brooke Davis

Rating: M

Chapter 16

New Perceptions on Old Realities

"I still can't believe that you are dating another woman, Brooke. I mean, after everything that you did in high school, I just can't believe it." Lucas said as he sat on the couch next to her. She had come over to talk to him about everything. Not only had she been upset about the way that he had reacted to her admitting that she had a girlfriend, but she was upset with the way that he was leading Peyton on, or Lindsay, at this point she didn't really know which.

All that she knew was that it was not fair to either of them.

"Funny." Brooke stated sarcastically with a dimpled grin. "I still can't believe that you have a problem with me dating another woman."

"It's not a problem; it's just a little surprising is all." He admitted before wrapping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her into a hug. Lucas would never judge Brooke Davis. She was the kindest woman that he had ever met; she sacrificed everything to make everyone else happy and rarely thought about herself. If Rachel made her happy then he would be happy for her. "As long as she makes you happy, I'm happy."

"Good, because I have never been happier." She admitted with a smile as she thought about her girlfriend. It was the truth, she could not recall a time in her life when she looked forward to seeing what the next day held. Even with her mother attempting to destroy everything that she loved, she had never been so happy.


"Now, what about you? What's gonna make you happy, because you've got me completely confused. All through high school all that you ever wanted was to be with P. Sawyer, and now she's back and practically begging you to be with her and you go and propose to Lindsay?"

"Yeah, I don't know why I did that…" He stated shamefully. Honestly, he could not comprehend his own feelings on the situation. At times he thought that he would love nothing more than to give Peyton another chance, but things with Peyton were always so complicated. He would always love her. It was just easier with Lindsay. "I was just so scared to lose her and I didn't want her to think that Peyton was a threat."

"But she is a threat."

Lucas gave her a look that said that she was wrong, but she knew better than to believe that look. She could still recall in high school being on the receiving end of that look. No matter how much he attempted to deny his feelings everyone knew that he and Peyton belonged together.

"Oh, don't give me that innocent look, Lucas Scott. I know exactly how big of a threat she is. Hello, ridiculous high school love triangle much? You love her Lucas and we can all see that, so as far as I am concerned that is the biggest threat of all." Brooke paused and shrugged her shoulders. "Besides, we all thought that you were going to end up together. That's gotta be kind of intimidating for Lindsay."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"I know I'm right. Now, what you need to do is figure out who you want before you go and hurt everyone like back in high school."

Lucas squinted his eyes at her. "I already know who I want Brooke. I made my choice." He stood to his feet and started toward the front door, suddenly growing extremely defensive. She knew that it was only because he was not secure in the decision that he had made.


"—I'll talk to you later Brooke. I've got to get back to Lindsay, she's waiting for me."

"Okay, see ya later." Brooke said under her breath as she closed the door behind him. She sincerely hoped that he would figure out what he wanted in time to save everyone from too much heartache. 'Hopefully he doesn't realize he wants Peyton while he's at the altar with Lindsay… that would be terrible…'Brooke was just happy that for once she actually had everything in her life figured out.


When Brooke got back from Lucas' house and she walked into her house she couldn't help but smile at the adorable sight. Rachel Berry was sitting on the couch watching a romantic movie in her blue pajamas with gold stars all over them, her dark hair was a mess and all over her face and she was shoveling bites of cereal into her mouth. Her large brown eyes were full of tears and fixated intently on the screen. She looked trapped in the emotion of the movie.

"You are so freaking cute." Brooke said, startling the other woman who jumped and nearly spilt her cereal all over herself.

"Brooke, you nearly made me spill my cereal all over myself with your ridiculous statements." Rachel said with a pout on her full lips as she set down the cereal on the table so that she would not be at further risk of spilling it. She honestly felt odd every single time that Brooke called her cute, or beautiful, or sexy, because she had never really been called any of those things. Not even by her boyfriends in the past.

She never really felt beautiful.

The designer raised a brow as she walked toward Rachel. "And what is ridiculous about me calling you cute, huh?" She asked, already knowing the answer. The beautiful woman always got insecure when she complimented her appearance.

"It is ridiculous because I am hardly what you would consider cute."

"Really now? Because, I just called you cute. So, I believe that you are exactly what I would consider cute." She flashed her a dimpled smirk as she straddled the starlet's hips and stared down at her. Brooke watched as Rachel's eyes darkened with desire and she ran her talented tongue over her full bottom lip before pulling it between her teeth and chewing on it. It drove her crazy when Rachel did that. Her entire body felt like it was on fire and all that she wanted to do was rip off the diva's clothing and take her then and there.

"I suppose that by using your deductive skills, you could be correct."

"I am correct." Brooke leant down and captured Rachel's lips with her own in a chaste kiss. She wanted more. They both wanted more.

Suddenly the front door opened though and Peyton walked in. "Hey, I've got a proposition for your little talented girlfriend—woah! You guys! I told you not to do that kinda stuff where I would have to see it." She complained, but for the most part she was teasing. She hadn't seen anything too inappropriate and she didn't really mind as long as her best friend was happy.

"And I thought I told you to stop walking in on us when we were about to have some fun." Brooke waggled her eyebrows suggestively, enjoying watching Rachel squirm and blush uncomfortably. She still had not moved off of her.

"Okay. Gross. And you are in the living room. Of our house. I think it's fair that I interrupt you guys here."

The designer looked to be contemplating it, and then after a moment she shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, guess so." Leaning down she kissed Rachel one more time, smiling into the kiss when she heard Peyton feign disgust and groan out. Pulling back she told her, "We will continue this later." Then she moved off of her and headed toward her best friend. "Now what is it that you want to use my super-tiny, super-cute, and super-talented girlfriend for, P. Sawyer?"

Rachel smiled brightly as she stood to her feet and walked up beside Brooke, reaching out and interlacing their fingers together. She may not agree that she was "super-cute," but, she would always accept a compliment toward her talent.

Peyton laughed and looked over at Rachel. "Well, I am putting together another benefit CD with a bunch of artists and stuff. It will be really cool. I want to have all kinds of girl singers on it, 'cause it's to raise money for breast cancer, and I thought that maybe. I dunno, if you aren't too busy, you could lend me your voice for one of the songs?"

The starlet's eyes widened and her smile spread from one ear to the other as she nodded her head adamantly. "Of course. It would be a disservice to the cause if I did not lend my talented voice. Plus, it has always been a dream of mine to aid in saving the planet with my singing. Although, I had always assumed that it would be more aimed toward world peace." Rachel started to ramble on about her plan to save the world with her voice. Brooke stared at her with her lips pursed and her eyebrows knit together.

Rachel was extreme.

'But that is one thing that I love so much about her… it's good to have dreams… even if they are extreme.'

"And then I plan to help raise money to cure world hunger."

'Waaay extreme.'Brooke laughed and turned to look at Peyton who was wearing a bright smile. She was happy that Rachel had agreed to record.

"Alright! Awesome! Then you should come by the studio later today and we will start recording!"

"Sounds like a plan."


Rachel held the headphones up against her ear as she listened to the music that was playing and she sang along with the song. Her voice was pitch-perfect and they had already finished a good majority of the recording just because of how professional she was with her singing. Mia was a wonderful singer, but she was a procrastinator and she got stage fright, she often was not confident in herself and it took her awhile to memorize her lines.

None of these things were a problem for Rachel Berry. She had memorized her song within thirty minutes of reading it, she had not missed a note yet, and her confidence was almost overwhelming. She was aware of how good she was.

On the other side of the glass walls, Peyton and Brooke were both smiling and talking about how wonderful Rachel was doing. Brooke sounded so proud when she spoke about her girlfriend.

They were both still waiting for Haley to show up. She was often late because she had to take care of things with her family before she could come in to the studio.

"So, this is what I am investing my money in?" A voice asked. Both women jumped at the abrupt sound and turned to look at the woman standing behind them. It was Victoria Davis and she looked extremely upset.

"What are you doing here, mother?" Brooke growled out.

"Checking on business."

Haley rushed through the door. "I'm so sorry for being late, Jamie wouldn't get dressed or eat his dinner and Nathan was too busy to watch him, and…" Her voice trailed off as she noticed that there was another woman standing in the room. She was fairly certain that it was Brooke's mother, but she had never really known the woman. In high school Brooke had lived with practically every one of her friends at some point, but she had never really lived with her parents.

"One would think." Victoria started, casting her eyes toward Haley. "That since they charge by the hour for this little venture, you might be more punctual."

"Um, you're Brooke's mom, right?" Haley questioned with a confused look on her face.

"Victoria." She corrected, not wanting to be associated with being Brooke's mother. It was not something that she was proud of. "Also known as the money behind this, whatever this is. You're the producer?"

The teacher laughed uncomfortably, she did not really know what to say after being told that the woman standing in front of her was pretty much in charge. She was paying for everything, so she had the final say. Haley was terrified for Rachel. "Yeah. I uh—I'm Haley. I'm sorry. It's nice to meet you. I'm a good friend of Brooke's." She smiled and held out her hand for Victoria to shake, but the older woman ignored the gesture entirely.

"Ah, Brooke has so many good friends and new love interests since her success." Victoria stated bitterly. She was completely convinced that none of them loved her, they were just using her daughter and she was too stupid to see it. "Having said that, I'd like to have a listen to our investment." She looked toward the booth at Rachel who was anxiously fiddling with the headphones.

Rachel did not like the way that she was talking about her like she was simply a product.

Brooke looked into the booth at her girlfriend and watched the way that she was chewing on her lip nervously, and staring down at her hands. She had never seen her so anxious. Usually Rachel was the most confident woman that she knew. This person that her mother was turning her into caused Brooke to feel extremely guilty.

"Look, mother. Rachel isn't just some investment, she is my girlfriend, and she doesn't need your approval. Her song is great and it is going on this benefit album whether you like it or not."

"I really don't have time for this, Brooke. Some of us have a business to run and don't have time to play around with dreams that are destined to fail. So, if you don't mind." Victoria said, walking past her daughter and into the recording room. Brooke chewed on her cheeks and clenched her jaw as she looked over at Haley, pleading with her to do something.

Haley rushed into the recording room after Victoria, walking up to Rachel who looked completely mortified.

"She is going to be sitting in here and watching me while I perform?" The starlet asked in a hushed tone as she looked over Haley's shoulder at Victoria who had taken a seat in front of her and was staring her down. "I am an exceptional singer, Haley. I have sang in front of crowds of thousands and never felt slightly nervous because of my confidence in my vocal abilities, but I do not think that I am capable of doing this. Not with my girlfriend's mother staring at me, judging me."

"Rachel, you will be fine. You are the most talented singer that I have ever heard. Trust me, she can't judge you."

"You are incorrect there. She has already informed me that I am merely Brooke's experiment. She hates me Haley. It does not matter how talented that I am, she is not going to judge my voice on precision and my perfect pitch."

"Listen, Rachel. You're going to do great. I just want you to sing her a few lines of Get It Right. She will love it, I promise." Haley tried to reassure her as she reached out and squeezed her arm and smiled. She had her doubts that she could actually keep her promise though. She just hoped that Victoria would not be too harsh on the young star; she was a fragile and emotional woman that wore her heart on her sleeve.

"Is she even capable of love?" Rachel asked.

Haley laughed and shook her head. She didn't know if Victoria Davis was capable of love. From what she had heard from Brooke, the answer was no. But, for Rachel's sake, she did not say anything. "Okay Victoria. Rachel really is a wonderful singer and you are going to love her, please come with me back to the booth." She tried.

The older woman waved her hand dismissively. "I am comfortable here." She wanted to watch Rachel crash and burn and revel in it. This woman had destroyed her daughter's life.

"Okay." Haley sighed, heading into the booth alone, leaving Victoria and Rachel in the recording room.

Haley sat down at the booth between Brooke and Peyton, glancing over at the designer and giving her a reassuring smile. She knew that Brooke was as nervous as Rachel, she may have even been more nervous for her. Turning her attention back to the recording room, she turned on her mic and spoke. "Okay, Rach. Whenever you are ready. The song is called, Get It Right."

'Whenever I am ready… how about never in that case…?' She thought as she closed her eyes tightly and tried to recall the words to the song.

The music started to play and Rachel bit down hard on her bottom lip, almost to the point of drawing blood, as she waited for her cue to start singing. When it finally hit, she started the song only to mix up the second line of lyrics. Her brown eyes snapped open and filled with shame as she stumbled over the lyrics.

"I'm so sorry. Please, let me start over?" She begged.

"I don't think that will be necessary." Victoria stood to her feet and stared down at her.

"Please? Just one more chance?" Her voice sounded so weak and her eyes were filling with tears. She could not believe that she had forgotten the words.

"The song is titled, Get It Right?"

Rachel nodded.

"Next time maybe you should try to do just that."

Victoria walked out of the recording room and into the sound booth, staring at Haley. "Okay, so this is a huge waste of my money. I would say it's a waste of time, but you all failed so quickly, it really wasn't."

Haley stood there with her mouth hanging open; she could not believe what the other woman had just done to Rachel. She had completely humiliated her, she was crying, and it was all because she wanted to prove a point?

Brooke took a few steps toward her mother and stared her directly in the eyes, her body shaking with anger. "You had absolutely no right to treat Rachel like that, mother! She is an amazing singer, and she doesn't deserve your ridicule. Trust me; I know how it can destroy a person with dreams." Her voice cracked due to the emotional strain.

"She can't sing Brooke. It is a waste of—"

"She CAN sing!" Brooke emphasized on the word. She knew for a fact that Rachel Berry was fully capable of singing when she wasn't under such pressure. "But, this isn't about her talent is it? This is about our relationship."

"Don't be silly Brooke. I don't care about who you are fucking this week. I care about this company and the money that you are wasting on this pathetic girl's dreams."

"She was scared!" Tears were falling down her cheeks as she screamed at her mother, throwing her hand in the air. "You scared the hell out of her and she messed up! She is NOT pathetic!"

"You're right. You are the pathetic one."

"What do you mean by that?" Brooke growled out.

"You're a talented designer Brooke, but you don't spin the straw into gold. I do. Truth be told, you are not smart enough to do it. I mean look at this place. I give you a little bit of breathe room and you go and screw everything up and throw away all of our money, to help out these friends of yours. It is pathetic. You are pathetic." Victoria spat out in her daughter's face before turning on her heels to walk out of the studio, but she was stopped by Rachel who was standing in front of her staring up at her.

"Brooke Davis is a lot of things Victoria. She is gorgeous, kindhearted, loving, and she sacrifices everything for the people she cares for, but she is by no means pathetic."

Victoria laughed. "Now you've got your little experimental sex toy defending you?" She stared down into those large brown eyes and smiled, speaking in an even tone of voice. "The summer will end Brooke, and then you won't have a girlfriend or a company." She walked past Rachel, slamming her shoulder against hers intentionally.

Leaving behind two very broken women.


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