Gibbs found himself again at his basement drinking bourbon with a boat like Tony once said. Yeah, he likes to drink bourbon occasionally. He likes to think.

Today it's Tony's time.

He wouldn't have thought that he'd start to like the younger agent that much. He thought it was another team member and that's it. If only had he known how wrong he once was.

Tony has never been just a teammate. Not that he'll ever admit it, but he saw a lot of himself in him. They both were good and funny and immature at one point. For Gibbs it's like seeing the younger version of himself every day. Somehow it feels like having a chance to make it right, because in Tony he sees himself and thinks of him as his son he never had, but he is happy. They say that you're never alone, when you have kids. So Gibbs is not alone.

It's actually unbelievable, but Tony has changed the marine more than anyone could imagine. Tony was betrayed, when he joined NCIS. Gibbs gave him a second chance, just like with Kate, Ziva and McGee were more of a director's job. Tony was special. Behind the playboy facade, there's a sweet man. Caring, loveable, scared and hurt little boy, who is trapped, because the frat boy isn't letting anything out. Gibbs wanted to break the code. To break Tony, so he could be happy one day.

There is no denying – Tony is a wonderful lad. He spreads happiness around him and that's great. Somehow, without realizing it – Anthony DiNozzo makes Leroy Jethro Gibbs wanna be a better man, because Tony looks up to him. If he makes a mistake, they will forgive, but Tony has a lousy role-model in that case. He needs a good father figure and role-model. As the fate wanted – it has to be Gibbs. So far, he has failed a lot, but maybe one day he'll get it right.

Maybe one day Gibbs will be proud of Tony and Tony will be proud of Gibbs, because they are family now. They two have been together in the same team longer than others and the bond they have in unbreakable. Even in dark days Gibbs will help Tony, he will look after his son. He will be a good father.

Gibbs is pulled from his thoughts, when he hears the front door opening. He up to see Tony standing in his hallway.

"There is a flood in my apartment," Tony says simply.

"You know where the couch is," Gibbs simply suggests.

"Thank you boss," Tony replies with a smile. It's his trademark smile.

Gibbs smiles as the younger man walks to the living room and sets a bed for himself. He already knows where the things are. It's not the first time he is here and it won't be the last one.

He stands in the hall for a minute, just watching his son make the bed and then going to sleep.

"Night," Tony says before falling asleep.

"Night," Gibbs replies. "Son," he adds in whisper. Maybe Tony heard, maybe not.

Gibbs walks to the front door and locks it. The door has to be locked, when you have something important inside. That might even be a rule – if it isn't, then it should be. That's Tony's

Tony is safe and sound, now he can go back to his boat and bourbon in the basement. He can think about the son, he never thought he'll have, but now here he is.