The Case of Anna

"Anna? Anna!"

A woman with long brown hair blinked her blue eyes open. "Huh?" The woman slowly sat up and again, blinked. She looked around her surroundings and found it to be completely dark, with exception of a pillar of light not too far away from her.

"Where… am I?" she finally managed to say upon getting up. She looked around her surroundings once more. She was alone, or at least, she thought she was. "I should be dead, yet I am alive." The woman widened her eyes upon recalling what had happened. "Edward… Edward and Father!"

"Ah yes, you've finally arrived," a female's voice rang as the woman watched a cloaked person step into the light. "Yes, yes… Good, good… Right on schedule," the cloaked person murmured whilst nodding at the clipboard she held. "Let's see… Lady… Anna, was it? Sage Tellah's daughter of the Blue Planet?"

The woman raised a fine eyebrow, but eventually nodded in response. "May I ask where I am?"

The hooded woman raised her head, totally not expecting the question. The woman pushed her black hood back, revealing long black hair and red eyes. "Are you serious?" she asked, placing a black gloved hand on her hip.

Anna pulled her brows together.

"You are serious…" the woman muttered, shaking her head. "Well Anna," she sighed, "I am Death… Well, something like that, but the name I was given was Morticia."

The brunette nodded. "Morticia, why am I here?"

"Each time a person dies, they are sent here to me and I send them to where they are supposed to be, like Heaven, Hell, the Lifestream, the Farplane, the..." The woman blinked at Anna's confused expression. "Never mind those places… Alright, take it this way. You died, right?"

Anna winced. She did not have to be so blunt about it.

Morticia nodded. "Okay, so my job is to send you to where you belong. In your case, to Heaven," she said as she pointed a finger up towards where the source of light came. "You have been a good person, and though you did disobey your father's wishes you are deemed worthy of your place in Heaven for the life you had saved."


The cloaked woman nodded again. "Yes, yes…" she impatiently said as she produced a pocket watch out of thin air. "Look, Anna, I do not have to explain everything. All you have to do is go into the light over there," Morticia pointed at the yellow glow to the right, "and it will be all over. If you linger anymore in this dimension, I cannot guarantee your safety, or your sanity."

Anna sighed and nodded. "There is nothing more I can do for them?" she asked. Morticia shook her head. "Then this is it…"

Morticia forced a kind smile. She was tasked with seeing these spirits off and make sure that they were heading for the right direction. It was a simple job, but the sadness, the regret, the pain and the hesitation that she would sometimes see in their eyes would get to her. "You're heading for a better place Anna," she reassured the woman as she stretched out her right arm towards the yellow glow.

Anna began heading towards the light when she heard a familiar song. It was her song. It was their song.

"What's the hold up?" Morticia asked as she saw the brunette stop and run away from the light and towards the path back to the realm of the living. She widened her red eyes. The World of the Living. "Anna!" she yelled as she dashed after the woman.

"Edward! He's in danger!" the brunette cried out. Anna reached the end of the path and found herself being separated from the image of Kaipo by a glass wall.

Morticia shook her head after checking the clipboard she held. "Nope, not yet his time…" The raven-haired woman began flipping through the papers she had and raised an eyebrow. "Nope, he's not due for a very long time…"

Anna watched with worry as she saw her lover take on the sahagin all alone. After half an hour though, she sighed in relief as Edward sat back on the rock he had been sitting on before and resumed playing. "Edward…" she whispered longingly as her delicate fingers touched the surface of the glass.

Morticia pulled her eyebrows together. Now that was something different emotion. Morticia could see in Anna's eyes not regret, nor sadness, nor pain, but love, pure love. It was times like these that she hated her job. She might have been tasked with sending these spirits away and into eternal peace, but that meant that they also had to settle what they had to settle during this period with her.

"Would… Would you like to speak with him, one last time Anna?" she softly asked the brunette. The woman turned around immediately and nodded. "But you must promise that after this, you must be on your way," she told her. Again, Anna nodded. "Very well then."

Morticia produced a golden key out of thin air and gently pushed Anna away from glass wall. As soon as she placed the key near the wall, a golden keyhole appeared and Morticia inserted the key. "Go. You have five minutes."

Without another word, Anna ran out and into Kaipo.

"Edward, you must be brave. Golbez cannot be allowed to have the Crystals."

"Just as I promised," Anna said as she came back from the World of the Living. "I will… I will go." Morticia smiled and nodded and escorted the woman towards the light.

"You will love it there Anna. There would be no more pain, no more sadness…" Morticia found herself saying as they neared the light.

Anna nodded. "Thank you Morticia, for giving me those last few minutes with Edward," she said before hugging the cloaked woman. Morticia smiled a bit before pushing the woman gently away.

"Off you go." Anna smiled and walked into the light. The yellow glow enveloped her and she became only a shadow. Soon enough, even her shadow was swallowed by the light.

Morticia sighed as she was left alone once again. She headed back towards the pillar of white light earlier and began skimming through the papers on her clipboard.

"Alrighty now… Who's next?"

Alrighty then, this is just a little somethin-somthin' for my amusement, and possibly, yours. These cases would span out to different Final Fantasy games andsince we're talking about deaths, there WILL be spoilers to some.