The Case of Gast Fameris

"You have to let me go back!" the man of science screamed as he desperately pounded against the glass wall separating him from his family. "Please! They need me! He's going to kill them!"

Morticia watched him with a blank look on her face. There were those that easily accepted their passing, and those that didn't. Professor Gast was one of those who didn't. "Professor, you'd be able to understand the Lifestream and inherit its wisdom now that you're dead. Hasn't that been the goal of you and your people? To seek and satisfy your thirst for knowledge?"

The man looked back at the deathly pale girl and glared at her. "Nothing is more important than my family!" Screams came from the other side of the glass and he turned and watched in horror as her wife and daughter was being dragged out of their home. "Ifalna! Aeris!" As soon as the pair was out the door, the wall grew dim and became a solid wall of darkness.

The watcher shook her head with distaste. "Foolish humans. When will you learn that you cannot have everything you want?" Morticia steadily walked up to the professor and began circling him. "You have love, yet still starve for knowledge and power."

"I didn't want power!" Gast denied. "I wanted… I wanted…"

A faint beeping echoed throughout the darkness, catching the man's attention. "Your time in this realm is up. The Lifestream is coming for you," Morticia stated, deadpanned. On cue, green tendrils began to crawl along the floor.

Gast widened his eyes and made an effort to move away from the Lifestream, but he couldn't move a single muscle in his legs. "No! Ifalna! Aeris! They need me! I have to save them. Please!" Morticia closed her eyes and turned away. "Please! At least tell me they'll be fine!"

The girl winced. She knew what would happen to the mother and daughter. They'd be experimented on. Ifalna would die in seven years and Aeris would die in the hands of an experiment gone wrong. She could lie, but as soon as he got into the Lifestream, Gast would find out.

"They'll be fine. They'd live a long, happy life together," Morticia whispered. Gast ceased resisting the pull of the Lifestream and sighed in relief.

"Thank you," he murmured, before the green glow enveloped him and pulled him down to the Lifestream, where the bitter truth would be revealed.

Morticia stood there for what seemed to be an eternity, a grim look on her face. Another faint beep caused her to shake her head and put on her blank expression again.