An Angry Kiss

Harry walked beside Snape allowing hatred to take over his system. Transferring the guilt he felt over Sirius' death to be transferred over to the sallow faced man. He tried to ignore the fact that over the summer months and even before then he had been having wet dreams about this man. It had started around the time that his Occlumency lessons had begun. Everyone thought that it was a mix of Marietta and Cedric that had broke him and Cho up. But the truth was that the kiss had done nothing for him. Oh he could appreciate her good looks. But he was coming to terns with his own sexuality. He didn't know who to talk to because the Dursleys had always drummed it into his head that being homosexual was wrong, unnatural and freakish. Okay they had said the same thing about magic but he still had no idea how the Wizarding world viewed being gay. Then there was the fact that everyone who was not a Slytherin or Dumbledore detested the Head of Slytherin house. They called him the greasy git when Harry personally thought that those black locks were silky. But he forced himself to hate the Potions Master again; it was better than being heart broken! He remembered how cruel his father, godfather and Remus had been in Snape's memory. Okay Wormtail had as well but Harry tried to forget the traitor when possible. He felt sorry and thought he understood a little where Snape's bitterness came from.

Snape for his part was trying to keep his eyes of the teenager before him. He'd never really been attracted to other males before but the sixteen year who stood before him radiating power and anger and something else; something Severus couldn't quite put his finger on but he wanted it. He wondered if this attraction was something to do with his attraction to the dark arts or whether it was an extension of his feelings towards Lily or if it was something else entirely. Severus raised his dark eyes daring to meet Lily's emerald eyes in James Potter's head. Or that was what he had thought but over the summer Potter had lost some of his James Potter's looks. The high cheek bones which he had inherited from his mother and alabaster skin. Those sinful lips-. But he stopped before he could finish that train of thought. The good thing about being such a skilled Occlumens was he had a highly conditioned mind. He decided that the sixteen year old looked far better in Muggle clothes. He dark jeans which seemed to be a little short on him, a t-shirt which, though little baggy, showed his physique and a dark hoodie. Snape tried not to say or think something which he should not be thinking to his student. Trying to find something to say without sounding like a paedophile; which he supposed he was.

'Well, well, well,' Snape sneered, 'Nice of you to turn up Potter, although you have evidently decided that the wearing of school robes would detract from your appearance.'

The boy's green eyes flashed angrily, 'I couldn't change, I didn't have my-'the teenager began.

This was when Severus noted the blood on the boy's shirt and nose. Snape couldn't believe how this boy could get in so much trouble before the term had even begun. Harry James Potter was going to be the death of him he thought not for the first time. But this time it held none of the usual bite. Instead it held a tone of worry. Why should he, Severus Tobias Snape, be worried about the Potter brat? To lust for him was bad enough! He decided that it must be concern for Lily's last wish and left it at that. He turned to the brunette Metamorphmagus.

'There is no need to wait, Nymphadora, Potter is quite safe in my hands,' assured Snape hoping he wouldn't loose control of his own lusts.

'Hagrid was late for the start-of-term feast, just like Potter here, so I took it instead. And incidentally I was interested to see your new Patronus,' Severus sneered knowing that it meant that she had fallen in love with the wolf. 'I think you were better off with the old one,' Severus adds maliciously seeing the look of hurt in the young woman's face. 'The new one looks weak,' Snape adds coldly.

The Metamorphagus looks furiously at Severus at this point knowing what he was implying. Severus just smirked glad things were falling back into place after his initial turn on after seeing the almost adult form of Harry Potter. Harry too was angry. Why, oh, why did he have such strong feelings for such a git like Severus Snape?

'Goodnight,' Harry called back to Tonks feeling sorry for whatever comment had caused the pain on her face. 'Thanks for ... everything,' he added.

He walked along with Snape feeling anger and lust rolling off him in waves. Snape seemed quieter than usual.

'Fifty points from Gryffindor for lateness, I think,' Snape said suddenly. 'And, let me see, another twenty for your Muggle attire. You know, I don't believe any House has ever been in negative figures this early in the term: We haven't even started pudding. You might have set a record, Potter! I suppose you wanted to make an entrance, did you. And with no flying car available you decided that bursting into the Great Hall halfway through the feast ought to create a dramatic effect!'

Harry felt the fury and pain and embarrassment explode into his system and before he could register what he was doing, he was shouting at Snape fit to burst.

'Well it's hardly my bloody fault your precious Draco fucking Malfoy decided to immobilise me!' Harry yelled into his face. 'But of course not you see Malfoy as God's gift whereas you hate me for being my father's son. You know what last year I felt sorry for you because I know what it's like to be bullied but now I understand why Sirius and dad detested you so you're just a git!' Harry was breathing rather heavily by the end of his tirade.

Severus was shocked. He understood about Draco's reaction; he was a scared and angry child who was lashing out because he didn't know what else to do. Severus was still trying to save the white haired boy from his father's corruption; he just hoped he wasn't too late. He knew that Draco could arrogant and selfish at times. And Potter did have a point that he'd never bothered to look past his father's misdeeds to see the boy underneath. The fact that he had been bullied seemed unbelievable to Severus he was the Golden Boy everybody loved him for fame, he was a spoilt child. But the fact that he'd once thought that his father and his friends were wrong astounded the potions master.

'Bullied,' he shouted back approaching the teenager. 'What did they make fun of you or something you spoilt little brat!'

'You think I'm spoilt!' Harry shouted back. 'Have you seen the state of my clothes? Have you ever wondered why I never write or get letters from my family,' here the teenager sneered at the title in a very Snape like manner stepping towards him.

Severus was startled at this. How was he able to miss something like this? Did this mean he didn't get on with his family? He remembered Tuney and frowned she'd always called Lily a freak maybe her jealously had been passed onto the next of Lily's line. If that were so Potter's son could have had a life not dissimilar to Severus' own childhood.

'Well I'm sorry that your family don't get down upon bended knee like the rest of the Wizarding world!' Snape shouted back.

'Is this the same Wizarding World who just a few months ago were proclaiming me to be a mad, lying, attention seeker?' Potter took a step towards him.

'You are an attention seeking brat,' Snape to shouted back backing Potter against the wall.

'You think?' Harry shouted. 'You think I want my fame! I'm famous because my whole family is dead and I'm not! You try it! You try have everyone remind you constantly of your horrific past! You try have everyone expecting so much of you because you're the fucking Boy Who Lived? Have the fate of the world resting on your shoulders? If you make one mistake to have everyone know about it? You try it and then see how much you like it?'

Snape was again startled by what the teenager was saying. It appeared that the boy didn't like his fame. He also apparently blamed himself for Lily and Potter's deaths. Was this the same child he'd bullied mercilessly for all these years?

The man and the boy stared at each other for a long hard for several minutes. Severus could feel the power streaming off the young man. Severus could see Potter's cheeks flushed in anger eyes almost luminous from anger. He could seem him backed into the wall by an older more powerful wizard but not in anyway cowed. He reeked of power and adrenaline. And he did something he should never have done. Something he knew he'd regret in times to come. He kissed the teenager angrily and possessively on the lips.

Harry couldn't believe it. It seemed all his fantasies were coming to life before his eyes. He backed some more into the wall kissing Snape back as fiercely as he was being kissed. So very different to Cho Chang! It was hot and passionate and angry and violent and dangerous. Whereas, the kiss with Cho was safe and wet and gentle and little real passion. This was brilliant he now knew why he fantasised over Snape for the past few months. The taste of exotic spices on his lips Harry briefly wondered whether it was all the potions he was around making him taste like that. Then all higher brain functions were lost as he moaned into the hot wet lips that were Severus Snape.

Severus couldn't believe that the boy hadn't pushed him off. The boy was moaning into his mouth. How this had happened he didn't know first they were fighting then they were kissing. Severus loved it those lithe little lips were on him. He tasted sweet and sugary usually Severus Snape hated anything sweet but with this teenager he found he couldn't get enough. Severus suddenly found himself wanting to taste the teenager.

Harry felt Severus' mouth open and his tongue ask for entry. Harry opened his mouth immediately and feeling the warm hot tongue enter his mouth he too entered the potions master warm cavern. The two half-blood's groaned into each other. Harry felt cool hands on his face and placed his warm hands on the front of Snape's black robes pulling the Slytherin closer to him. He wanted more and more of Snape dropping one hand closer and closer to his most sensitive are. Then-


Both wizards jumped apart blushing furiously and they heard Peeves from behind the corner. Severus saw Harry's disgruntled expression as he stepped back towards the older man.

'We can't,' murmured Snape.

A flash of hurt spread across the teenager's flushed face. Severus hated being the cause of such hurt but he knew if things went the way they seemed to be going he'd end up taking the teen's virginity right here and now. He knew that it would be immoral of him to do so despite their roles in the war. He placed a hand on Harry's chest.

'I'm your teacher it would be wrong of me,' Snape murmured.

Harry heard the undertones of sadness that made him understand that he wasn't the only one who wanted this.

'Nobody has to know,' Harry said quietly; shyly he placed a hand on his teacher's chest and began to trace circles on his chest.

'I'd know,' he replied quietly, 'I'm not a nice man. There's little I haven't done; I've killed, tortured, lied, stole, bullied, seduced. But I'm not a paedophile!'

'If I wasn't in school it would be legal,' Harry murmured back.

'Not in the Wizarding World,' Snape shook his head. 'The legal age is seventeen.'

'I don't care!' Harry shouted.

'But I do,' Severus smiled sadly, 'someone has to be the adult, Potter.'

'I'm a child in name only,' Harry said quietly capturing the older man with the depths he saw in those emerald orbs.

'I know,' agreed Severus.

'We both live our lives in danger we might as well take every chance we get,' Harry said quietly.

'And what if the Dark Lord were to find out?' asked Severus.

Harry winced then nodded tears in his eyes. Tears that Severus had caused he hated being the cause of such pain. But there was nothing to be done now. The two of them weren't right for each other. They never would be!