HIGHER GROUND "The newbie".

Summary :

Peter went to get the groceries. Something caught his eyes. Someone standing on the bridge, about to jump... "Nobody cares," she said. "I care!" Peter said as he tried to reach out to her.

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Author : Maryline aka Miss SMG DEPP ACKLES

Date: January 2012

English isn't my first language...

Years ago I used to write A LOT and enjoyed it! I haven't written as much since because I felt like my writing wasn't any good.

THANK YOU for your kind messages and reviews on my "old" stories. It made me happy, made me think that maybe some people do enjoy some of my stories. In the "traffic stats" I can see I still get a lot of readers but not many reviews.

I decided to try to write again and hope that you will read, review and please be nice.

I never pretended to be a great writer or anything, I just like writing. Especially with characters you can put yourself into when you can relate to some issues. Or I write about existing characters. Basically I like writing what I would have liked to see in an episode of a tv show I love.



On a Friday night, 9.30 pm, after group, Peter had gone out to buy some groceries himself. It wasn't his job to do that but he wanted to do it himself for once to see more than just Horizon. He just wanted to escape for an hour. Be on his own for a little while. So, that's what he did.

He found the place he wanted to go to after a few minutes and went inside. Once he bought everything he needed he was on the road again, on his way back to the school.

It was quiet, nobody on the road, he could drive peacefully. Not worry about a thing for a change, just drive and listen to the radio.

But suddenly something caught his eyes. He wasn't sure what, someone, it was dark. He stopped the car and got out.

There was someone on the bridge, standing up on the other side of the fence. That person was apparently about to jump and kill her or himself.

Without thinking Peter crossed the road and walked towards that person. That person hadn't heard him coming. Maybe because of the wind. It was a girl, her eyes were shut, she was concentrating, and not noticing what was going on around her. She was lost in her own world, in her thoughts, she was desperate.

Her name was Nicky, she was 16, her life had become too hard, too bad, she didn't have any other solution than this, than end it all. It wasn't her first try but she was determined that this one would be the good one.

Peter was standing just near the fence, near her. He was so close he could hear her breathe and also sobbing a bit as it seemed. He knew he had to say something, do something, but not to freak her out otherwise she'd just let her hands go… and the fall would kill her.

"Hey?" he quietly said.

She wasn't sure she heard something. After he spoke for a second time she turned to face him. He could notice her red and moist eyes. Then, she turned her head back not to face him. He had to have her focus on him, to get her to talk to him.

"I'm Peter," he said. But she didn't seem to care and didn't even look at him again. "What's your name?" She had her eyes shut and just didn't want to be disturbed, he knew it. He also knew he had to be careful and not push her. He had to get her to talk to him but it should be her decision, not his.

"What are you doing here?" he asked trying to have her say a few words.

As if you don't know, she thought, annoyed.

"It's cold tonight... you must be cold?" he asked trying to ignore the fact that she was about to try to kill herself. He was trying to have some kind of a 'normal' conversation with her.

She didn't look back at him, "Just go away!"

Good, I finally got you to say a few words, he thought quite happy about that. It's a start.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that," Peter said, "I'd like to talk with you. You seem sad. You must feel…"

"Don't tell me how I feel!" She said angry, "You don't know me."

"That's true, I don't know you but I'd like to get the chance." He said with a smile even though she wasn't looking. "I told you my name, I'm Peter, maybe you could tell me yours?" he tried again.

"Go away, you're distracting me," she said.

Good thing, he thought.

"Like I said, I can't do that, I'd like to have the chance to get to know you," he repeated.

"You're better off without me, there's nothing worth knowing anyway, now leave!" she said and Peter could see her getting weaker by the minute. He also started to feel something else. He could smell her breath.

"I don't agree with you," he started, "You seem like a very lovely person, don't you want to go inside that coffee shop so we can talk?"

"What? Wanna buy me a drink?" she asked, "Got some booze?"

"No, I think you've had enough already."

"Already judging me, wow that was fast!" she was getting very annoyed, "See, I talked, now go!"

Peter was aware that indeed he had gotten her to say a few words but he wouldn't leave her until he knew she was safe and wouldn't harm herself.

"Yes, I'm very happy about that. But I still don't know your name?"

"I'm Nicky, happy now?"

"Very," he said with a charming smile. "Now, Nicky, will you please come back on the other side of the fence?"


This wasn't easy but then again nothing in Peter's life had been easy. He wouldn't give up, he would save this girl. He had to. He was very patient, which was a good thing in his job. He always wanted to help and save everyone. Make a change.

He didn't talk for about a minute and just listened to her breathe. "You don't want to do that, please let me help?"

"Why won't you just leave me alone?" she screamed, "Just leave already!"

He decided to ignore the request. "Something happened? What is it? Why are you here? Can you please talk about it, I'm sure I could try to help you. I want to listen to you."

"Yeah right, and why would I want to talk to you?"

"Because I'm here, I'm willing to listen," Peter said.

"Got a year on your hand?"

Now we're making progress, he thought.

"I've got all the time in the world, now come on, I will help you get back on the safe side, please give me your hand."

"There's nothing you can do, I'm done, just leave me alone!" Nicky said as she was trying not to sob.

"I don't believe that, I'm here, you're not alone, tell me what's bothering you and we'll find a solution together," he offered.

And back to silent mode again. Nicky was determined to get him out of the way to get on with her business.

"Fine, you don't want to talk anymore, I get it." Peter was calm.

No, you don't, she thought, if you did get it you'd shut your mouth and leave me the hell alone.

She was starting to lose her grip and Peter was very concerned. If he tried a move she would probably jump right away.

"I wanna fly with the angels," Nicky said as she let go of one hand.

Peter had to act fast. She let go of her other hand, "Goodbye!" But Peter quickly grabbed her before she fell.

"Let me go!" She screamed. She was very agitated.

"Not a chance!"

He was strong and she was quite skinny so it was no trouble at all for him to get her on the other side of the fence, on the safe side, on the road.

"NOOOO..." she yelled as she was trying to punch him with her tiny fists, "let me go, nobody cares, I wanna die," she said between sobs.

"I care!" he said as they were both sitting on the pavement. He held her in his arms. "I care" he said again.


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