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Home planet to the transformers, a technological world and battling a war for millions of years, a place that was surprise to have a bright future but in time power consumed others who wanted to dominate the planet and the universe they lived in.

But of course there were many more who believed in freedom is a right of all sentient beings.

So the war began. Slaughtering, murdering and battling each other over different options until their planet was left in the dark.

Their home planet was slowly dying and they needed energon to let it gain its strength. But even that was low on planet. So traveling off planet was the only other option.

However one the autobots and decepticons left off planet all communication was cut and they were without any help for far too long. The remaining decepticons and autobots who stayed behind continued to battle but not very much. They needed to save their energy.

It seemed like forever before some contact was finally made. That's when the start of rebuilding their planet and continuing this war started again. For most, the war was getting old. It was time for it to come to an end and no one was going to rest especially Megatron, leader of the decepticons who wanted all the power and destroy Optimus Prime, leader of the autobots.

Cybertron was once beautiful with its many high raised cities, but the war had destroyed most of them and only very little remained. Other large cities that weren't destroyed had been taken over by decepticons so those places weren't good for the remaining.

Neutrals were sided with no one, but relied on the autobots to protect them. However some had stopped believing in them.

In one of the half fallen cities lived a femme who felt that way.

Darklight was a young and beautiful young femme with dark and light blue armour plating, black servos and yellow headlights covering her front. She had a kind spark and was very cleaver in dealing with herself and other's in life.

She sat at her window edge in her high building quarters staring out into the night sky.

Blue optics sparkled with each star that shot through the sky past her. It was a sight she enjoyed very much on a calm night.

Darklight was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a loud bang and turned her helm to hear what it was. She heard more scuffling before a giggle caught her audios.

Her father was back, and he must have bought home a bimbo.

Well, if others knew her well they would call her a bimbo. Only reason she's had quite a lot of one night stands and maybe two boyfriends, but she couldn't remember.

But since her little sister was sparked she had put all her time in caring for her baby sister. Since her mother went offline sparking her and her father couldn't give a flying frag what happened to either of them it was up to her.

She didn't mind. No, she loved it. Having a little sister has meant so much to her and she was just an amazing sparkling. It would have been almost a year now. Her first spark day was only a few months away.

Once more she heard more noises and sighed in annoyance before storming out her room.

Wondering down the hall she came to the half rusted living room area where she spotted her father and some femme on the sofa sucking each other's faces off.

Darklight cleared her throat to get their attention and it worked.

"What the frag do you want?" His half drunken voice spoke to her.

She could smell the high grade on him and wouldn't be surprised if he was filled up on drugs.

"Sweetie, who is this tramp?" The femme below him wasn't happy they were interrupted.

"My name is Darklight, bitch and the one you're about the screw if my so called, lovable father" She said with sarcasm.

"Ignore her baby, she's no one important"

"Oh and she is?" Darklight snorted.

"Do you want a slap because you're asking for it!"

Before anyone could respond a cry was heard from down the hall.

"Babe, why can't we go back to my place?" The femme asked "There won't be any annoying interruptions"

"We'll do anything you want gorgeous" He stood up on his wobbly legs and stared firmly at Darklight "Go shut that thing up before I do"

Huffing she chose to drop it and stormed down the hall while her father left with the half drunk femme.

He may be her father but she didn't give a frag about him. He never did and so why should she?

Making her way into the spare quarters she went over to the crib where her little sister laid crying out and clenching her fists.

"Hey sweetie, what's the matter?"

Starfire looked up as she continued to whimper softly, lips quivering with tears pricked in her optics. Slowly she reached her arms up asking to be picked up by her big sister who she loved very much.

Darklight was happy to hold her. Gently she cradled the sparkling in her arms, hushing her softly and making soft clicks to her. This seemed to work and relax Starfire, but the sparkling looked up at her sister and opened her mouth asking for energon.

"I'm sorry honey I don't have any" She sighed sadly.

It was hard to get energon, but she always managed to get enough for them just to survive. She would need to head out later on to get more for them.

Starfire gurgled gently feeling relaxed in the comfort of her sister's arms, feeling the rocking and recharge slowly starting to take over.

Darklight admired her colouring and frame work. It was very similar to her own, but her colours were a pale blue and black with white servos. Just like her mother who she did love very, but her life was destroyed by her father as he dragged her into his dark world. He was the reason she was offline today.

Soon Starfire was in recharge and Darklight gently placed her back in her crib. It wasn't that good of crib but it was all she had for now. One day, she will be able to afford everything and give the best for her sister.

Darklight watched Starfire for a moment and reached forward to stroke her helm gently.

She left the room and headed back to her own to try and get some recharge. She hasn't had that good of recharge for a week now. She wasn't sure why, but never really thought about it.

Now she lay on her own berth, hearing it creak as she climbed into it and got comfortable laying on her back. She stared up at the ceiling, looking directly at the cracks and sighing at the sight of it.

The whole city was a mess but at the same time it was her home. She had friends here as well, but she hasn't seen for a bit due to caring for her sister but they still stayed in contact.

Sighing again she turned to her side to try and get some recharge. Her father wasn't home anymore so she won't be kept up by his drunkenness or stupidity.

It had been maybe a few hours later that the city was dead silent. Darklight had managed to fall into recharge and hopefully she would feel a bit better when she online again.

But this was cut short.

A gentle shake from her home and a faint noise coming from her city had stired her awake. She looked around a bit confused before it happened again.

"What the frag is it now?" She sighed in annoyance as she climbed out of her berth.

Looking out her window she saw her city looked perfectly fine. Except for the state of it but nothing else looked different. Shaking her helm she went to go back to her berth before it happened again, this time a little stronger.

"What the-" She never got to finish.

An explosion went off right outside her home, sending her flying into the wall and for half her home to collapse. She felt dizzy as her helm had slammed on the wall before she fell to the ground. Everything blurred for a moment. Her audios ringing and dust covered the air leaving it hard to see through the thickness.

She managed to stand up and support herself from falling again. Her audios cleared and the first thing that hit her were screams. Everything around her still shook and more explosions went off in the distance.

They were under attack, and she didn't need to think who.


Suddenly she felt her sister through their bond and she was terrified. Her cries were heard coming from her room making Darklight snap out of her thoughts and realize what was happening.

"Starfire" She whispered in panic before bolting to her room.

Stopping half way she heard voices. Someone was in her home and worst of all it was coming from her sister's room. Quickly but quietly she crept to her room and looked in.

To her horror, someone was defiantly in her home and what shocked her was they were holding her sister as she continued to cry. The one holding had two purple decepticon symbols on his wings, showing her he was a decepticon.

She needed to get out of here with her sister but that wasn't going to happen at this moment. She knew what she needed and went back to her own room to get what she needed

Meanwhile, Thundercracker cradled the young sparkling in his arms, hushing her softly and stroked the side of her helm to calm her. It had been so long since he has held a sparkling and here he was now holding one of the most beautiful he's seen in a long time.

Starfire hiccuped and online her optics only to realize she was being held by an unknown mech. Who was he? Where was her sister?

Feeling unprotected she started to whimper softly, lips quivering and optics tearing up.

"Shhh. It's ok beautiful, I'm not going to hurt you" Thundercracker whispered softly to her.

Looking up above her again she noticed the odd color in his optics she has never seen before. Blazing red shined above her, a gentle smile and a warm and comfort servos stroked her small body.

It was strange coming from him. Her sister would be the only one to ever do something like this but it just felt different from a stranger.

It felt good.

Starfire sniffed softly and reached her tiny servos at his cockpit, seeing her own reflection was something she hasn't really seen before. Interested, she leaned closer to him and patted her servos against the cockpit showing the interest and amusing Thundercracker.

He started to rock his arms, letting out soft purrs and clicks to her making the sparkling look up.

She responded with a few clicks, before reaching up towards his face plates.

Leaning closer he smiled at her as she felt his cheek plating, gurgling in wonder and letting out a soft squeak.

"You're a curios femme aren't you?" He chuckled softly brushing her face again.

Starfire wasn't sure what to do, but couldn't refuse the treatment she was getting from him and continued to purr softly as he rocked her in his arms.

"There we go, you're ok sweet spark"

He then heard a soft click and felt the heat of a weapon powering up behind his helm. Turning around slowly he was faced with an unhappy femme who looked like she was ready to kill.

"Put my sister down" Darklight's tone was dark and firm.

Thundercracker took one step back towards the crib and looked down at the sparkling in his arms who had slowly gone into recharge leaving her oblivious to what was going on.

"Don't make me repeat myself con" She gripped her weapon harder and stepped forward, showing no fear to him and only anger.

"I wasn't going to hurt her" He tried to explain himself "I'm not that kind of decepticon"

"I don't care what type you are!" She wanted to shoot him in the face and just take her sister and run for it.

Thundercracker was about to do it, even though he didn't want to. He wanted to help the both of them knowing the other decepticon's here won't be kind to them if they got caught.

He quickly glanced behind the femme before looking directly back at her, neutral expression and looked more relaxed to her confusion.

Darklight felt the end of a null ray against the back of her helm and cursed to herself.

"Disarm your weapon femme. Don't do anything foolish" A raspy voice told her from behind.

She did was she was told, knowing she didn't have a choice right now. Slowly she disarmed her gun and held it out for whoever was behind her to take it.

His voice purred softly "Smart move" She felt it leaving her servos leaving her defenseless against these two.

"How did you find me Starscream?" Thundercracker asked.

The one behind her came around followed by a snort "I tracked your signature dummy. You're lucky it was me and not one of Shockwave's drones" Starscream looked down at his arms to see what he had "Are you series TC? You're here because of the sparkling?"

"I heard her cries and wanted to make sure she wasn't hurt"

Sighing, Starscream looked back at the femme that didn't look too happy. But who could blame her?

"Is she yours?"

She narrowed her optics "Why do you care?"

"It was just a question, no need to bite my helm off" He smirked.

Thudercracker sighed gently "She's her sister Starscream. Sorry, we'll go now-"

"Hold on" Starscream held up his hand as he stared at the femme before him.

He admired her coloring, light and dark blue, with shadings of white and yellow headlights. But her frame work also caught his optics. She was stunning. A slight grin appears as he looked up and down her body, thinking of what she would look like without her.

Darklight noticed the seeker staring at her and growled deeply "Quite staring at me pervert! Get whatever sick thoughts you have out of your processer!"

He didn't respond to her, only stepped closer not afraid to get close to the feisty femme "Your quite beautiful, do you have a name?"

"None of your business you fragger"

"And quite the mouth as well "He chuckled gently "Do you know who I am?"

Sighing, she thought she may as well go along with it until the right moment comes "Your Starscream, second in command of the decepticons"

"Oh, I have a fan?" He grinned proudly.

"Keep dreaming seeker"

"Why dream, when it can come true" He reached his servos towards her but she slapped it away, glaring deeply at him not impressed by his move.

"Playing hard to get are we?"

She looked at her sister she was surprised to see the sparkling recharging peacefully in the seekers arm, who to her confusion continued to rock his arms and cooed softly in a caring way.

"Why are you still here? J-just please…put my sister down"

At that moment a sudden explosion went off not far from them, making the home shake wildly and pieces to fall above them.

Thundercracker had fallen to the floor but used his body as protection for the sparkling. The loud noises had woken her up again and screamed in fear not knowing what was happening.

Darklight landed on her back again and looked above her to see a piece of the ceiling was falling above her. She braced for impact but it never came. Instead she found Starscream had jumped on top of her and blocked his own body. Was he protecting her?

Pieces continued to fall on top of them and Darklight heard Starscream grunt when a large bit of metal landed cross him, pushing him further down closer to her. His optics was shut as he tried to support himself and not crush her, while Darklight stared up at him.

She couldn't lie, he was very attractive. He was one of the top seekers in the universe and a brilliant scientist. Sure, he's done a lot of bad things and was a decepticon, but right now all she could see was a mech shielding himself over her so she wouldn't get hurt.

She didn't realize she was staring at him calmly when everything had stopped falling.

Starscream onlined his optics to see how close he was to the femme now, seeing her staring at him and not blinking.

Snickering he purred gently "Like what you see beautiful?"

Shaking her helm she glared at him "Get off me"

But he had other ideas. Still with everything on top of them he chose to remain where he was and press his body closer. A tighter grip was given on her shoulders and she could feel him gripping her thighs with his legs leaving her pinned on the floor with him on top of her, continuing to smirk at her playfully.

Starscream leaned closer licking the side of her neck causing her to gasp in surprise by it. She then started to thrash around, bulking her waist to try to buck him off but his hold was too strong.

"Let me go!" She half screamed out.

"Make me" He was having fun with her. She was so feisty and strong for a beautiful femme.

The fallen rubble on top of them was shifted and Thundercracker came into view as he lifted some of it off with one hand.

He shook his helm at what his trine leader was doing "Starscream stop fooling around. What do you want to do?"

Starfire had stopped crying and cooed softly in his arms, servos griping tightly at his cockpit for comfort.

"You're going to let us go, that's what you're going to do!" Darklight grunted out attempting to lift herself up but it wasn't working.

Starscream now smiled at her, showing a kind side as he replied to his trine mate "We take them back with us"

"W-what!?" Both had shouted at the answer.

"Why not? You have a sparkling and I've got a femme"

The way he said it made Darklight snap "I'm not your toy! Let us GO!"

"Calm down, no need to shout" He brushed his servos on her cheek plating.

Darklight tried to bite him but when that failed she slammed her helm forward into Starscream's knocking him back giving her the chance to get one of her arms free. Now she threw a punch at him and he was surprised at the strength she had.

"You've got a lot of fight in you" He enjoyed a feisty femme with fire in her.

"Hey hey, calm down" Thundercracker tried to talk to her "Listen Screamer, I'm not sure about bringing them back. Megatron won't be pleased"

"Don't worry about Megatron I'll take care of it" Starscream managed to get his grip on her free arm once more. He looked at Thundercracker "Take the sparkling outside and wait for me. But stay hidden"


"Do it!"

Thundercracker did as he was told and took the recharging sparkling away causing Darklight to panic.

"NO! Don't take her! Let me GO!" She thrashed wildly in his hold "Please don't take her away from me!" Darklight felt tears starting to prick in her optics as she watched her little sister disappear.

"Just calm down" Starscream said gently wiping away the tears that leaked and smiled softly.

"Don't hurt her please" She hated begging or pleading and felt so weak right now but it was something she always had trouble controlling when it came to her close friends and sister.

"No harm will come to either of you, just relax"

She tried her best to do as he said. She also tried to send all her love through their bond so her sister was calm and didn't cry. She felt his servos touch her cheek plating which wasn't helping as it just angered her.

"Are you ok now?"

"I will be once you let me go" She mostly mumbled feeling she's already said it enough for him to understand.

"If I do you'll just run off. Trust me, other's will find you and they won't be very pleasant"

Darklight made another attempt to buck him off but it didn't do anything. She let out a frustrated cry and lay on the ground panting heavily.

"W-why do you care? You're a decepticon and you're attacking the city!"

"Just following orders" He said with a purr "Also not all are as bad as you think they are. Neither TC or I have harmed either of you right?"

Well, that was true. In fact they had protected them when the building started to collapse. Something she never expected from a decepticon but she saw something much different from the seeker known as Thundercracker.

She saw so much caring and kindness in his flaming red optics, something she couldn't work out. But he was so kind and gentle to Starfire it warmed her spark to see her sister so calm.

As for Starscream, he was a perv. He continued to stare down at her, purring and almost drooling all over her. No matter how much she fought it though she couldn't deny the thrill she was getting when she tried to fight him.

She's heard many stories about the decepticons SIC, nothing very good about him and now she was faced with him she saw something else much different than what others have been saying.

Even though he was pinning her down right now she liked the looks of him. All she wanted to do was touch him all over.

She didn't realize she had been staring at him for so long now, making the seeker snicker at her.

"Well I'm glad you're enjoying the view my dear but right now isn't the best time"

Shaking her helm she came back to reality "Why us? There are other's here, probably more willing"

"I'm not interested in them, I'm interested in you" His tone was smooth, almost like warm sweet energon.

She didn't answer him but only turned her helm away from him and stared at the fallen rubble besides them. A deep sigh escaped her lips knowing there wasn't really a way out of this unless she agreed to go with him.

How bad could it be?

Well, firstly she and her sister will be surrounded by other decepticon's and Megatron himself. It was almost a death wish to be around him.

Starscream could tell she was thinking it over, so he tried to sweeten it more "You'd both have somewhere to stay, a place better than….this" He looked around with a huff "Energon is fully stored daily so you don't have to worry about scavenging, which I guess you have been doing"

Seeing her bit her bottom lip was enough for an answer "You'll be watched over, you don't have anything to worry about.

Darklight was surprised to see him getting up off her and offering her his servos. She lay their not knowing what else to do, but she had to make a choice.

Stay here? Or go with him?


Finally, she looked directly at him with a worried nod "Fine"

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