When Cole Meets Deker

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Pure darkness. That's all that could be seen. In such a time as it was, there was nothing to see but pitch darkness all around the night. It was only little flashes of light that could be seen within the pitch black. The little flashes circled around the darkness and flashed in different colors. It was the little flashes that gave hope to the darkness. The dark was the only thing to be seen, and yet nothing was heard. Not one sound had come into view. And, then, light came.

Cole Evans opened his eyes, but they were too heavy to keep open. He closed them again, and felt sleep come back upon him. He tried to open them again, but only for a second he saw trees above him. The trees were, as he could see, almost lit around the shadows of the night. A dark sky had been over the clouds for some time. Cole, opening his heavy green eyes again, tried to keep them open for good, but nothing could control the sleep pouring back into his eyes, forcing them to close again. Cole could see, the second time, he was in the forest. Trees were not the only things around him, but some bushes were in view and pine cones fell from the tree branches as the wind picked up speed. Sleep now felt more better to happen than the first few times. The wind roared at Cole's ears.

Now he could hear sounds and not only see darkness. For the first time, Cole felt hot in the cold forest. He tried to pick up his hand, but it seemed as if his hand was disobeying him. Or was it that his hand felt like it was crushed under a rock. In fact, he now felt his body feel that way too. Cole couldn't move, his head ached in pain, and he was hot all over. His body temperature must have moved up to the nineties. No. It was beyond that.

Cole couldn't see it, but, he felt something near him. Something more hot than his body. He tried to open his eyes, but no use came. Then, the wind still roaring, Cole could hear footsteps.

Someone else is here? With me? Cole thought, trying to open his eyes again, but again was of no use.

The footsteps got louder. The roaring got rougher. His body got hotter by the minutes passing him as he remained awake under his closed eyes. The footsteps stopped, and, it seemed like only a second Cole felt cold hands on his head.

Cole tried to spring up, but couldn't get his eyes open or his body up, leaving him to the cold hands and the roaring wind in his ears. Cole had only twitched alittle and groaned a lump out of his throat that seemed as if it was there forever. Cole tried to open his eyes again, and succeeded for a second, catching the glimpse of a figure down below the trees near his face. He saw strings of white over his eyelids and nothing more. Cole's eyes got the best of him again, trying to get him back to sleep, and his eyes succeeded. Cole had fallen asleep again, and saw the darkness again.

The little flashes returned...and he realized the flashes were that of fire.

Twenty-four hours before

Cole had walked for years looking for a place to call home. But the only place he ever did call home was his years as a Power Ranger. If only he had the choice to stay with Princess Shayla on the Animarium, he would have stayed. But she left the Rangers and walked into the sky where she had slept for 3,000 years at the time. She is asleep now, and Cole pondered if she was still remembering the Wild Force team. He continued walking down the steep forest path, and no one had seen him since the defeat of Master Org. Cole traveled these woods like he knew the paths by heart, but he didn't, and had to carry on without his beloved golden retriever, who had died when a wild wolf killed him and almost killed Cole too, had Cole not had gotten that big stick and plunged it through the wolf's heart, killing it. Cole had never killed an animal up until that night. He looked at his battle scars placed on his left forearm. The streaks of red curled around his wrist and down his forearm.

"I tried to protect you, but I couldn't." Cole murmured as he kept walking down the forest path.

After Cole had buried the golden retriever, he continued to walk among the forests and find his true place in this world, but now he felt that he was lost. He was a guardian, but a lost one. Had he not killed that wolf, he would have found his home, but now its tortured him to find a home knowing he killed an animal that had one. If he hadn't left his Jungle home years ago, he would have found nothing more but new Jungle to uncover. But when he did leave his home, it felt as if he had found a new world in Turtle Cove.

But all of that was years ago. This was the future. This was now.

Cole walked back down the path, and continued to look out at the green surroundings. It was the middle of spring, and after the long cold winter, Cole was ready to climb the trees again. To see the clouds and mountaintops once more. The cold winter, as Cole had recalled from a cave he and his golden retriever kept shelter, left ice-cycles hanging on the branches and falling to the ground without breaking apart. The winds were freezing cold and rough on the skin, as if it could detach from your body. The cave would have been a home to Cole, had it not been taken over by a bear hibernating for that winter. It almost scared the golden retriever into whining all day, and Cole was there to rub its golden head and talk to it in the way he knew how for so many years.

But this forest was different than any other. It seemed a little dense and that no one dared to enter it. But Cole wasn't afraid. He was never afraid of the forests that he had wandered in for so long.

Then, a spark of light came from nowhere...and hit him in the back, knocking him over in pain. Cole turned sharply. Someone had followed him.

As Cole had thought, it was something following him. But it wasn't a normal human being. It was a monster. A monster like that of the Orgs he had faced with his friends long ago. All of the monsters had a frightening appearance to the humans, and Cole had sensed that the monsters had no hearts, and this one didn't either. Cole coughed as he looked at the short squid monster before him, surrounded by fish-faced orange and red soldiers with swords in hand. They crept closer, and Cole sprung into a crouching position, clutching his chest, as he had bruised it in the fall, and breathed heavily.

"Who are you?" Cole asked, almost breathless.

"Ohh-Ahh-Ohh, I'm Octoroo! The brains behind Master Xandred and the Nighlok kingdom!"

Cole gasped. "The N-Nighlok kingdom? M-Master Xandred?"

"Out of words? How about this!" Octoroo yelled, and stuck out his staff.

At the end of Octoroo's staff was a long piece of metal. It lashed out a single lightning bolt and hit Cole square in the gut, throwing him across the woods, hitting his head on a tree.

Cole felt like he was flying, taking in all of his past as he reached for a vine to grab onto. But no vines had been caught in his view, and Cole was lost in thought he didn't see the tree aimed for his head. When Cole felt the pain of the tree, he yelled. When he hit the cold ground, he groaned. When he saw the red blood on his wrist, he gasped and clutched the back of his head, then brought his hand back into the view of his eyes. More blood. Dark red blood pulsed out of him. Cole almost felt drowned in his sorrow and pain. Then, the squid monster was in front of him, the soldiers close behind.

Octoroo laughed. "What a joke. These humans are weak without the Power Rangers."

Cole tried to sit up, but his head ached in pain. The fact of hearing the name of 'Power Ranger' brought Cole back to his days as the red Wild Force Ranger. But there was no time for words. The only real thing to worry about was to destroy the monster, what little there was of it. Octoroo walked slowly towards Cole and lifted his head from the ground, causing his body to ache the same as his head. Cole groaned and grabbed the squid's old, little, and clammy hand, trying to break the hold. Cole was in heart pulsing pain, but he remained strong from his heart.

"Prepare for your demise, human. Even you could never defeat the Nighlok without a purpose."

"Back then...I had a purpose. To...destroy...the...Orgs. Monsters like...you. I'm a guardian of the Earth."

Octoroo let Cole's body fall back on the cold ground. Cole groaned as he felt the impact. "Humph. That's how you want to play?"

Octoroo let up his staff again, and pointed it at Cole's head. In between his eyes.

Cole closed his eyes. Breathing heavily. Slowly he felt his last words coming. "If I am to die, here I will rest."

Octoroo laughed. The soldiers laughed as well. Some threw their arms in the air and laughed. Cole kept his eyes closed. He was ready to meet his fate.

At least I will be with my parents, Cole thought. I can see them in person and not on a photo.

Cole waited for the squid to toss the killing blow, but it seemed as though he had waited for too long for this moment. Octoroo laughed again, and twisted his staff to the right angle.

"Where's your Power Rangers now, human?"

Then, Cole felt a heartbeat. It was close by, but not in front of him. He heard the soldiers scream and gasp. Then, Cole opened his eyes. The squid was out from under his nose, and another monster came into view. The squid was lying on the ground a few feet away, and it was trying to get up from the attack of the other monster.

The monster had a red face, a white body, a sword on his back. Cole continued to feel the heartbeat of the monster. The monster had a heart.

"How is that possible?" Cole whispered.

The monster pointed his long, red and white sword into the face of the squid monster. Octoroo screamed and gasped and panted as he found the sword in his face. The soldiers were dead beside him.

"Y-You! W-W-What are you doing here?"

"Octoroo...you will not hurt the human...but I will."

Cole looked sharply at the other monster, as the monster faced him, the long sword pointed at Cole's chest. Cole couldn't move. His breath was short. His head ached in pain. Cole had felt his life flash before him:

His friends the Wild Force Rangers. The photo of his parents. The Jungle. The golden retriever.

Everything flashed as the monster walked forward, the sword still drawn. The monster chuckled.

Then, it happened too fast.

"Fire Smasher!" Someone yelled in the distance.

"What?" The monster yelled.

Octoroo had just gotten to his feet. "Oh no!"

Cole looked sharply, and caught the glimpse of fire heading towards him and the ones around him. The fire was hot and intense, and it blasted the squid another yard or so, but the monster swiped his long sword and the fire dissapeared...but not before hitting Cole. Cole had gotten the worst of the attack.

Cole was blasted another three feet or so, and felt himself landing in the thick brush of the forest floor. The dirt piled amongst him, and darkness crept upon him. Cole saw nothing but darkness.