I'm sorry I have written in a while. As I keep telling I seriously lack imagination and when my thoughts go blank it can stay like that for days. I have also been battling with my creative piece for english and now exams are upon me so please forgive me and all that. Please R&R and I'll try finding my line of thought and hopefully keeping it.

Dave the Laugh (pov)

Aah Radio Jas strikes again

Sunday 14th February

I have well and truly confused myself now.

I wonder if Georgia feels the same. I don't know what I was thinking telling her how I felt and sending her them flowers. I do hope she likes them though. I treated her better than Emma, and she's meant to be my girlfriend. I completely blew the meal, or shall I say she made me blow the meal.

Emma was being all lovey – dovey and I just couldn't handle it. Usually I can be a complete gentleman around her and act as though I care. No. that sounds real laddish. Of course I care for Emma. It's just… she's not Gee.

Our romantic meal ended up being a disastrous picnic for two in the park. I had it all planned out; Classic red and white chequered picnic blanket, wicker basket full of treats, catching grapes in our mouths... to keep the laughy factor obviously, hand over the gorgeous present I bought and then back to mine. It all seemed very simple but I have never been soo wrong in all my life.

I led Emma to the park last night in a true gentlemanly fashion. She chattered all the way which left very little room for me to contribute any but I was quite glad because my mind was on Georgia. I was pretty sure I had agreed to do a few things with her over the next few days but I was sure I could fix that later. I'm pretty sure she suggested the aquarium which is really quite unfortunate; the voley couple is never out that place. Personally, I feel sorry for the dolphins. Funny that's what Gee said about the poor sea life creatures forced into the photo in Jas' locket. As my brain was babbling on to itself I hadn't realised we'd stopped walking. I turned to find Emma staring at me doing one of Georgia's well known goldfish expression. Oh dear what had I done…

I had spoken out loud the whole time that's what I'd done. Oh and Jas was apparently very close with Emma. Woops. It was at this point that Emma asked about flowers.

"Davey, baby. Haven't you got flowers to give me or something?"

"Flowers? No why?"

" just Jas told me that Tom saw you buying flowers and signing out a little card and I just wondered where them flowers are now?"

Aah Radio Jas strikes again. But that means Tom was following me. HE'S BEEN FOLLOWING ME? Oh poop I knew at that moment she knew something was wrong. I knew at the very second my face betrayed me and showed every thought I'd had. She knew…about Georgia…but why…why didn't she say…oh dammit.

What came next really shocked me. Emma slapped me? Like a proper full force slap and I felt her hate behind it. I knew for a fact that I was gonna have a hand shaped bruise on my face. I looked up to see Emma staring at me with big fat tears rolling down her face. Jeez

In that moment I saw every emotion a girl could ever feel; Anger, despair, annoyance, sadness, betrayal, guilt, happiness and disappointment. But as I stood there I just couldn't help compare her to Gee yesterday when I sat in the park with her as she bawled out her eyes.

God I am horrible. Maybe I should phone Tom and ask why he was following me? But then I'd get Tom's version of the 'Jas talk'. And nobody wants one of them.