Author's notes: This is my first time writing a story. Please tell me how to improve. The next chapter will be long. If you spot grammar or spelling errors please let me know. I do not own Naruto. Warning! Contains boyxboy. If you don't like yaoi please don't read.

"You want us to do WHAT, un?"

Pein, who was sitting behind his mahogany desk, sighed. He wished they would just nod and go do the mission.

"I want you and Sasori to go to the Land of Fire to gather information about one of the politicians. He frequents strip clubs so I want you and Sasori to work undercover at one of the strip clubs." Said Pein in a monotone voice. "Sasori, you will work as a waiter and Deidara, you will work as a stripper."

Deidara, who was sitting across from Pein, glared at him. Sasori had a smirked on his face at the thought of Deidara being a stripper.

"Gather what you need. You will leave in three hours. Sasori. Deidara. You are dismissed".

Deidara got up and stormed out of Pein's office. "I'm am not a girl, un!" He muttered to himself. Deidara turned left and walked to the end of the hallway where his room was. He entered the room and slammed the door behind him.

Deidara grabbed kunias, shurikens, his clothes, and of course his modeling clay. He stuff the items into his backpack and flopped down on the bed. He stared at the ceiling plotting his revenge.

Sasori calmly left Pein's office and closed the door behind him. Pein leaned back in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. He heard Deidara slam a door and he sighed. 'He better not break that door or Kakuzu will have a fit.' Thought Pein.

Sasori walked past Hidan on his way to his room. 'This is going to be a fun mission' Thought Sasori with a slight smile.

"What the fuck are you smiling about?" Asked the silver haired Jashinist.

"Deidara and I are going to work undercover a strip club. He'll be a stripper." Replied Sasori.

"Deidara is going to be a fucking stripper? The little fucker will throw a fucking fit!" Laughed Hidan.

Sasori mentally snickered and walked to his room to gather his things.