Aligned Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Well, here it is my friends, the continuation of The Last Christmas. I chose this title for a reason I hope to explain soon. Hopefully this chapter if I can word it right. I hope I don't disappoint you with this, as the first part was a big surprise for me as how well it was accepted.

You know who the pairings are, even though they are not formed as yet, so there is no reason to go over those. Well, except for Dudley. He will not be left out of the story, How big a part he will become I don't know yet. I was thinking of giving him a wand in the first part, but I'm glad I didn't, as I now have a thought on what his part will be. I hate when this happens, as it scares me to think I just tell you something, and BAM! It hits me. Dudley will have a bigger part in this then I expected. Maybe even starting in this chapter.

Enough of my gibberish, it is time to get the ball rolling. Hope you enjoy. As always, Ollie the Keeper.


Albus Dumbledore sat in his office preparing himself for the start of the school year. The kids would be arriving this evening, and there was much he needed to cover after dinner.

His biggest concern was the resorting of the twins, and the early sorting of those eight students. He felt there was a need for this to happen, but he was lost as to why. He knew of the current situation in Ireland, but did not, for the life of him, figure this had anything to do with it.

He wanted to be able to control this situation with the young Animagus students, but to try this, he would bring the wrath of five of the strongest witches he knew, and the thought did not sit well with him. Minerva, Lily, Molly, Narcissa and Amelia were not witches you wanted on your bad side.

Still, it bothered him to be the headmaster of a highly rated school of magic, and not know how or why certain things happened. Things he felt sure were done for a reason. How is it that 8 students were able to become animagi before starting school. How is it they were able to resort two students, when it had never happened before. Why wouldn't the hat tell him what he read in their minds when he resorted them. Albus did not like when he was not in control of a situation, but was smart enough to know when to back off. It could be hazardous to his health if he attempted to gain control of Hufflepuff House. If you added Pomona to the list of witches, it just made matters harder to control.

Albus would just sit back for the time being, to see what would take shape. He would offer his assistance later, and try to gain their friendship, and loyalty. It was, after all, for the better good.


After they shared their goodbyes with the parents, and took their seats on the train, Their journey began for their first year of their magical training.

Harry had expanded the compartment for all of his friends to sit comfortably. He heard the talk between Fred, George, and Lee. They had made friends in the twins first two years, and Lee was afraid with their resorting, they would forget him. It took a while to assure him that would not be the case.

During the ride, another situation arose. Pansy Parkinson entered their compartment and confronted Draco about why he was sitting with with Muggles, Half Bloods, and Blood Traitors. Draco looked up at her, "You can call me what ever you wish to, but when you talk about my friends, you talk about them with respect. I sit with them, because they are more interesting than the company I would be with else where on this train. I talk with them, because they can actually hold up their end of a conversation. I laugh with them, because they are actually funny. Now, if you don't have anything nice to say, and are through with this interruption, please leave. And close the door on your way out, Thank you."

Pansy spun on her heels and walked back out, closing the door as she left. She didn't look happy, but Draco didn't look like he cared either.

When the snack lady came around, the group bought treats and drinks, and enjoyed them selves for the rest of the trip, free from interruption. When they were advised they were five minutes from Hogsmeade Station, they used their wands and magically dressed them selves.

Fred and George bid them good luck and left for the carriages, and the rest headed for the boats. Hagrid gathered them around him and got them in the boats to take them to the castle. He always enjoyed hearing the remarks the new students made when seeing Hogwarts for the first time. The look of awe on their faces when they heard the playful splashing from Abigail the Giant Squid. The excitement on their faces when seeing the castle for the first time.

He brought the boats safely to the dock of the castle one more time, with out incident, and led them to the door, where he was turn them over to Professor McGonagall. He knocked on the door, and a minute later, Minerva opened the door, and let the children in to the waiting area to wait while the rest of the school got settled, before leading them in for the sorting.

Harry listened to her speech, noting that nothing changed from the last time he heard it. The difference was, this time he knew what house he would be entering, as did his friends. At first he felt weird, knowing he wouldn't be in his old house, but he felt good that he would be entering this new house with friends.

Once they were in the hall, and gathered around the stool, Minerva began. "Now, as I call your name, I want you to come up, and take a seat on the stool, to hear where you will be sorted. Bones, Susan."

Susan walked up, and took her seat. As the hat was lowered, it shouted out "Hufflepuff!" before it was seated on her head.

Susan got up and walked to the table, and took a seat with the twins. It happened this way for the rest, until Harry was called forward. He took a seat, and was surprised when the hat settled on his head. In his mind he heard the hat speak, "Mr. Potter, it has come to my attention, that there is one missing from your group. One that is needed here, and does not know it. Your cousin has been asked to join your little group, by someone you will get to know soon. Please contact him, and ask him to join you as soon as possible. He will be sorted into your house when he gets here. He will not have to worry about his requirements, as they will be taken care of. All of this will be explained to you, once you are settled in your dorm. HUFFLEPUFF!"

Harry got up wondering what that was all about. Dudley needs to be asked to come to Hogwarts as if he were a wizard. And he didn't need to worry about getting his required material. What about a wand?

Harry was hit with a barrage of questions once he was seated, none of which he could answer. He wished he could, because that would mean he knew the answers.

Finally, Ron and Ginny were sorted, as was Blaise, and the sorting was completed. Albus stood and signaled the start of the feast.

There were still questions that needed answered for Harry. Instead of eating, he made his way to the Professors table. This received quite a few remarks from the students as this had never been done before, by a first year student. Harry went right to Minerva, and asked to speak to her after dinner, in private. Minerva gave him a note that would allow him to walk the halls after dinner, to keep Argus off his back.

Harry went back to his seat, and ate a little before all the food was taken away. Professor Dumbledore's speech after dinner was quite different from the last first year speech. There was no talk about the hallway on the third floor that was off limits to all students who did not wish to die a most horrible death.

After dinner, he got up to meet Minerva, when he was stopped by Luna, "Harry, would it be alright if I went with you to speak to the Professor. I promise I won't interrupt, and will only speak if asked."

"I don't know Luna, she is only expecting me, and this note is for me only. I don't want you to get in trouble your first day here."

"I think I will be alright Harry. The thing is, I believe I know why the hat talked with you, and for some reason, I think I may know the answer as to why Dudley has been asked here." Luna smiled up at Harry.

Harry looked into her eyes, and then broke out in laughter. "Luna you can right scary at times. How in the world did you know the hat asked me to call Dudley here?"

"Premonition. Second sight. A vision. I don't know for sure Harry, but I like the feeling. It makes me feel special."

"You didn't need all that to have that feeling, Luna. You are special to every one who knows you. Come on, I have a feeling you will be useful in this." and they excused them selves from their friends after telling them they would explain later.

Minerva gave Luna a questioning look when she saw the two approach her, but Harry quickly eased her mind, "Luna needs to be here for a reason Professor."

"Very well come along. Oh, Mr. Potter, I asked Professor Sprout to join us as well. She is after all, your Head of House."

An embarrassed look took form on Harry's face, "I'm sorry Professor, I should have thought of that. You're right, she does need to be there for this."

"Quite alright Mr. Potter. Now, lets find a place where we may talk."

Minerva led them to the room behind the Professors table that Harry remembered to be the room used for the Tournament. He was surprised to find Professor Sprout there waiting for them.

"Now Mr. Potter, why don't you and Miss Lovegood take a seat, and tell us why you wished to speak to us."

"Well Professor, during my sorting the Hat told me..."

"Minerva McGonagall, you must listen to what I have to say. You may not believe what Harry tells you. I will be using this young lady as my voice. You all know me as Helga Hufflepuff. It is my doing that everything that has taken place happened. There is an army formed that will be making it's presence known soon. These young students are the start of an army to go against this threat to your world. What he wanted to tell you is that there is one more person needed here that does not know he is special. His cousin needs to be brought here and become a member of this army." Luna looked like she was in a trance as she said these words. She stayed in the trance, waiting for questions.

"How can you prove you are who you say you are. I cannot act on something with out this proof."

"This question was expected. If you have your Healer check a picture in her station, she will find a little picture of a Badger. If she strokes the fur in the picture, a door will appear behind the picture. Ask her to enter the room the door leads to. In there she will find my works for healing ailments thought never curable." Luna answered.

"Why wasn't this ever known to us before?" Pomona asked.

"Until this moment, I was never able to contact you. Like I said, this is a very special army, with very special people, like Miss Lovegood, in it's numbers. Take this to note, All that I say will come to be, and they must be prepared to face this situation, or all will be lost." and Luna fell back in her chair like she was exhausted. Her eyes cleared and she looked like she was back to her old self when a smile formed on her face.

When Minerva called the infirmary and had Poppy check the picture, she could hear the scream come from the room as she found the hidden chamber. Poppy was soon back, holding parchments that looked to be older than the school itself. "Minerva, this is a potion that cures Spattergoit, and this one cures the bite of the werewolf." Poppy shouted excitedly.

Minerva knew what Luna said was the truth. Or what Helga said using Luna as he medium. She knew this was not the last she would be hearing from Helga.


Dudley was eating breakfast, getting ready to leave for school, when there was a knock on the door, He got up to answer it, and almost passed out when he looked up at the biggest person he ever saw in his life. "H'llo, you must be Dudley. My name is Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of keys and grounds keeper for Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Are your parents home?"

Dudley gulped as he answered, "Y Y Yes sir. Won't you come in?"

"Thanks, don't mind if I do. Right nice place you have here. Very clean and tidy. Your house elf must keep very busy."

Dudley looked at Hagrid, "House elf? What is a House Elf?"

"Blimey, I'm talking out of turn again. Gots to be watchin what I say. Of course you wouldn't know about House Elves, being Muggles and all."

Dudley was about to respond, when his mum and dad walked in to almost pass out at the sight of Hagrid. They did pass out, when he told them of why he was here. Their son was wanted at Hogwarts.

They couldn't understand how this was happening, as he had never shown the least bit of magic. Behind her surprise though, Petunia was proud that the school that had turned her down was now ready to accept her son. She would talk to Vernon about it later, and would call his school and explain that Dudley had been accepted in a school for the gifted. She couldn't wait to call Lily and tell her of this.

Hagrid soon left with Dudley, and his bags, and Dudley was treated to a most nauseating trip via Apparation. It felt like some one reached into his stomach and started to tug on his insides, and pull them out through his mouth. When he landed, he retched to clear his stomach of his breakfast.

When he recovered, he was standing in front of a gate that led up a path towards the largest castle he had ever seen. He marveled at the vision before him. Hagrid led him up the path towards the huge structure.

As they walked, Dudley saw movement in the woods to his right, and saw what he was sure was a Centaur. He was about to mention this to Hagrid, when the giant said, "That was Firenze, a centaur, in case you were wonderin. You'll be meetin him later I would imagine. Right now though, you need to be meetin Professor McGonagall, and Professor Dumbledore."

Dudley just nodded his head in understanding, not able to speak.

When they got to the doors, Hagrid was surprised when he was met by Luna. "H'llo Miss Lovegood. What might you be doing here?"

Luna smiled at the gentile giant. "Hello Hagrid, I am here to meet our guest. I have permission from Professor Sprout to join you both, and walk in for your meeting. Hello Dudley, how are you?"

Dudley smiled st the first face he recognized, "Hello Luna, I'm fine. How about you, how are you doing?"

"Better now that you have finally come to join us. It all became so clear to me, once I got here. Hopefully it will become clear to you as well."

They continued to chat as they made their way through the castle to Professor Dumbledore's office.


When Albus was told of what was to take place, he was puzzled as to why he wasn't included in the meeting last evening. When Miss Lovegood answered him in Helga's voice, and Minerva told him that it was in fact who she said she was, he listened to what she had to say. The shocking thing was, he believed everything she told him. His connection with the school kept him abreast of things of this nature, even if it just let him know the minimum of knowledge.

As the group entered his office, and Hagrid excused himself before leaving, Albus had the two sit, as he called Minerva and Pomona to his office. Pomona was on a free period, and Minerva left the class in the hands of a prefect.

They joined the group in the office, and Luna straightened up in her chair, as Helga took over, "Dudley, You need to know that there was a reason you failed to find a wand in Ollivander's. There was no wand there that would accept you. Your wand is right here." and Luna pulled a wand she received from a hidden cubicle in the Hufflepuff common room. She was awakened early by Helga, and showed where the cubicle was. She found the wand in it, and was told what it was for. She handed the wand to Dudley, and as soon as he took it, he could feel the connection. The power ran through his body like waves from the tide in the ocean. He waved the wand, and a brilliant display of color erupted from the tip. Dudley smiled at this, and he heard praise coming from the lips of Luna. "Excellent Dudley. It's good to see you accepted it so easily. Long have I waited to pass this along to my chosen one."

Dudley looked at Luna in wonder, "Your chosen one? Me? How?"

"It was set long ago Dudley, that a wizard would come along that no one thought to have magical abilities. He would take up my wand, and help out the chosen ones to defeat a dark force. This is not to say that they will be defeated, it is just that you will help in the fight. With out you, they would have had a harder time defeating them."

"So, I have to help Harry and the rest to fight this dark force. One question though, If Harry and the rest are able to transform into the Badgers, How will I be able to assist them, if I can't keep up with them?"

Luna laughed at this, "Dudley, take your want, and touch it to your head and say, "Animagus Transforatum."

Dudley did this, and he became Helga's animagus form of a Badger. What he didn't know, was in this form, he would lead the wild badgers in their fight to help Harry and his warriors.

Dudley was given the books he needed to use for classes. He sat as the Hat was put on his head for sorting. "What's this? Helga Hufflepuff taking up in two forms? Wasn't Miss Lovegood enough for you Helga?"

"Sir, I don't know what you are talking about. There is only me here."

"Funny, I sense Helga's presence as well. Very well, I feel you want to join the rest of the beasts in Hufflepuff, so why not. HUFFLEPUFF!"

Dudley was now a member of the growing numbers of the once least liked house. It would soon become the most liked the house. The most revered house. The most sought after house to be sorted in.

In Luna's body, Helga was proud of what was taking place in her house.


Harry relaxed after class, and sat and talked with his cousin, who was so excited that he couldn't sit still. Finally Ron, Draco, and Neville took Dudley for a walk around the school. While they were out, Harry pulled out the diary that he got from the vault. He had been reading it, and laughed at the things the Marauders got into. He was surprised when it was Severus that warned James and Sirius that Peter was not to be trusted. However, a Marauder didn't turn his back on his friends. That must have meant that Peter was not truly a Marauder. They were all lucky that Severus was able to get through to James and show him Peter's treacherous ways, before he did any real damage.

In the diary, it showed him maps of the hidden passageways and rooms throughout the castle, and gave him passwords to gain entry to them. He wondered how the Marauders learned of the passwords. He would ask his dad this later. Or his Uncle Remus. He was glad he was given the post of DADA Professor. He was even more thrilled when he learned that a cure for his monthly had been found. The only problem with that was some of the ingredients were never heard of before, and Severus didn't know where to find them. It did not mean they wouldn't find them, just that it would be hard.

Another thing he found in the diary related to Ginny. It seemed the Potter line originated in Scotland, and that they prized women with red hair for their fiery nature, and fierce loyalty. Women with red hair had a kind of magic about them that lured the male Potter members like bees to pollen. It had always that when they finally mated, the first born was always a male, to ensure the Potter line would be continued. Harry wondered if his father ever mentioned this to mum. And if he had, what was her response. He knew how she was during their time at school. How she made it so hard for him to get with her. It was like a game they played until one of them gave in. In this case, his mum.

Harry could get lost in the diary, if he didn't have his friends around to get him to put it down.

Draco, Ron, Neville and Dudley finally made it back, and Dudley couldn't stop talking about the things he saw during his walk.


The next morning, Harry was shaken out of a nice dream by someone shaking him, and jumping on his bed, "Potter, get up. It's time for breakfast, and class."

Harry looked up to see Dudley jumping with his excitement. Harry looked out the window, and saw that the sun was just beginning to make it's appearance. "Dudley, what time is it?"

"6:30, now get up. How can you sleep, when there is so much going on. Just look around you. There is magic every where you look."

Harry did this, and saw three figures still sleeping while he had his cousin jumping on his bed. Harry shook his head, and got up to shower.

"What are you doing? It's time to go eat?"

"Dudley, Breakfast won't be served for another hour. Relax, while I go shower, and then get dressed. Then we will go down and grab a cuppa. We'll wake this lot up when I'm done, OK?"

"Fine, but hurry up. I'm ready to start this day. I'm already behind in the classes."

"You missed one day, Dudley, you can make it up today. We didn't do anything that was too important yesterday, mostly theory. Very little magic. We have already taught you what they taught us yesterday."

"Yes, but this was taught by a Professor, not my cousin. Big difference there. It has more meaning."

Once again Harry laughed as he made his way to the shower.

Once dressed, they woke the others as they made their way down to the common room to find Susan, Luna, Hermione, and Ginny sitting there with the last girls sorted into the house, Hannah Abbott.

Before they got to the girls, Dudley asked Harry, "Who's that sitting with the girls?"

"Oh, that's Hannah Abbott. She's a friend of Susan's. She is the last girl sorted into the house. She's pretty awesome. She likes to joke, and kid around, but she is bloody brilliant when it comes time for school work. She gets along great with us all, so I don't expect she will have any trouble getting along with you."

"I hope not, I don't want to make any enemies my first day here."

Hannah was surprised when her four friends got up and walked over to hug Harry and the new guy. She stood up as well, and was once again surprised when Harry pulled her into a hug. "Hannah, I would like you to meet my cousin Dudley Dursley. Dudley, Hannah Abbott. Now, who wants to go with us down to breakfast, before my cousin dies of starvation."

They all went with him, knowing the others would be down soon. They got there, as as Harry said, breakfast wasn't served yet, but there were tea pots there for the early risers.

Dudley and Hannah some how found them selves sitting next to each other, and talked as they waited for their friends.

Dudley was beginning to feel more at home here, then he did at home. This was what his mother always wanted, and now he was living her dream life. He would have a lot to talk about over Christmas break.

This was when Harry watched as Hedwig made her way to the table with a letter for him. Harry gave her a drink of tea, loaded with cream and sugar, and then when the food finally showed up, he fixed her a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast with extra butter. He then read the letter from his mum.

It was nothing interesting, except for her being proud of Dudley being selected for Hogwarts. Harry let Dudley read her letter, and then told him if he wanted, he could send a letter to his mum, using Hedwig.

Dudley asked Harry how he could get his own Owl, and Harry asked Hedwig to go to the Owl Emporium and get Dudley an owl. She took one last sip of tea, and she was gone.

At lunch, she was back with a second owl, this one a deep chocolate brown, with black circles around it's eyes, like reading glasses.

Dudley saw this, and when Harry gave him the owl, he immediately called him "Specs."

Dudley was now ready to begin his Hogwarts years.