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I stare out over the ocean as the sun slowly sinks below the endless waves. I'm sitting, my legs dangling over the edge of a cliff. On my lap sits a datapad, open to the compose screen of my e-mail. There's an e-mail address in the box, an attachment listed. Behind me, three of the most important people to me stand, waiting for me to rejoin them. None of them come to see what is taking me so long-they know why I sit here and watch the sun vanish. All three press upon me their love and support, and the conviction that, no matter what, they will always love and protect me. I vent softly and look back at the screen. Slowly I lift my hand and hit the send button. It is done. I stand and rejoin my family and together we walk back to the base.


Several thousand miles and two universes away, a girl sits up as her e-mail pings with a new message. She opens and scans the brief message before sitting back, eyes wide and breath shallow.

"Wow," she exhales softly before opening the attachment and settling down to read...


I stood in the middle of the living room and eyed the mess my two kids, Eva and Maya, had created. I crossed my arms and sighed.

"Really, you two?" I asked, turning to look at them, struck once again by how different they were. Eva was a dark-skinned African, her black hair pulled back and her dark eyes shining with myschief. She was wearing a light gray tank top with dark red shorts, gray and red being her favorite colors. She was a petite five feet tall exactly. She also had a scratch down her cheek and a black eye. Maya, on the other hand, was almost six feet and slightly dark-skinned, Afghanistani heritage showing through in her slightly almond shaped blueish green eyes, an extreme contrast. Her dark hair tumbled loosely to her shoulders, gentle waves making it appear shorter than it was. She was wearing a silver tank top. a light green button up, and army green shorts, her favorite colors green and silver. She had a busted lip and four cuts raking across her forehead. "Did you really have to destroy the coffee table because you were fighting, again, over whether or not Jazz or Bumblebee was better? I know you two are as devoted to the series as Rikina and I are, but give it a break!"

The series I was talking about was Transformers. It didn't matter what series, we loved it. Often, we would spend entire days just watching different series and comparing our favorite characters.

I glared at them, my ice blue eyes daring them to argue. They shuffled their feet before bending down and working on the mess they had created. Rikina, five foot four and gold haired, pale skinned, and green-eyed, chuckled from the doorway. "Working them like slaves again, I see."

I snorted at her. "Sis, I wouldn't have to if they'd quit destroying the furniture in their squabbles!"

I walked over to her and, summoning all of my two-inch advantage over her and looking down through my almost blood red colored hair, the blond streaks making it look brown. "Remind you of anyone?"

Rikina looked up at me, smiling impishly. "Why, my dearest sister, are you implying that we squabbled just like our most vocal, and physical, adopted offspring?"

Maya, Eva, and I all rolled our eyes. "No, I'm not implying. I'm stating."

Rikina glared at me. My phone went off and I glanced at it. "It's Dispatch."

I opened it and listened to the dispatcher as everyone stilled. For all that we looked like we were young, (Rikina and I twenty-four, Maya eighteen, and Eva somewhere between twelve and fifteen) we all were veteran pilots in the Air Force. The call ended and I looked at them. "They want all of us this run-me guarding, Riki and Eva flying supplies, and Maya fighter jets."

Immediately, Eva and Maya dumped the wood in the trash and headed to their rooms to change. Rikina and I grabbed the duffel bags that always sat ready by the door and headed out to toss them in the back of the Jeep. Rikina grunted as she hefted one up.

"I wish they wouldn't do this," I sighed. "I hate having to leave the ranch with no one on it..."

We lived on a three-acre ranch. It was originally a Spanish ranch, but had fallen into disrepair. We had only gotten around to restoring the huge three-story house, mostly because we didn't want to hire farm hands to look after any farm animals we had while we were away.

Rikina smiled at me. "You know none of us wants to be left behind, Yokiri. After all, we got that from you."

I stuck my tongue out at her. Maya and Eva sprinted outside and vaulted into the back. I swung into the driver's seat, Rikina sliding into shotgun. I started the car and we began the long and sometimes tedious journey to the military base we were supposed to report to.

After all, we were in high demand. We weren't exactly your regular soldiers...


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