I thought the authors note at the end of the last chapter was a bit short, so here I am.

Just giving a thanks to all the people who've followed this story since I started it, especially: hannahX, Meri, xXTeamFinnickXx, Bellas Pizza, DammitimmaD, Nikki-Love013, The Clever, NikkiLove013, cantbebotheredtologin, E4Whovian, FireBeatsRoses, LizTheBookNerd, in-a-state-of-marry-me-ness, Yoko, kidfromsix, Effie Trinket, bigtimerangergirl123, KoolKatAndPop, WaffleNinja, EnchantedWorlds, AngelMorph and anon.

The reviews really helped me a lot. I didn't think the story would get much positive comments, because I was sure tons of people had done a story like this before. So, thank you all :)

I vaguely have a sequel planned, but this time I want to get pretty far into it before I post chapter one, so you're not waiting for ages like the end of this one, so it won't be soon.

Love you all!

~ Platypus