around 5 weeks later...

Viva La Bam had been on hold for about a month, but they had started filming new stuff.

Bam gave Ollie a piggy back ride out to the backyard where they were setting up the mini golf course.

The air was filled with laughter above Raab Himself's head atop the Fork Lift as Ollie and Bam yelled at him through a megaphone.

Raab had finally had enough and took the key.

"Have fun losers! Little honeymoon or something!" Raab laughed, running back to the house, tossing the empty bag of flour away.

Ollie and Bam looked at each other in complete disbelief.

The long hours spent up there was filled with laughter at nothing.

"We've been stuck up here for four and a half goddamn hours!" Bam yelled into the megaphone.

"Who're you talking too, babe?" Ollie laughed.

"Mys-fucking self!" Bam said into the megaphone again, making Ollie laugh more.

They had only been together for about a month and two weeks now, but why wait? Bam thought. She'd been in his life for so long now, he'd loved her the whole time and she loved him. They both new they were staying together.

The box was in his pocket.

They got into funny, romantic, adorable situations like this before, it seemed to always happen to them, but there was something about this one. The wind was slightly blowing Ollie's hair, her skin was bright and her smile brighter. She had on one of Bam's shirts, a cKy2K one with Rake on it, and a pair of shorts.

He just loved her.

He had to. He just had too.

He took out the little box and said a tiny prayer to any god that was out there that she would say yes.

"Hey Ollie?" Bam asked softly.

She looked over. She looked exhausted.


Bam held the open little box in his hands. He'd gotten the ring the day after the courthouse visit. It had diamonds all around it, and a huge diamond in the center. It was white gold, Ollie's favorite, and on the inside was engraved 'You are my medicine when you're close to me'.

Ollie gasped.

"I know it hasn't been a long time, but I know its right." Bam started. "Ollie, you mean everything to me. Absoloutley everything. It's impossible to wait anymore, because we both have waited six years for this. It would be an honor if you would marry me. Would you please do me the honor of being my wife?"

Ollie's eyes welled up with tears, and they spilled, but she didn't make a sound. She screamed, muffled by her hand. Ollie nodded vigorously, laughing.

She uncovered her mouth. "Yes!" She shreiked, throwing her arms around Bam's shoulders.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" She said, kissing him between each yes.

Bam laughed, and his unsteady, nervous hands took the beautiful, custom made ring out of the box and slid it on her left hand, fourth finger.

"Hey! What are you guys doing up there?" The man who rented them the forklift yelled up, with Ape, Phil, and Raab below.

"I asked her, mom!" Bam called down in the megaphone. "She said yes!"

"What!" Ape threw her arms up in the air. "Get them down from there!"

"You guys are getting married?" Raab yelled to them.

Bam and Ollie didn't care that they could have gotten down hours ago, or that Raab left them up there. The moment wouldn't have been that amazing.

That's what was great about Ollie and Bam. The moments were always perfect.

They couldn't imagine how amazing the wedding would be.

We live on front porches and swing life away
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave til the end
I won't cross this street until
You hold my hand...

The End.