Sailor Jupiter followed Sailor Mercury through the door to her apartment. Sailor Moon still wrapped her arms and legs around Sailor Jupiter; no one felt like going all the way to the mansion, nor did the newly found girls know about it, so they went with Tokyo and her apartment for the time being. Sailor Jupiter laid Usagi on the bed and covered her up. They exited the room, shut the door, and gathered around the main room with the boys after removing their transformation.

"How has Usagi been?"Rei, Sailor Mars, asked the boys.

Yusuke and Kurama looked at each other, "Well," Yusuke began, "she missed you guys. She worked for Koenma as a spy in return for his help locating you all."

Kurama jumped in, "Then Koenma made her a Spirit Detective, which is what we are, and all five of us worked together to save the world and find you as well. She has worked hard over the years."

Kuwabara nodded in agreement, "Though it's great she has all of you back, it's heartbreaking to know that her fiancé gave up his own life to save hers." Even Hiei had to nod at Kuwabara's comment. Hiei glanced at Hotaru, Sailor Saturn, still every once in a while. No one seemed to notice except Kurama of course.

The girls' expression turned forlorn. "That means Chibi-Usa won't exist anymore. What's going to happen to Crystal Tokyo?" The guardian of Jupiter asked.

"Chibi-Usa… that was the little pink-haired girl, right?" Yusuke asked to make sure.

Minako nodded, "I presume you've met her?"

"She saved me from being killed by Usagi." Kurama chuckled at the memory, and the girls all sweat-dropped unbelievably.

Haruka stood nearby against a wall, Michiru next to her, and added her knowledge about the future, "With Mamoru dead, Chibi-Usa will no longer exist, of course, but Crystal Tokyo depends on her. She has the power and right to decide if she wants to rule the Earth, and if she decides to, she would have to find someone else to rule it with her." A look passed over Kurama's face but disappeared quickly.

"I do not want to be queen or ruler of anything." A raspy voice surprised them, and they turned around to see a very worn out Usagi leaning against the door post in the doorway to the bedroom.

Rei and Minako ran to her side quickly, allowing her to use them as support.

I had some great friends. I knew I did, but it didn't really help the hurt that washed through my heart. "But Usagi…" Ami argued.

I shook my head, "If Mamoru is not by my side, I do not want to rule the Earth. I'll continue fighting as Sailor Moon and doing what I have to to save the world, but I refuse to do anything else."

Haruka and Michiru moved to stand in front of me. "As you wish, Princess. No matter what you decide, we will continue to support and protect you."

I loved Haruka and Michiru, but they took their duties of protecting me way too far sometimes. I smiled though, knowing they meant well. "On another note, what's up with your hair?" Minako asked, trying to lighten the mood.

I put my hands to my long, blonde hair with some black streaks notably there still and shrugged. "I had it as a black, single pony tail. When I transformed for the first time in three years the other day, it changed back but kept the black. It was a disguise I guess. You all disappeared, and I didn't want anyone to know I was Sailor Moon. I dyed my hair, changed my fighting style, and went to the Reikai to work for Koenma."

Rei-Chan stood and prodded my hair a little, "I don't like it." She teased.

I pouted my lips, "Who cares what you like?"

Rei leaned in close, semi-hugging me, "It isn't you."

I smiled; she was right. We fought, but everyone knew it as our way of showing our love and friendship with each other. "We still need to find Setsuna." I remembered.

"She's guarding the gate of time again. She escaped Akira's grasp before she caught all of you." Michiru smiled her sweet smile. Relief washed through me as I sighed.

"Good. Now, since we're in Tokyo, let's freshen up and enjoy ourselves a little bit." I grinned and linked arms with Rei and Kurama. "Let's go boys and girls!" I cheered and led everyone down the streets of Tokyo; Rei and Kurama had no choice anyway since I had a grip on their arms. Our first stop turned out to be the mall. We went into a clothing store and played dress up in the fitting rooms. We laughed and made fun of each other. Rei left dressed in a white button up with a black lacey vest over the shirt. Her shorts were funky and gray, and she covered her legs and some of her thighs with black and purple stockings. She topped off the outfit with black heals and a silly black hat with black trim and a black rose. What she picked out suited her. She was cute.

Makoto left in a black translucent blouse with a white tank as an undershirt and dark colored skinny jeans. Black Converse covered her feet and pink pearls adorned her neck. I thought of hers as simple and cute but not too cute. Again, suiting for the person. Minako, on the other hand, left in a peach-orange halter top. The straps around the neck were white with peach hearts, and a matching belt wrapped around her waist over her clothes. Her legs were barely covered by jean shorts, as they barely reached mid-thigh, and simple white, ballet flats covered her feet. Ami, surprisingly, joined us outside the box and dressed up. Of course she had to carry a book with her down the street though. She matched a comfortable looking, white sweater, which looked really big on her, with a blue jean skirt and some white sandals, with just a few straps wrapping over her feet. I, however, went a little crazy. I liked a lot of the black, gothic-styled clothing, but I knew my friends would catch on to something there, so I went with something cute and more my style. I covered the top part of my body in a white button-up hoodie with red roses growing from vines on top of a white shirt; I had the button-up tied in the front, and I covered my legs with mid-thigh ripped jean shorts. I wore a simple silver chain around my neck and a pink hat with a black trim atop my head. I walked around the mall with my friends in black knee-high boots.

I thought we looked cute. Apparently the boys did, too, because they continued to drool. We made Michiru and Haruka go next, and we laughed as we dressed them up in crazy ensembles. Haruka looked like an actual girl at one point, and she seemed embarrassed. We made her go back to change. Michiru finally picked a gray shirt, which covered half her black mini-skirt, with a black shirt atop the gray one. The black one was short in front and long in the back. She placed white sunglasses in her hair and matched the outfit with a pair of white, simple heals. I found it odd to see her dressed as she was, but it still entertained me to see her in something different. At one point, all of us girls tried on something gothic looking and laughed when we looked at each other. It seemed so strange to see us lined up in front of a mirror wearing black. We usually loved colors and being girly. After forcing Haruka in a short pink dress, we gave in and let her pick a simple button-up Polo with a pair of fitting jeans and her usual tennis shoes. She might look like a boy, but she looked great nonetheless.

Hiei couldn't take his eyes off Hotaru. Her attire consisted of a simple purple dress with a bow on the front top and a lace layer of skirt over the original skirt. Her black boots covered her legs up to her knees, and she covered her neck and wrists in thin, gold bands. We teased the boys after we shopped for us girls about making them try on clothes, but they wouldn't let us near them. We pouted but went on to whatever else we could think of anyways. People stopped and stared as we passed; we were loud.

Yusuke and Kuwabara hollered for food, and we decided stopping to eat wouldn't hurt. We went to the food court, and we paired up and went to different food joints, since we all couldn't agree on one place. Kurama and I walked up to a Sushi and Curry food store and examined their menu. It all seemed so delicious. "You look great, Usagi."

"Thank you. I try my best." I grinned and pulled some money out of my wallet. Kurama covered my money-filled hand with his and smiled that gorgeous smile at me.

He moved so his face was only inches away from mine as he said, "It's on me today, okay, Usagi?" I blushed and looked away quickly.

"Um... you don't have to." I mumbled.

"I know I don't have to, but I would very much like to say thank you for saving my life."

"I didn't do much… but thank you." I put my money up and tried to order cheap. We had our food and headed to a table occupied with only Rei, Hotaru, and Hiei. I gawked as Hiei actually had food in front of him. Rei and Hotaru decided on a nasty fast food restaurant… so much greasy foods. Kurama and I sat down beside each other, with Rei on my other side and Hiei on Kurama's. Rei and I chatted and, unsurprisingly, argued. The rest of my friends and the boys showed up not long after we began another argument.

"They're arguing again." Makoto sweatdropped. Ami and Minako rolled their eyes.

"But you know," the Senshi of water started, "it's kind of nice. I really missed this." Minako and Makoto nodded.

"I DO NOT!" I yelled.

"YOU DO TOO!" She retorted. We argued back and forth like that for about five minutes before Hiei finally lost his patience with us.


We went quiet and turned our attention to him. "YOU SHUT UP!" I yelled, now dragging him into an argument. Hiei, Rei, and I all continued yelling blasphemy at each other. We failed to realize the entire food court stopped, stunned in silence, and watched as the three of us fought in World War III. Even our friends left the table and went to another, their heads ducked down in embarrassment as they pretended not to know us. Hiei had gone quiet first, and Rei and I followed his lead soon after. The three of us looked around, noticing our now empty table, and the reserved atmosphere. "Um…" I couldn't help it. I opened my mouth wide in laughter. I couldn't contain it anymore. How would we play this one off? Hiei went back to eating as if he were not involved in this predicament. Rei could only watch in silence as I laughed.

I finally stood and grinned wide, "We were rehearsing a new play? How did we do?" The room stared a moment longer before bursting into a round of applause. I grabbed Rei and Hiei's hands and made them stand to bow with me.

"Nice one." Rei muttered quietly. I sent a fake smile her way, bowed to the crowd once more, and finally sat back down to finish my sushi. Rei continued eating her hamburger and fries, and Hiei slurped at his soup.

We ate and shopped around the mall a little more before we left and headed to downtown Tokyo. None of us were ready to go home yet, except maybe Hiei, but who cared about him? Hotaru might; the two of them hit it off pretty well. I grinned slyly and stopped as I passed by a poster looking for a group to sing for them in concert. It would be soon, and it seemed like a fun something to get our minds off the now dead Tuxedo Mask and still alive Akira. "Hey, we should do this!" I cheered.

"Oh I could write so much music for us!" Rei sounded excited.

"I really should catch up on my studies," Rei and I glared at Ami, who looked up from a book her nose was in, "but maybe some friend time wouldn't hurt?" A smile crossed our faces as we turned to the other girls and the Spirit Detectives.

"No way!" Yusuke and Kuwabara shouted, and Hiei only replied with a stern 'hn' and a no.

"You're boring anyway," I told Hiei.

I beamed sweetly at Kurama as he threw his hands up and shrugged in the middle of a sweatdrop, "Well, uh, I guess?" I bounced and hugged him, grateful that we had at least one guy. Haruka and Michiru declined politely, offering to sit in the audience and watch, as did Hotaru. Minako, of course said yes, and Makoto agreed after some convincing.

"Woooooo!" I yelled and ran inside the building. I signed us up for the concert, which they told us would be in two days. Better late than never, right? We grabbed our admittance papers and the badges we would need to get back stage. Man, they were going all out on this thing.

We finished shopping in downtown Tokyo and headed to Rei's temple, figuring it would be the best place for us to stay seeing as she had more rooms, and it was bigger. Once we arrived, Rei's grandpa hassled us about where we've been for three years, and once he finally let up, Rei took off to begin writing the music. She seemed more excited than the rest of us. Amusement spread across my face as I looked to each of my friends, one by one, taking in their faces and the way they communicated. I missed this. I moved to the window, resting my hands in the windowsill for support while I leaned forward and looked to the moon. A picture of Mamoru's face covered the full moon, and I felt like he were smiling and watching me. I smiled up at the image I saw.

"Usagi," Kurama's soft voice snuck up behind me. I jumped slightly, which he chuckled at before returning to a more serious way, "May we talk please? In private?"

I turned back to the moon and saw nothing but the big white circle floating in space before giving Kurama my full attention and half smiling, "Sure, Kurama, what's up?" I asked. We walked out of the temple and sat on the top step. I looked him in the eye and felt my heart skip a beat. I shook my head. I just lost the love of my life. I can't be feeling like this. Not yet, at least. The guilt spread through me a little, as I remembered the kiss Kurama and I shared. I felt even guiltier of the fact that Mamoru just died recently, for me, and I thought I was already falling for some other guy.

Kurama blushed and brushed an escaped red lock behind his ear while he spoke, "Well, first I wanted to apologize for kissing you and for the way I've been acting," I opened my mouth to interrupt but his hand went up, stopping me, "Let me finish, please. I am sorry for all of it; however, I realize the timing might be off, but, um…well…you see…"

Oh, no. I knew what he wanted to say, and I didn't know how to answer him quite yet. He wouldn't let me speak though; I squirmed as I waited for him to spit the words out, "It would be wrong for me to never tell you how I feel. Usagi, I am falling in love with you."

My breath caught. I knew it was coming, but it still shocked me. I looked down, now feeling sad and defeated, "Thank you for telling me, Kurama, but as you know, Mamoru did just die yesterday. I feel horrible enough for kissing you while my heart belonged to him." Sapphire met emerald as we gazed at each other, "I won't lie. I may have some sort of feelings for you, but I'm not quite ready to figure out what they are, let alone act on them."

He smiled, a real smile, and it actually met his understanding eyes, "I understand completely. I didn't expect a positive response. I honestly didn't even expect you to tell me you have feelings as well, and it is better than nothing. But I felt I owed it to myself, as well as you, to be honest with you." He stood and offered me a hand.

I took it, standing, and our eyes met once more. His warm hand still held onto mine. "Usagi!"

We broke away quickly and looked toward the temple at the oncoming friend of ours. I wasn't sure what would have happened if the blonde soldier of love had not have interrupted, but I sort of felt glad that she had. "Yes, Minako?"

"We're about to go practice. Are you coming?"

I threw my hand up and grinned ear to ear, "Hai!" I exclaimed before we took off into the temple. I felt so many emotions at that moment… I didn't know how to react to any of them.