I sat up in my bed late that night. The concert was a big success, and it kept my mind off things for a while. Luna slept on the pillow. We still had to find and defeat Akira. The star locket rested in my hand once more that day, and I listened to it as I tried to find peace within myself. Kurama and I haven't spoken much, and I honestly liked it that way. It helped me to clear my mind and figure out my thoughts. Hours passed before I finally put the locket away and fell asleep. I couldn't find sleep that night.

Knock, knock!

I stirred from my not-so-peaceful sleep to Luna shaking me, telling me to wake up. "Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan!" I faintly heard the click of the door opening. I couldn't open my eyes though no matter how much she shook and yelled at me. Instead, I saw Akira's eyes behind my eyelids, laughing menacingly at me. His faint whispers echoed through my mind, as if it were a cassette tape set to repeat.

"You're mine." He whispered to me.

"What's wrong with her?" Ami-chan's slightly high-pitched voice asked Luna.

"I'm not sure. She's breathing as if she was awake, but she isn't opening her eyes."

Shadows fell over my closed eye sight, so I assumed whoever was in my room with Ami crowded around my bed. I hope my friends can help me!

Ami sat at the foot of Usagi's bed, studying Usagi and everything about her. "There's got to be some reason why she's awake but not awake… that sounds crazy when said aloud."

Makoto stood at the head of Usagi's bed with Minako, both girls leaning against the bed for support as they also studied their odd-formed friend. "Do you think there's some force keeping her shut in her mind?" Minako asked, staring intently at Usagi's stressed face.

Rei, sitting on the edge at Usagi's side, grabbed a hold of her hand, "guys, her hands are freezing."

Ami leaned forward and felt the pulse at her wrist, "her pulse is slowing, too. What's going on?"

Luna jumped off Usagi's chest and ran out of the room. Luna's four legs raced down the hall as fast as they could, passing the boys and outer senshi, and making her way to the only person she knew might be able to help. "Koenma! Please help! It's urgent!" Koenma stared befuddled at the talking cat. "I know I seem strange to you, but I'll explain later. Please!" Koenma jumped up and followed Luna back to Usagi's room. When Luna passed the guys and outers the second time with Koenma, they looked up from what they did and followed them, catching the urgency.

"What's wrong with her?" The boys walked in on Koenma's question.

"She's awake, but she can't open her eyes. Her pulse and temperature are dropping drastically. If we don't do anything, she's going to die." Ami explained.

Koenma moved to her side and studied her a moment, "Hiei, get inside her mind. See what's going on." He commanded.

Hiei looked about to argue, but when everyone glared at him, he complied. He knew how dangerous things were getting to be, and he couldn't let a friend die…even if they did fight a lot. Hiei focused his attention on Usagi and made his way into her mind. "Baka Usagi, what's going on here?"

"Hiei? I can't open my eyes! I feel weird… but it's like I can see him in my head, and I hear his whispers in my thoughts saying I'm his. What's wrong with me!?" Usagi sounded panicked.

"Your pulse and temperature are dropping. You have to remain calm and focus on staying awake. We're trying to figure out a way to bring you back to the real world."

"Akira's eyes keep showing up. If he's in my mind, is it possible he's near the area somewhere?"

"His powers are strong. He could be at his hide-out and able to reach your mind still."

Hiei pulled out of Usagi's mind and told the group of people what happened. "I don't know how to go about saving her though."

"It sounds as if he's just using his powers to keep her in the state she's in. Is it possible to fight his mind when she sees him again?" Ami suggested, hand to her chin as she thought things through carefully.

"Then that means… this is all up to Hiei?" Yusuke asked, glancing from Hiei to Usagi, worry written all over his face.

Everyone's eyes averted to Hiei, and he simply threw out his trademark "hn" and looked away impatiently, "Seems like it." He moved over to a wall and sat, relaxing against it. He closed his eyes and focused on Usagi's thoughts once more. The other Spirit Detectives and Koenma relaxed themselves in different parts of her room.

"I had a mission for her, too…" Koenma mumbled.

"Listen here Baka, it looks like it's up to me to take care of this fool. How does he show up? In increments?"

"Yes, well, sort of. He's there, but he only shows himself at random times. I've noticed a five or ten minute wait between each visual visit."

"We'll wait, and then I want you to try talking to him with your mind. We need to be fast. Your girlfriends say you're getting worse."

Alarm snuck its way up my stomach, and it didn't feel good. I didn't want to die! I mentally cried, wishing dearly someone could save me. Minutes passed slowly before I saw his eyes glaring at me along with his whispers floating through my mind. "Akira… what have you done to me?"

"I've stolen you. I locked your soul, causing you to freeze to a state between sleep and reality. In a way, I suppose we could call you Sleeping Beauty since only your true love can wake up. The only difference, however, between you and Sleeping Beauty is she had a living prince!" His cackle echoed through my mind, and that terror I felt earlier now screamed at me. He disappeared again.

Once I knew he was gone, I called for Hiei to see if he remained in my mind. "I heard you. Shut up with the screaming. I'll be back." He said and left.

I listened as he told the others what Akira told me. He sounded distant, so I guessed he moved sat by a wall somewhere. "Her true love is…" I heard Makoto's voice trail off. Hers sounded like it was right above my head somewhere.

"He died… what do we do then?" Minako finished what Makoto couldn't. She seemed to be near Makoto, and her voice trembled when she spoke.

I listened, considering what they said, and suddenly decided dying wouldn't be too bad. I'd love to be with Mamo-chan again, even if it meant in death. I relaxed inwardly. Yeah… it wouldn't be so bad… I drifted into a world of dreams.

Ami had her computer in hand and visor over her eyes now, fingering away at the keyboard as she worked hard to figure something else out. "Her temperature has dropped to a little below 60. Her pulse is below normal."

"What about Kurama?" Rei suddenly asked. Her question stunned everyone into silence as they all turned to her… and then Kurama.

Kurama's eyes trailed down, "I don't think I would be true love. She told me herself her heart belonged with Mamoru still."

"But would you try please? Just try…" The desperation in Minako's voice dripped heavily.

Kurama hesitated. "I suppose it's worth an attempt." He took a step at a time to her bedside. Rei moved out of his way, and everyone watched a little uncomfortably as he slowly leaned into her. His eyes closed, trying to block out all the stares.

"Hold on." The door to the room suddenly filled with two figures. Everyone turned their attention from Kurama to the figures in the door. Kurama turned as well to see who'd interrupted his attempt to save Usagi, and… his jaw dropped open.

"I have a better idea of how to save her."