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Everyone has a Pet. Not an animal but a person. Demons would own demons or humans or even sometimes both, humans would own only humans, as even enslaved demons would not work under them. Everyone had a Pet, except Sesshomaru, and only until now.

On his vacation, Sesshomaru decided to see what all the hype was about. He only wanted something to play with that he could later he could give it back or possibly keep it if it proved to be entertaining. So here he was at a Pet shop, looking for something to entertain him.

Strolling down the aisle Sesshomaru saw nothing that intrigued him- other than the ball gags that he would love to place over his guide's mouth. All the humans were weak and broken, the demons were not far from being the humans. Nothing he saw presented the challenge he wanted.

"Do you not have anything new? A Pet whom is not broken in and trained?" the guide simple started to shake harder than they were. Sesshomaru knew he scared them but that was half the fun, just like the fun of training his own Pet.

"N-no sir th-the ones at-at the beginning are the on-only new ones we have." The small guide stuttered nervously, quickly glancing from side to side, grabbing onto his tunic's edge. The small thing jumped slightly as Sesshomaru growled in annoyance. What Sesshomaru didn't notice was that his growl was not the only growl that had been heard by the little guide.

"No, bad boy. Stop chewing the bars or you're going to have to be sedated again." The guide scolded into one of the man cages.

"You can try." Came the rough voice. Instantly Sesshomaru's interest was piqued, only now did he notice that they were at the last cages, these one no longer had bars surrounding the full cage but had only the door as bars, the rest was steal.

"This one seems interesting. Why did you not suggest him? I asked for untrained, he is obviously untrained." Sesshomaru's voice almost dripped ice, making many of the Pet's shy away and curl into the farthest corner of their cages.

"H-He is not a good Pet. He has be-been bought and brought b-back more times than we care to co-count. I-it would look horrible on h-his record. H-he is also sc-scheduled to be put down in the next week." The guide once again stammered. Sesshomaru had to resist the want to raise an eyebrow, the little thing could talk to an out of hand Pet but he couldn't talk to a powerful man. Sesshomaru almost wondered who had trained him, but the thought was gone as he heard the growl come from inside the cage. Stepping up to the bars Sesshomaru had to lean down the slightest bit to look in, what he saw would have made a lesser man drool.

Inside sitting on his heels was a boy with long white hair that fell to pool on the floor around the figure. His body was tight, full of lean muscle, the only thing clothing the tight body was a red hidori giving away that the boy was Japanese. Looking into the boy's face Sesshomaru saw golden eyes so full of anger and hurt he wanted to strap the boy down and give him a spanking for his defiance till he cried letting the hurt wash from his eyes. To top it all off sat two little triangular ears twitching back and forth in what was obviously agitation.

Sesshomaru wanted him.

"I'll take him. Have him ready for pick up tomorrow at nine pm sharp." With that Sesshomaru walked out of the room, never once looking back at the guide or the angry pup he had just bought.

"Good luck Inuyasha, if you don't come back again, I'll personally arrange your funeral. Gah!" the guide jumped back as Inuyasha once again jumped at the cage bars, receiving the shock for attempting to 'escape'.

Just as the clock stroke nine o'clock Sesshomaru walked into the building, which was more of a warehouse decorated to look like a pet shop, to see his new puppy sitting on the floor in front of the register.

Inuyasha had a not only a red ball gag gripped between his teeth but a metal muzzle covering his beautiful face, while a thick hideous collar (or at least in Sesshomaru's opinion) circled his neck which was attached to a thick chain, that looked much too heavy for the pup's slight form. He still wore the red kimono top leaving his legs and lower regions exposed, but his wrists and ankles were heavily chained down and to each other, all with thick leather cuffs encircling the appendages, along with leather 'mits' that covered Inuyasha's hands keeping them balled, and thick chains circling those, only to span from one to the other creating a spider web of chains. But the most appealing part was Inuyasha's eyes still burned with anger and defiance.

It thrilled Sesshomaru.

"Is he this dangerous that he must be heavily chained?" Sesshomaru inquired to the man standing at the desk.

"You must be Lord Sesshomaru. Yes the boy is completely hazardous to himself and to others. He has been sedated but it won't last much longer I can promise you that." The man stated confidently.

"I believe the sedatives have already worn off. Either way- is everything prepared?" This pup was becoming more and more interesting by the minute.

"Yes sir," pulling out a binder from under the desk top the man handed it to Sesshomaru, "That will tell you his diet, his known habits and his favourite um things." At this Sesshomaru raised his perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

"Most pup's favourite section talks about how long they enjoy walking or their favourite position or even their favourite toy or snack but his is a little different, it talks about what he likes to chew on, and let me warn you it's never made of rubber." The salesman looked over at the kneeling form before giving a light shudder and turning back to Sesshomaru.

"Are you sure you want him?"


"Alrighty, well that binder tells you everything you need to know, even his bathroom schedule, and routine and his exercise routine. So, if that's everything I can ring you up now." The man sounded excited at this idea of finally getting rid of the pup, and Sesshomaru couldn't help but feel some happiness at gaining the pup. Looking back he noticed that the boy didn't have a silver tag.

"Where is his name tag? Does he not have any belongings?" Sesshomaru had seen Pet's being bought before and they almost always had a few things with them, some even had suit cases of things, his pup on the other hand had nothing beside him but the hook in which his chain was attached.

"His tag is in the binder as for his stuff, he has none, he destroyed everything we gave him." Sesshomaru was truly interested in the pup now. He couldn't wait to get home, but if the pup destroyed any of his furniture he was going to die. Looking back at the short man at the counter Sesshomaru nodded his consent, paying for his puppy he couldn't wait to get him home.

Inuyasha wanted to bite something in half. He was once again being sold, and taken to a new place. He almost wished he had never growled, the stuck up priss in the front seat of the car would have never known about him and then he could have been put down in peace. He could have seen his mother again, to bad his emotions got away from him.

Falling to side again as the car took another turn Inuyasha growled for what felt like the hundredth time. If only he could have his hands he could steady himself enough that he didn't fall over, his legs would work too. Not to mention his legs were starting to fall asleep thanks to how long he had been stuck like this. The Pet keeper had kept him in the same position since two in the afternoon, he had said just in case his new master came early. Inuyasha at the time couldn't decide if he wanted the master to never show or for him to show up early.

With a huff Inuyasha shook the thoughts away, not like they were any use now, his master had shown and now he was in the car, feeling once again the nausea roll in his stomach, he was never good with cars, add to that the sedatives that made his head fuzz and then the anger and nervousness that he felt, Inuyasha was surprised he hadn't already puked.

Finally to Inuyasha's relief he felt the car come to a stop, and he watched as his new master got out, closing the door behind him before going to Inuyasha's side of the back of the car and pulling a snarling hissing and growling Inuyasha from it.

Being taken from the car didn't help Inuyasha's stomach at all. Inuyasha's stomach lurched forcing his stomach in and bile up with throat, but due to the ball gag Inuyasha was forced to swallow it. It didn't stay down for long and Inuyasha's stomach lurched again.

Luckily for Inuyasha, Sesshomaru knew what was happening the first time, he felt Inuyasha's body lurch forward, instantly he had put Inuyasha down and started to undo Inuyasha's muzzle and ball gag. As soon as the ball gag was pulled from Inuyasha's lips Inuyasha threw everything he had in his stomach up, right over Sesshomaru's shiny shoe.

"Endearing." Sesshomaru snarled, pulling his foot back out of Inuyasha's path. Inuyasha already hated the guy, true he had allowed Inuyasha to actually vomit where as his other masters had not but the way he snarled at Inuyasha made his blood boil. Once he had finished emptying the pitiful amount in his stomach Inuyasha turned to Sesshomaru.

"Fuck you. I will never be anyone's slave!" Inuyasha groaned, his throat was ruff from miss use and his previous activities. Sesshomaru only chuckled, looking down at the pup he couldn't wait for him to obey his every wish, but not break the pup, that wouldn't be any fun.

"You will be my slave, and you will enjoy it." Inuyasha past boiling point- his jaw snapped shut before it opened in an attempt to bite the man who dared purr his pleasure to Inuyasha at the thought of Inuyasha's enslavement.

Sesshomaru saw it coming as soon as said it. Being prepared proved to be entertaining, as Inuyasha lunged at Sesshomaru's throat Sesshomaru lifted his ball gag allowing Inuyasha to gag himself. As soon as Inuyasha had bitten the ball, Sesshomaru strapped it around Inuyasha's head and locked it in place. Inuyasha realising his mouth was now useless attempted to swing his claws, but three things were realized as he was in mid motion,

He had not claws- not only had they been cut and placed in a chemical to slow their growth but they had also been encased in leather.

Which was chained to his other arm and both his legs.

He was also fighting a much stronger demon, who had already captured his wrist.

Growling Inuyasha tried pulling his wrist out but instantly found it useless. This new master was stronger and he really didn't have much choice but to back down- on this one. Sesshomaru smiled at this one, he would soon have this pet summiting to him every time.

"If you agree to behave I'll take that ball gage out. I just want you ask you a few questions. Don't get the wrong idea as soon as you have answered you will be gaged again but maybe I'll loosen it- if you're a good boy." Inuyasha growled and looked away, realising they were on the street, but no one was around. Looking around Inuyasha realised that it was a street with only one building, only two people and the greenest grass he had ever seen. Looking back at Sesshomaru Inuyasha had a quizzical look on his face which Sesshomaru could understand completely.

"It's my house pup, I own great amounts of land, which you will get acquainted with very shortly. Now are you willing to cooperate?" Instead of answering Inuyasha clamped his jaw down on the piece of rubber and split it in two. Spitting the one piece out, Inuyasha smirked.

"That's what you think. And no I will never cooperate!" Pulling hard Inuyasha attempted to break the chains, but he was stilled by claws gripping the back of his neck instantly stopping his movements.

"Now, now pup only I get to hurt you. Now let us get inside, were I will make you comfortable." Inuyasha couldn't help but shiver at the tone Sesshomaru used, he was for the first time in a long time afraid of his master.

Sesshomaru had dragged Inuyasha into his house by the scruff of his neck, up a flight of stairs, and into a room before he had dropped Inuyasha on the bed. In an instant Inuyasha had been out of his chains and in new ones, stretching his body out across the bed in a very formiullar position- the spread eagle.

Inuyasha almost sighed at finally having his legs free from the squatting position but at the same time he wanted to growl in frustration, it was such a typical position every master did it. As if reading his mind Sesshomaru came over and flipped Inuyasha pulling his arms straight back so Inuyasha was forced to put his weight on his shoulders, as his hips were chained and pulled up while keeping his legs straight. (Think of a down dog with no arms). Inuyasha grunted at the rough treatment and the fact that he was completely exposed.

"Now are you ready to cooperate of should I pull out what will be your new toys?"

"What's your questions?" Inuyasha grunted out.

"The proper wording is 'what are your questions?', you will learn to speak properly under my care." Inuyasha almost laughed at the thought of this man actually caring, even the way an acquaintances would care made Inuyasha want to laugh, but a swift and painful slap on his butt made his stop that train of thought.

"Firstly, what is your name? I will gladly continue calling you pup, or slave but names hold power and it should be clear to you who holds the power." Sesshomaru used a voice so deep and smooth that it would make any man or women swoon- except Inuyasha even though he did want to shiver at the possible pleasure the voice may have caused.

"If you have all the power then why should you need my name?" Sesshomaru chuckled, running his hand up the boy's bare thigh and along his naked ass. The boy honestly did entertain him.

"Because you want to give me the power." Inuyasha's breathing was officially laboured. The man knew how to make him shiver.

"Inuyasha." Instantly Inuyasha regretted saying it but it was out there now. "Why didn't you just read the damn *SMACK* arg! Book?" Inuyasha groaned as Sesshomaru slapped his ass.

"Language, Inuyasha. The book could tell me your name but let's face it, you giving your own name puts you under my power. Makes you feel weak. Makes you feel powerless, summited to my will. Which all gives you pleasure, doesn't it Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru purred never taking his eyes off Inuyasha's face and never taking his hand from the boy's naked skin.

Inuyasha didn't want to answer. It would only show how much he had already fell under this demons power. He didn't want to summit, he had not summited till now, he wasn't going to fall now.

"Answer or you will get a new toy. This toy is for my pleasure not yours." Sesshomaru leaned in to whisper the last part, sliding his hand up under Inuyasha's haori. Inuyasha clamped down on the whimper that wanted to come out. He would not summit!

Inuyasha heard a his master release a breath through his nose before he felt his master pulled his hand away from his body, knowing his new master was getting something to punish him with Inuyasha almost panicked. His breathing became more erratic and irregular, without his minds consent Inuyasha blurted out an answer.

"Yes! Please don't," Inuyasha bite his tongue to stop himself, this guy had barely owned him for an hour and he was already begging. He had to get a hold of himself.

"Good boy Inuyasha. Let's see how long you can keep it up." Sesshomaru chuckled, all he had to do was pull his hand off the boy and he had panicked, oh what a treasure. Placing his hand back under Inuyasha's haori he began asking questions.

Sesshomaru had questioned his new Pet for over two hours, getting everything out of him- from his eating and work out schedule to his favourite colour. The boy had only needed one good paddling before he readily gave Sesshomaru his answers.

"Do you want to be lowered?" Inuyasha only grunted. He knew weather he said yes or no didn't matter, his master would do as he pleased.

"Do you need help to answer?" Once again Sesshomaru pulled back his hand and placed the wooden paddle against Inuyasha's thigh. First time Inuyasha got his butt smacked the second time Sesshomaru would lower it to his thighs, next would be the boys sit spots.

Inuyasha groaned, it hadn't even been a full day and he already wanted to whimper. It was only a paddling – he had taken worse, but this demon made Inuyasha squirm with unease. As if one wrong move and Inuyasha had a feeling he would get more than a paddling- he would get a grave.

"Last chance." When no answer came Sesshomaru shrugged, pulling back the paddle Sesshomaru gave three hard swats making the Inuyasha yelp at each one. Putting the paddle down Sesshomaru surprised Inuyasha.

That's it three swats? This guy had me worried Ha! Pathetic. The sting was already subsiding to a manageable level. Inuyasha almost wanted to laugh- till his arms were pulled up taking any weight off his shoulders, Inuyasha cried out at the stress it put on his shoulders. His arms now stuck straight up from his body, while his back created a table and still his legs were straight and his hip supported; but only slightly no were near enough to take the strain out of his shoulders. Sesshomaru came back with a chilled glass of water filled to its brim and placed it in the middle of Inuyasha's back

"If you had answered then you would have been allowed to relax. This is your punishment for not answering, you will stay here till I feel you've learnt. You will not spill the water. Now enjoy your night puppy." With that Sesshomaru left the room, leaving Inuyasha hanging.

Inuyasha growled. How dare the bastard leave him like this! Now he knew why he had only received the three swats. And the water was cold! Inuyasha forced himself to pull up on his strained arms, allowing his back to curve which tipped the water right onto the bed. Like hell I'm going to sit there with a cold glass of water, if he thinks he can use me as a table he's got another thing coming! Inuyasha thought miserably.

Sesshomaru on the other hand was completely relaxed reading his puppy's manual. He was surprised that Inuyasha had given true answers, most had tried to pull the wool over his eyes, which he punished them for. Then again Inuyasha's meal plan was the worst he had seen. Most of the Pet's he knew of had at least one healthy meal, most tried to convince him that they had all healthy meals six times a day, others tried to get nothing but candy. So why did Inuyasha not try?

Flipping a few more pages Sesshomaru saw Inuyasha's work out (the stores didn't want to sell fat Pets) the boy worked out for 6 hours a day, every day and in no way was it an easy work out. The boy would learn to adjust to the new schedule Sesshomaru had already planned. Flipping a few more pages Sesshomaru actually laughed, according to the book Inuyasha's favourite thing to do- chew on bars, men, flesh in general and attempt escape.

"Good Luck pup." Sesshomaru said aloud before putting the book away and heading to the kitchen.

Inuyasha had no clue how much time had passed, he figured at least two hours as the water had dried and his arms were burning so bad he was sure they would be no use to him for at least three days. When he heard the door open then close again he could have sighed in relief if it weren't for the fact that the bastard was the one to do this to him in the first place.

"Do you wish to be let down?" That damn cool voice grated on his nerves but he answered anyways.


"Yes what?" Sesshomaru growled, smacking the pert butt in front of him again.

"Yes I-have-stick-up-my-ass-person." Inuyasha felt a hard smack to his sit spots from the paddle.

"Yes sir." Inuyasha instantly corrected, sir he could do with out to much of a blow to his ego, but master was a never.

"Good boy. It's a shame you disobeyed me. I told you to stay exactly as you were, meaning the glass was to stay on your back not on the bed. Because of this you will stay as you are." Sesshomaru chuckled at the pure rage on Inuyasha's face.

"You should be grateful, I'm still going to feed you."

"How the fuck do I eat with my hands up in the fucking air?" Inuyasha snarled, getting two more hard slaps on his sit spots. Inuyasha turned to glare but only got a small triangle shoved into his face.

"Eat." It was a simple command in theory, but in practice it was much harder. Inuyasha recoiled from the hand and the tiny sandwich. He had never eaten from a master's hand before, he usually choose to starve rather than eat from another's hand. It was one of the reasons why his other masters had brought him back to the store; they couldn't stand not having full power over him.

"I will not say it again Inuyasha. You will eat or you will have a tube put into you tomorrow. It will not be taken out till you eat from my hand." No way was Inuyasha having a tube put in him. Taking the lesser of the two evils Inuyasha took a nibble from the sandwich before him. The thought of actually eating from some ones hand, made Inuyasha's stomach clench. He could do nothing but chew the small piece, refusing and his body refusing to swallow it. But the longer he chewed it the more his body wanted to get rid of it.

Without another thought on it Inuyasha turned his head away from his master and spat the piece out. He had tried to eat it, did that count for anything? Inuyasha could only hope, he didn't want to get beaten for not eating.

"If that is your choice. A 'vet' will be in tomorrow to see you." Inuyasha shuddered, he hated the 'vet' the people never cared about the comfort of their patients they simply did as they were told to do by the owner, no consideration at all.

"Well if you let me eat by myself I should be able to actually eat something." Inuyasha crumbled as the demon gracefully slid into the bed in front of Inuyasha, the plate of sandwiches right beside him.

"Your punishment is not over yet, you shall not be freed till it is. You will learn to eat from my hands, but till then you will be feed through a tube, inserted in your stomach. If you wish to do that yourself, then I must pop your bubble. I will feed you, whether that be through a tube or from your willing mouth taking the morsels from my hand it matters not to me." Inuyasha growled again. Taking a deep breath Inuyasha once again bite into the sandwich, that was still in Sesshomaru's hand. Instantly his body attempted to reject the food, swallowing it had caused a pain to shoot through his stomach. Ignoring it Inuyasha snapped at the last piece, forcing Sesshomaru to let go of the final piece.

Smiling Sesshomaru pet the boys hair gently, letting him know how well he had done. Inuyasha hadn't swallowed yet but was forcing himself to try. Sweat broke out over him, his legs and torso had started to shake and his stomach once again attempted to rebel. Inuyasha hated it Sesshomaru went was petting him like he was a puppy who needed comforting and it was annoying him more and more.

Inuyasha could feel Sesshomaru's hand petting his hair but each time he got a little closer to Inuyasha's ears, this was not allowed. At the last second Inuyasha whipped his head around and snapped at Sesshomaru's hand that had been centimeters from his ear.

"Do that again puppy and you'll find yourself without teeth." Sesshomaru hissed. Inuyasha bowed his head but secretly he was proud- he had made the 'cool man' snap even if it was just a little. Before he raised his head he felt the hand slowly start to pet him again.

Inuyasha groaned, but looked up to be meet with another small triangle sandwich. Growling he shunned this one.

"Pup- I will not say it again. Eat."

"Why should I? You've already decided you're going to tube me- why should I eat?" Inuyasha hissed, he had decided long ago he would eat out of no one's hand, and most masters were too afraid to try- in making that decision Inuyasha had doomed himself to this tube.

"You will eat from my hand, even with the tube in you. You will be trained to do so. The tube will be there simply to make sure you have the proper nutrition." Inuyasha blinked a few times absently taking a bite of the sandwich. Sesshomaru lightly grasped Inuyasha's ear stroking the very edge of the inside of his ear.

Every thought of a master actually caring flew from Inuyasha's mind automatically he tilted his head into the hand absently swallowing the bite he had just taken. Sesshomaru smirked, so this is why he tried to bite. I'll punish him tomorrow for it. He thought continuing to stroke Inuyasha's ear.

Inuyasha felt his body sag in his bonds, relaxing completely due to his ears, being scratched, they were his one weakness, it made his eyes drooped with sleep. Noticing this Sesshomaru stopped making Inuyasha snap back to reality.

"Don't ever fucking touch my ears ever fucking again!" Sesshomaru who had stood turned around smacking Inuyasha's butt twice, making Inuyasha yelp at the pain.

"Language." Sesshomaru reprimanded, before lowering Inuyasha's hips just till his knees bent, which made Inuyasha realise how sore they were. Next came his arms, which were lowered right down to his back. Then to his surprise his left foot was freed, then his right.

Inuyasha squirmed in anticipation, if he was freed then he could make a break for his freedom. Inuyasha felt his arms being unhooked from the chain but not from the cuffs themselves before finally his hip was strapped.

Before the leather was even through the buckle Inuyasha was up and rushing to the door…