Chapter 3

"Well I guess I don't have to tell him to count down." Miroku chuckled.

"Now on with the procedure." Miroku undid Inuyasha's obi, brushing it to the side, but Sesshomaru grabbed his wrist before he could go for his tools.

"Physical first."

"Of course. I assume you would rather check his anus rather then I?" Sesshomaru just raised an eyebrow as if to say 'is that really a question'?

"Allow me then, to check if he's still a virgin."

"He's a half-breed, his anus will close as if virgin every time." With that Sesshomaru shrunk his claws reaching between Inuyasha's closed legs feeling for his entrance. As soon as he found it he sunk his clawless finger inside. Feeling nothing but soft warm fleshy walls Sesshomaru removed his hand.

"No vertical rips or tears? Was there any scares that could be felt?" Miroku asked. He really wanted to feel inside the boy, he was just so hot.

"No. Continue." Miroku jumped at the command and quickly started at Inuyasha's feet and worked his way up. Miroku got to his stomach before he said anything.

"His stomach has shrunk. It's about half the size it should be. He is also malnourished." Moving on Miroku checked all his organs he could before moving to the ribs where he stopped again. Pressing and prodding at Inuyasha right side.

"He has a rib which obviously healed wrong. It's just far enough from his lung not to cause a problem, but it should be reset. It's sitting like this." Pulling his hand away Miroku placed one hand just over the others fingertips, so they just overlapped.

"Which rib?" Miroku placed his hand over Inuyasha's side finding the rib. Placing two fingers over it Miroku showed Sesshomaru. He even showed him where it had broke and healed incorrectly. To his surprise Sesshomaru reached down and flicked the exact spot. Two things happened. The first being the bone broke clean. The second was Inuyasha screamed and jerked to the side.

*In Inuyasha's dream*

It was black everywhere around him. He could feel his heart racing and his lungs burning. Blinking furiously Inuyasha tried to get his eyes to adjust to the lack of light. Finally things started to come into focus.

With a start Inuyasha realised where he was.

He was in his forest.

More specific, he was in his forest, in his favourite hiding spot. But he hadn't been here since… shaking his head Inuyasha pushed the thought away. He would not think of that night. But it seemed he had no choice.

He could hear the riot, and he could hear and feel the heavy footsteps that ended his freedom. He could feel his body shaking.

If I stay here I'll be fine.Inuyasha thought, but the steps were getting closer and Inuyasha grabbed the branch in front of him and flung himself from his hiding spot wanting to be away from the fire and the bull.

'What's going on? I'm little again!'Inuyasha wanted to scream. He felt his little legs pushing at the branches, forcing his way away from the bull.

"Hey kid, come back before you hurt yourself!" the bull yelled but Inuyasha refused to listen. He pushed harder. The bull ran faster. One had to give, and it was the branch little Inuyasha was on.

The branch he had been standing on snapped tossing Inuyasha through the lower branches before he crashed to the ground. Why do I have to go through this again? Inuyasha wondered, just as the bull scooped him up by his scruff.

Inuyasha screamed and slashed out. He didn't want to be captured, he just wanted his mommy. The bull had held Inuyasha just close enough that those little claws slashed right over his eye.

Inuyasha's scruff was released as the bull clutched his bloody eye, leaving the crying Inuyasha to drop. Sadly the bull swung his head.

Inuyasha watched almost in slow motion as the horns- as large as him- swung down crashing against his side. Inuyasha screamed again as he felt the bone snap before the bull swung the other way, the tip of his horn catching on Inuyasha's hidori before flinging the boy back.

For a single moment Inuyasha felt as if he could fly even with the pain that was his side but the moment ended. Inuyasha smashed into a tree his head cracking back before his little body crashed to the earth again.

Inuyasha could barely see as the bull came to him scooping him up to rest in one arm.

"I told you kid." The bull whispered as little Inuyasha blacked out.

Inuyasha woke with a start he had, had that dream thousands of times before but never had he regretted ever hurting the bull.

Inuyasha shock his head to rid himself of the thought- or he would have if he could move.

Great just what I needInuyasha half thought half panicked. Trying to open his eyes he realized he couldn't. Trying to move his fingers he couldn't do that ether, Inuyasha huffed. It wasn't the first time he had been drugged, but he wished he could shift- his side was killing him.

The side with the rib…the rib…that broke…in his dream. If he could, he would have had his eyes fly open. He needed to see who was in the room!

Inuyasha was on the crest of panicking when a hand gently caressed his forehead slowly moving to his ear. It almost instantly calmed him.

"Shh, sleep again Yasha, sleep." Inuyasha couldn't even call it a whisper, it was so quiet, so soothing he wasn't sure if it was the heat from the hand, the soothing pet, the drugs or that warm all enveloping sound, but Inuyasha just melted back into sleep.

Sesshomaru had smelt his pups fear and panic. He didn't know why it had started but he was going to pry it from the little one if he had to. Speaking of which.

"If you would Lord Sesshomaru, please open Inuyasha's jaw. I need to put this camera down to see exactly where to place the tube." Sesshomaru glared- he was not as assistant. He had only done what he had done because he didn't want Miroku touching Inuyasha in anyway sexual. And he had wrapped Inuyasha's ribs so he would know Sesshomaru was the one to hurt him but he was also the one to fix it.

But opening a jaw- he would not stoop to being an assistant! Miroku must have gotten the clue as he turned to open Inuyasha's jaw. Sesshomaru almost laughed (but of course didn't even smile) as even drugged Inuyasha was still so stubborn, and strong. Miroku stepped back to contemplate the situation. Sesshomaru sighed as he stepped up and squeezed Inuyasha's jaw, popping it open.

Yes he did win, like always.

Twenty minutes later Inuyasha had a small tube coming out of his stomach. Inuyasha had panicked yet again when Miroku had started to cut into Inuyasha's stomach, worse than the first time, but still Sesshomaru was able to calm him in seconds. But with questions popping up that needed answers.

"He should wake in about forty-five minutes. Demons are extraordinary." Miroku said, as he finished packing away his computer- the last of his equipment.

"You moron, he's only half-demon." Miroku looked shocked his eyes going wide. It took some time for Miroku to actually speak.

"But he half woke twice! And half demons are so rare. But I guess Lord Sesshomaru you would have not only the rarest but the strongest." Miroku nodded before ducking out of the room.

"You have a very long discussion awaiting you. And five spankings." Sesshomaru growled at the sleeping form before stalking out of the room.

Next time Inuyasha woke, his eye sight was blurred and he felt groggy. He didn't feel anymore rested than he did when they put him out-

Sliding his hand down his stomach Inuyasha felt the tube sticking out just above his belly button.

"Pull it out and you'll be severely punished." Inuyasha snapped his head around to see Sesshomaru sitting beside the bed, reading. He hadn't even looked up! Inuyasha growled but let his hand drop to the bed none the less.

"Good boy." Sesshomaru finished the page before gently closing the book to stare at Inuyasha.

"What?!" Inuyasha said exasperated.

"We need to have a discussion, but first we shall eat." Inuyasha sighed, and started to roll over. This seemed to be the way Sesshomaru preferred to try and feed him in. Surprisingly Inuyasha only got to his side before a warm hand settled on his shoulder pulling him back to lay on his back.

"I won't have you stressing the sight before needed." With that said Sesshomaru sat at the headboard his legs on either side of Inuyasha before he grabbed him under the arms and pulled so Inuyasha rested against his chest.

Inuyasha squirmed slightly, it was weird being pressed against a warm body with an arm the same consistency as steal wrapped around his waist in a way that Inuyasha could only describe as comforting. Inuyasha didn't want to be comfortable with the bastard but he was. Finally giving up squirming Inuyasha laid back against Sesshomaru, never realising that as he did so, he wiggled farther into Sesshomaru, seeking that comfort.

"Sango." Inuyasha's eyebrows drew together as he looked up at Sesshomaru, did he have memory problems? Inuyasha thought but just then the door opened to reveal Sango carrying a plate of colourful shapes. As the tray was placed down two legs dropped down to rest on the bed.

"Anything else sir?"

"No, that will be all."

"Yes sir. Inuyasha." Sango bowed her head to both before leaving.

"Why does she stay with a prick like you?" Inuyasha mumbled turning his head away from the first offering of something pink that looked grainy.

"That is not a story I will tell you now. If you do not eat you will be punished before I connect the feeding tube." Sesshomaru calmly stated as he stroked Inuyasha's stomach.