Note: Ok so first of all I am sorry about the delays. I don't know about the schdule anymore because I am focused on other things lately and don't have much time to think of ideas. I got something that I thought might be funny but I would like to get serious with this story again. So this is the last funny story of the book.

Story #17

What If Kiara Awkwardly Met Kopa

Kiara is just enjoying her cub years playing around in the pridelands until a cub she never seen before walks up

Kiara: Hello...who are you? Haven't seen you around here

Kopa: Oh well...I am your brother...

Kiara: Huh?

Kopa: I am your brother...yeah...

Kiara: No you are mistaking me for someone else

Kopa: Oh well you see I kind of was supposed to be Simba and Nala's kid but then the writers went and

Kiara: Writers? What the heck are you talking about

Kopa:ummmm...You kind of replaced me

Kiara: Your wierd. Get away from me you wierdo

Kiara begins to walk off but Kopa runs up in front of her

Kopa: Oh woah woah where are you going?

Kiara: Get out of my face

Kopa: Hey I was just...kidding..Yeah kidding! I am new here...hey want to see something really cool?

Kiara: Uhh...I don't know...

Kopa: Oh just follow me this won't take long

They both approach a cliff

Kopa: Ok look down there

Kiara looks down and Kopa begins to back off

Kiara: uh...I don't see anything

Kopa begins to charge at her, Kiara moves out of the way and Kopa just barely saves himself from falling himself

Kopa: Woah now that was wierd wasn't it?

Kiara: Did you just try to push me down there?

Kopa: What? No! No! heh heh...I would...never that...Yes I would. I want you dead.

Kiara: I am going to tell my dad he will make you sorry!

Kopa: Crap!

Kiara runs off to find her dad and Kopa follows

Kopa: I was kidding!

Kiara: Stop following me! My dad is going to kill you!

Kopa: No he won't I am his son.

Kiara: No you are not!

Kiara pushes Kopa and looses him. She reaches pride rock to tell her dad about what happened

Kiara: Dad! Theres some wierd cub who tried to push me off a cliff

Simba: What! Who!

Kiara: Some wierd guy named Kopa

Simba:...ahh great not this again

Kopa approaches

Kopa: Ok whatever she told you was a damn lie!

Simba: Really Kopa again?

Kopa: What? No Simba you have it all wrong I am just here to visit the family...I am totally over the fact that they replaced me with this whiney little bitch

Kiara: Hey!

Simba: Kopa! Go home with all of the other rejected Disney characters

Kopa: But its so boring there! Mehettu is the only other cub there and he is annoying as hell

Simba: Kopa! NOW!

Kopa: Fine...just let me...(he tackles Kiara) I WILL KILL YOU!

Note: Don't worry Kiara is fine. I rather just amused you or annoyed you. Anyways hope you liked it. 3 more chapters and I plan on them being serious. Well atleast more serious then this lol