Sorry Lily

Lily Jasmine Evans slipped through the Portrait of the Fat Lady with ease, but her mind was burning. How DARE James Potter use the Aguamenti charm on her? Even if it was an accident! Her face had gone as red as her hair as the water dripped down her robes in front of the hysteria-filled student body.

Speaking of the Devil, there he was with his gang. Lily sashayed past him, making sure he could definitely notice how mad he was. James shot up and ran to her now dry figure. "Evans," he grabbed her arm, making her twist round. Her face was the picture of anger.

"Don't Evans me," she snapped, "What was running though your stupid, Quidditch-filled mind when you HUMILIATED me in front of the entire school. I should hex you where you stand; you bag of frog-dung. Go rot in the dungeons with your stupid cronies you arrogant toerag! And if you ever come near me, or try to ask me out, I will kill you. Same goes for if you talk to me. CLEAR?"

"It was an accident," James' face was full of perfect innocence; "I really like you, Evans. Why would I intentionally wet you when I'm trying to get you to date me? I am really, really sorry."

"Well I am really, really sorry that you look the child of the Giant Squid and a troll," came the retort. Several students (including the Marauders) found this hilarious, and began to laugh. They were, of course, ignored by the quarreling pair.

"Please Lily," James sounded sad, and it was registered by all that it was the first time that he'd ever called her by her first name, "Forgive me. I am sorry."

"GO SWIM WIRH YOUR DAD IN THE LAKE- I'M SURE HE'LL LOVE THAT!" Lily yelled, "NOT!" And with that, she stormed up the steps to the dormitories.

"You just got owned," Sirius commented. Remus hit him with the Daily Prophet. Hard.

The Next Day

Lily walked straight past James in the common room, avoiding his puppy-dog eyes. Her footsteps tapped the stairs, barely making a sound. She crept into the bedroom, and immediately noticed something on her bed. Curious, she looked around. Mary's bed: empty. Alice's bed: Empty. Charlotte's bed: Empty. Marlene's bed: also empty. Lily staggered forward, and smiled at the sight.

Her name was gathered in flowers- large and all bunched together. The L was made from lilies, the I from roses, the other L from daisies and finally the Y from primroses. Next to it was a small piece of card, like the name-ones you see on tables at weddings. Lily smiled and opened it.

To my favourite Lily-Flower

I am really sorry about what happened and hope you can find it in your golden-heart to forgive me.


James xxx

She smiled and pocketed the card.

In the Common Room

It was empty, barely a student there. Eric Matthews, a seventh-year, sighed and scribbled out a mistake on his DADA paper. He then collected it up, before heading to leave. This left the Marauders.

The portrait swung open and Lily entered. She'd gone to show Mary and Alice, and had then decided to come back to find the gift-presenter. And there he was, luckily.

"James," she approached him hesitantly. She had never used his first name before, but there was a first time for everything.

"Hello, Lily-Flower," he turned round and smiled at her, "What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to, erm, thank you for the lovely gift you gave me," she blushed bright red, "And you are forgiven. I'm kind of sorry that I, uh, yelled at you."

"No bother," James gave her a lopsided grin, ignoring the smirks of his friends.

"Okay, great," Lily rushed off towards the dormitory, tensing up.

"Oh and Lily-Flower," James called her over, "One more thing."

"Yes, Potter?" she went back to her normal tone.

"Will you go out with me?"

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