WOW Sore.

Vague spoilers for events 7.10 and after. A good role model is hard to find.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, and no amount of wishing or foot stamping is going to change that.


The water was perfect; just south of painfully hot, good pressure too.

Head bowed, a deep groan rumbled in Dean's chest as the shower's steaming torrent pummelled his weary body. Penetrating sore, aching muscles like skilful fingertips; soothing away the trauma of tonight's hunt, and the tense anticipation of tomorrow's.

He was getting too old for this; he was tired of hurting.


As heat and fatigue did their job, his exhausted mind drifted ... Sam, home, Impala, Dad, Mom, baseball, apple pie, Bobby ...


In his sixties and fighting to the end.

Suddenly Dean's shattered body was made of granite.