E/O Challenge. WoW: Sore. Word Count : 100 first writing!
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Slight Spoiler alert for S7.

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Summary: Kinda what it says in the title.


Crowley, AKA "The King of Hell", stomped around like the proverbial bear
with a sore head. Actually, to prove the point, he turned into one briefly.
Giving his Hell Hound the fright of it's non-life.
Crowley's Demon P.A. quaked and stuttered,
"Sir…I mea...can I be of help your Nobleness?...Sir?"

Crowley spun around, from chest high to the creature he glared up it's nose,
"Let me see...Ooh...Are you by any chance a Ninja Leviathan Assassin?...No?
How disappointing. So, it would appear that, yet again, I have to go ingratiate
myself to those Winchester Wonder Boys.
Now that, my dear, is Hell!"