Another triabble from Viv, Amber and Dizzo incorporating the EO challenge word, sore, and our own word, look.

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Warnings: Spoilers for 7.03, The Girl next Door. Rated T for one naughty word.

The story of a hunt gone wrong told from three seperate angles.

Disclaimer: None of us own them :(


It looked bad. Sam's shirt already soaked; the head wound staining his hair blood-red.

It should have been a straight-forward hunt. They'd tracked the kitsune to an abandoned warehouse, split up to cover more ground.

Dean had found it first, already feeding on its latest victim. He'd pulled it away, made ready for the kill. And frozen. The pretty blonde too much like Amy; a sore point.

But for Sam, Dean would be dead right now. But his brother had pushed him out of the way; taken the brunt of the creature's wrath, until he'd thrust the knife in deep.


The kitsune turned around. It was like running into a brick wall. It was a young woman, long fair hair, pleasant face. She looked just like Amy.

My palm suddenly sweaty, my grasp on the knife weakened. Come on Winchester, get a grip!

Hesitation's a killer; I knew it but failed to move in time.

She was on me in a flash, then Sam….

I press down on his wounds, cursing. He's got that tolerant, forgiving expression on his bloodied face, but my heart's still sore.

Yeah, Dean - So stupid, so slow, so fucking useless.

God, I need a drink.


That damn kitsune sure found Dean's achilles.

She knew he couldn't do it twice; it broke him enough the first time.

The moment that bitch transformed to look like Amy, she knew Dean was screwed.

He froze.

I had to push him out of her way, otherwise she'd be snacking on his brain by now.

I bore the brunt of her fury, but I don't care about that.

I don't even care that I'm sore and broken, bleeding out on a filthy concrete floor.

How can I care about anything when all I've done is broken Dean just a little bit more.



... how can I be lost? In remembrance I relive; how can I blame you when it's me I can't forgive ...

The Unforgiven III - Metallica.