E/O Challenge
WoW : Sore
Word count : 100
Spoiler alert for S7 E10

Disclaimer: I can't keep pretending, the truth is, I don't own 'em.

A.N. This came to me after I had already written the other drabble response "Defining Hell."
My apologies for subjecting you all to both!


Not seen the ep yet. My vision of how it might end.

"Do it again."
"Sir, we've tried..."
"I…said…do it again."
"Ok, once more people...Clear."
"Doctor? Should we...?"
"No, that's enough. Call it."
"Dean! No!"
"Someone call security!"

"Sir…I sorely suggest you let me go. This won't help anything."
"I'm so sorry Doctor. Please, he's upset...we both are."
"Need a hand in here Doc?"
"Well son?...Do we?...False alarm Tony, thanks for responding though.
Look, I am truly sorry we couldn't help. He obviously means a great deal to
both of you. I guess you'd both like some time alone?"
"Thank you. My brother and I would appreciate that...Dean? Oh, Christ...Dean!"