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Kannazuki no miko: Fairytale - till we meet again

Chapter 1: And so we meet

Music graced the halls of the Himemiya mansion, as notes crawled within its premises. The Head maid smiled at the melody, for her Mistress has finally awoken from her slumber and has chosen to seek the music room as her morning haven once more. It brightens the blond maid's mood, the music soothed her thus removing her worries about her mistress. For she knew that ever since their arrival from Mahoroba her mistress was greatly stressed due to the meetings she attended, the head maid frowned recalling the events.

Even though they both just arrived from her stay in America, her Mistress was plunge to one place to another. 'Did these people have no sense of decency!' anger brewed within her mind, her mistress was practically human. Why did they not allow her to have some rest when she arrived? She was an important person yet they abused her for their interest, 'for papers and pictures to satisfy their egos. They please the crowd but never their target, such single minded brutes. I don't care even if they were spitted from royalty.' The infliction they have dealt within the health of her mistress can suffice enough.

Guilty as charge, they know no consideration and if there was. It was only for them…

As the song reaches its end, the maid took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The moment the pianist heard it, she smiled and as she saw the head maid enter the room she greeted her "Good morning Otoha-san"

"Morning Miss, I brought your breakfast and tea" the head maid bowed and smiled, placing the tray onto the table. The princess arose from her seat, and situated herself at the couch were her meal would be easily found.

"Miss your uncle left you a message this morning" she paused, waiting for any reaction that might resurface from her mistress. Finding none, she decided to continue "he wanted to let you know, that an assigned student from the council will be awaiting your arrival near the school gates."

"I see, thank you Otoha-san" the princess took her tea.

"It seems he is currently busy, and he would not be able to welcome you in school" she spoke sadly at the information she conveyed from her mistress' uncle. She knew she missed him so "He apologizes again for not being able to see you since your arrival… And he would love to make it up to you tomorrow, if you are able to…"

"I don't mind, if he was the one waiting for me… it will only cause a commotion" dismissing her maid's worries, she sipped from her tea "I will be leaving in a short while… Tell Albert to ready the car by 8."

"As you wish" she bowed and left.

The moonlight princess stared for her tea for the moment, before placing it down. It seems she has lost her appetite, but she knew if she did not eat her meal, her maid would definitely worry. So she decided that she would only leave the room, after taking a few bites from her meal.

After taking a short bath, Himeko decided to make breakfast for a change. Sadly due to some circumstances, namely the young athlete's morning runs and to her late revivals, both of them never had the time to prepare or eat breakfast for that matter. Bread on mouth and run, was the only thing they ever do. Plus she needed to thank her roommate, for her patience and never failing wake up calls. Though at times, she wonders if her roommate only did it ever so diligently for her own amusement.

But even so it did her good either way, for without her roommate she would never be in school on time.

"I smell pancakes!" her roommate dashed in the room, with an umbrella at hand.

"Morning Mako" Himeko beamed, as she started to flip the pancakes.

"Ah" Seeing the presence of her supposedly still retired roommate, she sighed in relief. After all the presence of her roommate only means, that she has escaped a hypothetical encounter with a thief. But even so, the thought of her actions might trigger a puzzling reaction that will cause her roommate to form questions, which will lead to an interrogation that she has no absolutely plans on answering. Thus within all absurdity and futility of her upcoming action, she still hoped. Therefore she continued to slowly hide the umbrella behind her back.

"Why did you bring the umbrella?" the blond looked puzzled, pointing out the absolute obvious to Makoto's dismay.

"Well… I was kinda hoping to see a burglar whipping up breakfast." Makoto teased while sticking her tongue out "Who would have thought that it was you" she continued to laugh, as she scratched the back of her head.

"Hey" Himeko pout, placing the pancakes on the plates "At least have a little faith in me Mako, I can be a little independent… if I wanted to…" she began to mumble as she turned off the stove, the decrease within her tone showed her uncertainty.

'hardly' Makoto mused, as she almost smirked at her cute little roommate's defence. "Hai, hai I know," she tapped her chest with pride "My outmost diligence is proof to it"

Himeko sighed and passed her roommate her plate. Who smiled and mouthed thank you, as she happily received it. Himeko then, took her share and sat down at the table together with her roommate.

"hmm?" she heard the roommate mumbled, as they chewed down their breakfast "sketching so early in the morning?" she asked, as her eyes points out to the balcony.

"You could say that…" the blond answered as she drank some of the water from her glass.

"I see…Ah so hows club these days?" Makoto

"Nothing so far… Izan-san and the others are teaching the first years."

"First years…" her roommate shrugged.

"Why did something happened?" she inquired.

"Well not really… It just that…" her roomate tried to find the words "I'm having problems with one of the newbies that I was assigned to. That's all."

"But Mako, you're not usually bothered by these kinds of stuff" Himeko insisted, it was true. Her friend never stated things that had never really bothered her. The statement itself was weird enough, she had to know. Whoever that person is, he/she truly bothered her friend.

"Pfffft- Don't dig too deep about it Himeko. its fine." Brunnete laughed it off and ruffled her friends hair "I'm probably just in a phase. I will fix this soon." Cutting the discussion off, she took the finished plates. Seeing how her friend dismissed it worried her, yet she knew that pursuing it now might only make things worse. So Himeko decided to let it go for now, thinking that it would be better to wait for her friend to approach her when she's ready.

After cleaning the dishes, fixing their stuffs and wearing their uniforms. Both of them hurried up to school.

"Morning Himemiya-sama, I am the student assigned by the principal to accompany you" she bowed at the moonlight princess "My name is Shima, Miyako nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you Miyako-san" replied the moonlight princess.

"The pleasure is mine, I am honoured to accompany you Himemiya-sama" she smiled at the moonlight princess, as she gestured to the school "I am also to inform you, since the principal cannot welcome you personally... The Vice-principal would like to take his place for the time being, he would like to talk to you before we proceed to your tour in the campus…"

"I see… Then I am in your care Miyako-san. Lead the way." Said the moonlight princess, as she followed.

First period was a breeze, the first week of classes was known for its most lacking foundation. Which all students love…

And Within the campus, two friends look up at the message board.

"Time surely flies…" Makoto commented, as she looked at the piles of paper stapled at the board.

"Yup" answered Himeko who was also browsing at the club posters, she could hear friend sighed every time her eyes passes by the track team's poster. Following her stare, the blond could see the information that contains her friend's problems. 'I guess shes not that fond of the freshmen program.'

"Looking at these posters… that reminds me" her roommate continued "What story are you guys planning to cover this year?"

"Ah, I'm not so sure…" himeko answered "But to be honest…"

"Hmm?" she looked at her fidgeting friend.

"I want to take it up a notch… I want to take a more challenging role to boost up my confidence" she finished, blushing a bit from her statement.

Makoto watched her friend, she was so proud of her, she couldn't believe that this was her shy friend "I'm proud of you Himeko, your finally going out of your shell" her roommate smiled as she ruffled her friend's hair "But I wish you would also put some of that confidence when you talk to people" her friend teased.

"I'm working on it" she playfully punched her friend on arm. Her roommate laugh it off, it seems she was over teasing her friend, look at all that steam.

"What a coincidence, were playing shakespeare" a voice from behind interrupted their conversation.

"AH, Corona-sempai!" Himeko squeaked.

"Hello Hime-chan~" The cheery sempai smiled, 'Haha I surprised her bigtime! XD'

"Sup Corona-sempai" Makoto greeted her.

"Hello to you too Makoto-kun" the brown haired sempai replied.

"So the club is doing Shakespeare?" the blond inquired.

"Yup and as your wonderful and caring upperclassman, I decided due to your outmost enthusiasm" the brown haired sempai beamed "I will reward you with a more challenging act!" staring at her kohai she continued "One of the main roles" she finished, winking at her kohai.

'Im pretty sure she meant main roll…' Himeko grimaced.

"Congratulations, Juliet!" Makoto hugged her roommate. Watching them, the brown haired women smiled 'Ah, youth', as she was about to open her mouth, she was interrupted.

"Hey Corona, that's not for you to decide on so quickly… I still have a say on this" red eyes peered to green.

"Oh Rei-chan!" the brown haired sempai smiled, causing the red haired sempai to glare at her "Come on don't be so grumpy in the morning~ it ruins your skin" she kept going.

The red haired sempai sighed in defeat and shifted her gaze to Himeko "There will be auditions… Just await for further announcements Kurusugawa-san"

"Ok, thank you Reiko-san" Himeko thanked and bowed.

"That concludes our tour for the day" Miyako spoke as they arrived on their last stop "It is almost lunch time… do you want me to accompany you?"

"It's ok. I have already taken enough of your time…" said the moonlight princess.

"Are you sure Himemiya-sama?" Miyako insured "If that is what you want, then would you at least want me to guide until the cafeteria?"

"I'm fine, I brought myself a pack lunch" the moonlight princess spoke as she lifted up her bag, indicating one of its specific contents "And if you don't mind I would like to explore a little bit more… Before I proceed to the dining area, don't worry I won't get lost that easily. I took mind of the distinctive landmarks you taught me so that I could easily find my way within the campus. "

"I see if that is the case, then it was a pleasure to meet you again Miss Himemiya-sama" Miyako bowed "It was an honour to serve you"

"Thank you Miyako-san, If you would excuse me" the moonlight princess bowed and left.

She began to venture from the school grounds, to one of her sanctuaries. Other than her room, it was a small garden, situated within the most nature blessed part of the school. She knew that no one knew about it, but still it has been years and she wanted to ensure that it was still there. How she missed its calm and peaceful trait.

"I guess this is where we take our leave" said the brown haired sempai "Bye, Hime-chan~ see you at practice, see ya Makoto-kun" she waved and left with the red haired sempai.

"So lunch?" Makoto asked her roommate.

"Ah Makoto-sempai!" A freshman shouted, as he approached them " I was looking for you, the coach wanted to speak with you"

"What does he want now" Makoto sighed, and turned to her friend "Sorry Himeko"

"It's ok, Mako" the blond said, "You better go, it might be important"

"I'm really sorry, I'll make it up to you next time" she apologized and left with the freshmen.

"I also have to do my best" she mumbled as she began to walk.

Lunch wasn't an option the cafeteria was packed with students. Sadly lunch time in school is not as much as a saint, the word school justifies that lunch in this campus does not excuse tardiness. If you're early then good, if you're late then too bad, the words itself was a lesson as it is a prayer to each student. Good thing she was able to pack food this morning 'but where to eat...' she thought.

'Ah- but of course!' she smiled 'If I eat there, that would be hitting two birds with one stone. I can eat and practice in the same time' with that decided, Himeko fled the cafeteria.

Himeko as you can see from the previous conversation she had with her friends, had hinted on that she joined the drama club of all clubs. I know it sounds incredulous, but it's true. She was indeed in the club and she was proud of it. She walks on the stage with pride, for she had learned to relinquish her fears and shyness. Which in return rewarded her greatly, as she made the crowd go wild in applause with her performance on stage.

Reiko and Corona were a proof of that, for they had overseen Himeko ever since she was a child and they helped her grow to whom she is now. They were practically Himeko's sisters, they have not only known each other for a long time and practically grew up with her, growing up in the same orphanage.

Himeko giggled at the fun memories they've shared, oh how she loved them both. It was amazing how those two come together, despite their different personalities they were quite a pair. The way they handled each other was a classic and as Himeko entered they lives, handling all three was a pure comedy. It was cute how the other one's spoils the other and the other to be strict to both. Reiko was very mature since then, she filled up the whole mother/sister hen figure and Corona was package of tease but in defence, can be really deadly if you go through her boundaries.

Himeko looked up at the sky, cherishing the memories '…thanks to them I never felt lonely… ah but of course Mako too. I… I wonder if I could ever repay them…'

A sound pierced and disturbs her thoughts… It wasn't just any sound it was a voice. Looking at her surroundings she was engulfed with nature's ample breast, confirming that this was indeed her hiding place. But this sound was unheard of and was never here before, but how it complimented the place, the tone itself was beautiful. Almost as if a nightingale has graced her with its presence, it would have been possible… it would have been wonderful, but stands to be impossible for the sound was produced by not a bird but by a human.

'nightingale' himeko mused.' It seems someone has joined me in my hiding place. But the question is' she started walking slowly towards the source of the voice.

'if she is a friend or foe?'she chuckled at the thought. Her gaze slowly met strands of the night, "How mesmerizing..." she whilst into the air 'To see such a wonderful thing... The thought of fear for the darkness would seem blasphemous at the sight of this moon light child.' she smiled, as she cherish the sight 'For Darkness sprung from her head, as porcelain blessed her earthly skin. In contact you would probably felt as if you handled silk, because of the briefness and texture... How blissful... How your existence allures the creatures even at day.' As her hand touches the tree, she intakes a deep breath. She felt so hot, was the sun getting to her? Probably... For her heart felt so warm. If you gaze upon her now, you probably thought that rubies adorned her cheeks.

She didn't know how it started. but.

She unconsciously started to approach her. She obviously and obliviously walked in a daze, she couldn't care less or tell what she would step or bump on. But despite her reckless actions, the lightness of her feet wouldn't leave her. Well thats for sure. Why? Of course she wouldnt dare to disturb her sapphire princess. Even while she watched her so dearly and intently, that she savored every moment and every part of her. She would give anything, do anything within her power to secure and engrave this unforgettable moment within her mind... The image of this sapphire princess, oh how she would treasure it.

Before the inevitable result of her recklessness grew into fruition. words continue to sprung within her mind.

'your existence sad to say is like sin... No you are probably the very foundation of it, the seed that uprooted these thoughts... That are very inappropriate after all... But alas as god's creation i cannot resist but to approach you. My curiosity please be sated... I would prefer you not to urge me to ask for more... Than her name.'

A few moments after... it happened. The silence she carefully took care of vanished.. For within her approached, a twig was halved and from it sprung a sound that pierced the ears of not the world but two individuals. How her heart sank.

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