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''The train journey from hell, that's what it was. A journey which ruined the rest of the day as far as I was concerned''


'Nearly there, Miss Sephy.'

Riding in this huge car, I couldn't help but bounce in excitement a bit. Soon I would be with my favourite person in the world.

'Yea, you don't have to see me in right to the door, Harry,' I told my driver.

'You know the rules; I have to escort you right to the door.'

'Yes, but Helena's family are almost as rich as us, and you know what mother thinks of rich people.' My protests weren't very good.

In answer to my ignorant sentence, Harry replied,' I am on strict orders from your father, and I don't want to lose my job, now do I?'

Thinking of something better was hard, but I conjured up something just persuasive enough for him to snap. 'I just don't want another person to spread rumors about ''Precious Sephy'', especially from my best friend. Why can't I just walk anyway, it has to be taking some toll on my fitness, not being able to walk anywhere...'

'Okay, okay, I guess I can see where you're coming from'

Except I knew he couldn't, because he was much poorer than I was rich, and poor Harry would be lost without his job. It's the only reason he puts up with ''snotty children'' like me.

'I promise you won't get caught, I'll tell mother you took me right up to the door and did a background check on Helena's mother and everything!'

'I think that's stretching it a bit too far, Miss Sephy.'

We stopped about a block away from where Helena lived. I winked at Harry in the mirror. 'Thanks Harry, I owe you one!'

I grabbed my backpack, which I had told mother was filled with art supplys instead of our picnic, and as soon as Harry was out of sight I ran straight past Helena's house and headed for the train station.