Fan Fiction-the Elephant Princess

"The Truth" summery: Alex finds out Caleb's helping Diva, and turns to Kuru for comfort. They get closer and closer until the elders(and Omar) think they have become to close. Diva finds out and hold Kuru hostage, saying Alex can only get him back if she signs over the kingdom to her. Will Alex do it? Is it true love? Find out as Alex, Kuru, and the rest of the kingdom find out...the truth.

Note: This probably doesn't go along with the show(though I think it should happen at some point), but I've only seen all of season 1 and the 1st 2 episodes of season 2. Plus, this IS fan FICTION. Warning: not for Caleb likers. Go Kulex!

Chapter 1



"Good morning Princess." I said as I walked into her room. Alexandra-the princess-Alex gave no reply. "Princess?" I lifted up her sheets. She was not there! I ran to the kitchen and was relieved to find her there. "Hello Prin-" Alex looked at me. I sighed. "Hello Alex. Why are you up so early? Usually I have to wake you up." Alex smiled. "I'm going on a walk with Caleb today." "Oh." I said as my face fell. But I quickly plastered a fake smile back on. "Well then, we better go." I said as we walked outside. "Anala Mook!" Alex yelled. Anala quickly appeared. "Anala, take us to Manjipor." And she did. I loved traveling between the two worlds. You felt this power all around you but if you blinked you would miss it.

(Meanwhile at Caleb's home) (third person) "Distract her." came Diva's sharp reply. "But how?" Caleb asked. "Oh, I'm sure you'll think of something. I just need her out of the way so I can steal the book." Caleb sighed. He really did like Alex, and he hated when Diva made him do this, but he knew better then to refuse. "Fine." was all he said as he walked to where he was supposed to meet Alex.

(Alex) "Be careful, Princess. Caleb can be..." Kuru warned me. He was always worried about something. Why couldn't he just be loose for once. Honestly, sometimes he could be a...worrywart. "...Princess, Princess did you hear me?" I heard Kuru say. "Huh? Oh, yeah. And I told you Kuru, it's Alex, or Alexandra. Not Princess." He frowned. "In your world, but you are in Manjipor now. It would not be proper for me to call you by your first name here..." That was his other problem. Rules, rules, rules. "Alex!" I spun around. "Hey Caleb." I said casually. Kuru just nodded. "Well, I better be going. Have fun." he said as he vanished with Anala. "Bye..." I said a little too late. Caleb took my hand. "C'mon. There's this spot I wanna show you."

(Diva) About a hour later...

"Arrgghhh! Where is it. I've practically torn the room apart looking for it. At least that fool Caleb is keeping the princess away." I sighed. Suddenly I felt a ripple, signaling someone had used magic. I turned around. "I see you've been taking advantage of that teleporting power I gave you." Caleb nodded. "But why are you here? You're supposed to be with the princess." "That's why I came. She said she felt someone use magic-" I silently cursed my stupidity. Why did I use magic to teleport myself here? "-and she ran off to find Anala. I said I would stay a while longer in the woods." "And she bought it?" I laughed. "She's even dumber then I thought. But we should get out of-shh." I said quickly. "I hear voices."

(Kuru) About fifteen minutes before...

"I know Anala. The Princess is a...puzzle. She says she's coming back to Manjipor to do some royal things, like signing paperwork, but when she gets here she runs off with-Anala?" I had just been talking to Anala and then suddenly she appeared-one thought came to my head. The Princess! Was she alright? I knew she said I worry to much, but when it comes to her...I just don't want anything to happen to her. "Ahh!" I jumped back and fell down. Alex rushed over to me. "Kuru, are you okay? I'm so sorry-" "It's alright, Princess." I said, getting up. "You simply...surprised me." I frowned. "What are you doing back here? Weren't you out with Caleb? Not that I'm complaining about you being here." Alex smiled. Kure could worry a lot, but he could be so sweet sometimes... "I felt someone use magic." Alex said. I frowned. "But Vashan is away and the only other person who had magic you destroyed.." "Exactly. Now follow me. I think I know where it came from."

(Alex) "It should be right down the hall and to the left." I said as I began to run. "Wait." Kuru said, grabbing my shoulder. I spun around to find our noses almost touching. Kuru was blushing madly as he backed away. "I, um, meant that if someone really is there, we should be more cautious instead of just barging in." I nodded in agreement as I (more stealthily) lead the way until we came to a locked door. "I am sorry Princess, there's no way to get in-" Kuru began. "Shh!" I silenced him. I pointed to the keyhole as I looked through it. Inside was...I gasped.