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It was quite the quiet winter day. Snow was falling peacefully, and the grounds at Will-O-Wisp Academy were lazily blowing in the wind. The dorm building was quiet. Most of it, at least.

"Well, then the bar it is!" Chai fist bumped the air, glad that his idea of how to cheer Aarbie up was chosen. The light mage sighed his disapproval, but knew it would be of no use anyways. It was in their "Roommate Arrangement" plan that if one of them was depressed about a breakup, then it was the other roommates' responsibility to cheer him up. No. Matter. What.

The robot started about how he highly disagreed that alcohol was the correct method to make one feel better. The red headed boy WOULD have tried to convince his friends that this was not a plan he wanted to participate in, due to the fact that going to a bar would cause an issue with his plans for the night, AKA, going out on a date with the beautiful and talented water mage, Sorbet.

Of which he had still not told his friends about.

BUT, because he had not, he was trapped helping the depressed Aarbie get over his ex. At least Chai was in high spirits about the idea, along with Ichigo-

Wait, what?

"Uh…Ichigo…you do know that this is a bro night out." Pico tried to inform her, politely.

"Well DUH! So, what bar are we goin' to?" The relatively pretty tomboy was rejoicing next to Chai, her deep purple eyes sparkling.

"Ichigo, what I think Pico means is that…well…it's a night out. For the men. You're…kind of a chick." The adorable salamander quivered in fear while informing his friend. He felt bad for her, in a way; she was with Pico, Mokka, and himself WAY more than Aarbie ever was, so considered herself a bro.

Which she kinda was.

"…." The dark mage sat in silence, looking down at the floor.

"Ichigo, I'll be fine, ok? You'll be fine with Lassi and Sorbet. Just promise me one thing."

"Uh, ok? What would that be?"

"Don't go and find my ex and kill her. She's a good person, and it just wasn't meant to be. Promise?"

"…Fine. But it's only because you're my brother." She stated with some sort of pride and taking a heroic pose. She continued speaking, "So, I know that Lassi isn't doing anything tonight, but," she looked directly into Pico's soul and he felt the icy gaze of the demon, "do you happen to know if Sorbet is doing anything?"

His eyes grew wide, and he ran out of the room. (Pico would never admit it, but he begged on his knees for Sorbet's forgiveness at the situation. He overreacts. A lot.)

"What was that strange action about?" Mokka said in his usual monotone. Ichigo snickered evilly, receiving an inquisitive look from the robot, and she left the room.

A few moments later, Pico was back in the messy room.

"Pico, just how are we getting into a bar?" Aarbie asked. The fire mage gave a laugh, "Well, it's simple for me and Mokka. Drinking age is eighteen, I'm nineteen, robots are allowed in ANYWHERE it seems. Aarbie, you should be fine, you look older than eighteen."

"Um…I am eighteen." Aarbie said, although his comment was left ignored.

Chai gave a little nervous laugh and looked away as Pico looked at him.

"Chai, you ARE legal drinking age…right?" Everyone in the room was staring at him now; he could physically feel the pressure around him growing.

His words came with a nervous laugh, "Ehehe, well…..I'm seventeen." The room was silent, seeing as legal age was eighteen.

"Well, as I would desire everyone to agree with me, we cannot go out drinking-"

Mokka was cut off by the fire mage, forming into the devious trouble maker that he was, "Now the question is: How can we sneak you in?"

A devious smile started to form on the salamander's face, "Do you still have that fake ID? We could easily place my picture into it."

Pico joined in with the smile, adding in a crazy laugh that would even make the evilest of villains jealous. The two laughed for a decent minute, the sound traveling to the room across from them.


In the room across from the (smelly) boys, Lassi was sitting in a fluffy chair playing on her PSM (PlayStation Magic) while Sorbet tried to bake cookies in order to figure out why Ichigo had entered the room with an "I'm being evil" face and then started to mumble to herself about how no one loves her. The water mage decided to ignore Ichigo; however that is a task easier said than done.

Ichigo, in a sudden decision, pounced into the bowl of leftover cookie dough, causing her face to be covered in chocolate chip pieces.

"Heylistenheylisten! Sorbet, I have a GRAND idea of what we should do tonight!" Sorbet gave a sigh, having to wonder if Ichigo's doctor was giving her the correct medication, asking, "And what would this 'grand idea' be? If it's roller-skating down a flight of stairs again-"

"The three of us are going out tonight!" An evil smile crept onto the Demon of Darkness's face. Yes, and when I find those boys, I will make sure they will pay! But…not in a way that will turn me into some sort of fuzzy creature…again…

"Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun! Just wait a sec, I need to run away from Whiterun so I can save. And I shouldn't pickpocket a guard in broad daylight…" Lassi, trying to flee as fast as she could, ended up taking about fifteen minutes after (somehow) running into two frost trolls and then having a dragon quickly join in the chase after her character. Needless to say, her character got real dead.

Yes, "got real dead". But enough about Skyrim.

The three girls quickly got ready for a night out, Ichigo and Lassi grabbing their IDs, handing Sorbet a VERY LEGIT ID as well, leaving for the nearby city.


The city was alive, buzzing with groups of friends and couples as they headed towards their favourite clubs and bars. The amount of lights made it easy to walk, casting different coloured shades of blues, reds, greens, and other fluorescent lights. It had a similar atmosphere to when it was daylight outside. Well, except for the handful of drunks making a poor attempt to get back to an apartment as they stumbled and swerved down the sidewalk.

Small snowflakes had started falling, melting as soon as they touched the surface they landed on. Ichigo was relatively cold, but tried to hide it from her two friends, who didn't seem to have any issues with the snow. She understood why; Lassi's fur helped keep herself warm, although the snow was starting to get the pretty orange dress (it seemed to be based off of a kimono) wet, making it a good idea to quickly find the bar she was looking for. She glanced over at Sorbet, who was wearing a stunning turquoise dress with a pair of black high heels. Ichigo had to wonder for a moment on why her younger friend did not bring a coat, until she remembered that Sorbet, due to being a strong water mage, most likely had no issue with the snow and cold weather. Underneath Ichigo's own warm and fluffy purple coat was simple black dress that showed her EVERY curve.

Back at the apartment, the dark mage suggested that the three of them dress nice. Really nice. So nice and pretty that no one would be able to recognize them. And it worked, along with making them look a decent few years older.

The girls crossed to the other side of the street and entered into a bar called "C.P. O'Callaghan's", an obviously Irish pub known for sometimes letting a minor have drinks. It was also Pico's favourite place, and the best chance of finding her four targets. Ichigo didn't automatically look for them, getting a table for her and her roommates instead. The bar was relatively full; some of the people looking to get hammered while some already had that appearance. Like this one person that passed by, he was stumbling back to his seat, dark blonde hair in disarray, and crystal coloured eyes were having trouble with its focusing-

"Holy crap, is that Aarbie?" the rabbit girl's eyes followed the drunken man, "Ichigo, that was sooooo your brother!"

The girls stared, half in amusement, half worried as the usually quiet and shy Aarbie walked up to strangers and began ranting on why he was at C.P. O'Callaghan's. A salamander boy and a mage with fire red hair grabbed his arms and dragged him back to his seat across the room. They too showed signs that they had been drinking, although it seemed to be a lot less than the light mage being physically put down in his chair.

"Do you think we should go over and say hi?" Sorbet questioned, her eyes staying on Pico as he toppled backwards trying to get in his own chair. The girls had a few beers, discussing things at school and whatnot as the boys progressively became more drunk (if it was possible).

And now it is time for my plan! MWAHAHAHA! "Hey here's an idea! Seeing as they are drunk off their asses, let's mess with them a bit. We can go over, split them into three separate groups, and then mess with their heads by telling crazy stories and flirting over-the-top with them!"

"I CALL PICO!" Sorbet, finishing off a beer and slamming the mug against the table, exclaimed to the group.

Again, an evil smile crept onto Ichigo's face, "Wow Sorbet, choosing him so fast? You could make one think that you liked him…" It was meant as a teasing threat, although one that rolled right off of a slightly tipsy Sorbet.

Lassi ignored all most of what was just said, chiming in with her own thoughts, "They'll most likely be too drunk to even comprehend that we're hitting on them. Meh, sounds funny!" With that, Lassi burst in a fit of giggles, no one really knowing what was going through her head.

The girls agreed on the plan; they were going to flirt with their assigned boy(s) (Ichigo trying to look brave by saying she would flirt with both Chai and Mokka), so in the morning, when the boys told fake stories of how they were awesome and picked up some chicks, the girls could just turn around and make fun of them and reveal what really happened.

It was a wonderful plan, and they went to action.


"Hi boys, mind if we sit here?"

Aarbie looked up in a drunken gaze to meet the eyes of a gorgeous rabbit girl. She had a cool, relaxed look to her, and she gave an obvious smile right at him. He tried to make audible words, but his "hey there sexy" turned into a "eyyerzy". In his mind, it worked quite well though, because the attractive lady took a seat right next to him and began flirting madly with him.

The light mage just kept eye contact with her, giving a happy yet very lazy smile. He only broke eye contact once, in order to look at his friends. Pico was having a very quiet conversation with a girl in a blue dress, and a girl in a black dress (one he thought to be slightly on the slutty side) was hitting on Chai…and Mokka? Maybe he was too drunk if he thought a girl was actually FLIRTING with that annoying robot.

Could robots even get drunk? He decided it would be too difficult to think about.

"So, what about you?" He couldn't remember what the girl had just said, so he went with, what he thought, was a good line.

"U ave beuful eyez…" Is the sound that left his mouth. What he tried to say was, "Your eyes are stunningly beautiful". Even so, the girl blushed at his comment. Even though it felt like only a few minutes later, the bar was already announcing last call. Aarbie had sat in his chair all night talking to an interesting and beautiful girl…completely forgetting the reason on why him and his friends going in the first place.

But did it MATTER anymore? Obviously, his ex couldn't have meant that much to him if he already was flirting with another girl…even if it was mostly due to alcohol…But it didn't bother him. As far as he was concerned, he was sitting next to a beautiful girl; well, was being kicked out of the pub with his group of friends and the three girls they had been talking with. No matter, Aarbie would try to walk with her.

However, Pico was leading his group in the opposite direction. Aarbie stumbled a bit and shouted, "Ey *hic* il I see you gain?" He only just realized his voice sounded really dumb while drunk.

The bunny girl giggled back, "Oh, I'm quite sure I'll be seeing you again." She winked one of those wonderful eyes, chasing off after her companions. I don't know if I'll be able to forget those eyes…

He swayed on the side walk, a goofy grin on his face as she walked away, collapsing on the ground moments later.


The sunlight hurt as Aarbie attempted to open his eyes. He slowly started to sit up, everything aching due to the drinking and pain of falling because he was so drunk. Looking down, he was still in his clothing from last night.

God, what DID happen last night? That was probably a bad sign that he had way too much to drink. He could only vaguely remember after the first few glasses of whiskey and absolutely nothing from after the gin…

"How the hell did I let Chai talk me into that…?" he muttered to himself. The door slammed wide open, revealing his twin, who was shouting good mornings at the top of her lungs. With her was Sorbet, who decided it was a clever idea to uncover the rest of the window, receiving a loud moan from Aarbie as he covered his eyes.

The young light mage was dragged out into the living room, where Mokka was cooking breakfast (unsuccessfully), Pico was sitting down in a chair nearby, and Chai had placed his Swag Shades over his eyes. Aarbie made a gesture, greeting them good morning and promptly taking a seat next to the salamander boy.

"So…can anyone else not remember what happened last night?"

There were a few groans caused by the hangovers. Well, that was answer enough for him.

"Uhg...how much…did we drink?" Pico asked, cradling his head in his hands. Ichigo laughed, placing her hands on her hips, "Enough that you can't remember anything, it seems. Seriously, that's A LOT of drinks."

This fact did not make Aarbie feel much better. He sighed. I can't remember, but I think I was having a good time. He stood up, walking to the kitchen to investigate what food was left. No one in the apartment had bought food for a week, even after it all mysteriously disappeared while Mokka was taking care of a cat.

With the lack of food, he decided to stumble across the hall to the girl's apartment in order to raid their refrigerator. Crossing into the kitchen, he noticed that Lassi was sleeping on the couch in fluffy green pajamas. As quietly as he could, he opened the refrigerator, taking out a carton of eggs.

Even while in a hangover, he was an excellent chief, quickly turning the eggs into scrumptious scrambled eggs. Man, I wish I could remember what happened last night…

It annoyed him; he could only remember being absolutely happy. And a girl. He had no memory of what she even looked like. Aarbie quickly searched his pockets, hoping that the mysterious woman left an address or a phone number. But alas, there was no such thing.

Aarbie must have made some racket, because Lassi rose from her slumber in a panic. Looking around, she only saw Aarbie, and she let go a sigh of relief.

"Haha, I thought there was a robber or something…Good to know it was only you sneaking around." The bunny girl scratched the back of her head, making eye contact with Aarbie.

Those eyes…sparkling, full of life. He felt as though he had seen eyes like that somewhere before. His stomach churned and did flip flops, and he questioned on why he felt so nervous all of a sudden.

He blinked.

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