Fucking hell, life just doesn't like me right now. To take my mind off things, I've decided to turn the internet off for a while and write a YayaXTsubomi piece for the first time in a while, because I never see them on the fandom anymore, and HOPEFULLY my feelings won't influence this piece as they have before, meaning a little less angst and a little more love. Basically I'm gonna try and go somewhere with an old plot idea, about maybe incorporating boys into Astraea Hill in some legitimate way. So please review if you want more, this is just an idea…

Also, it occurred to me that I need to point this out- this is not, nor will it EVER be, an attempt to pair the girls up with boys, AT ALL. I don't even pair people up with OCs, especially male ones. So please, give this story a chance, it's more for fun than anything, and review if you want it continued.


Strawberry Boys?




"I am sooo bored."


"Soooooo bored."

More silence.

"And hornyyy~"

Okuwaka Tsubomi slammed shut the book she was currently reading, her cheeks flaming, and turned to glare at the culprit, who was currently sprawled over her (her!) bed, one leg flung haphazardly over the side of the bed and the other resting in Tsubomi's lap. "Why are you telling me this, baka?" she snapped, flustered.

The playful-faced brunette grinned up at her like the cat that ate the canary. "Because I know my little Tsubomi-chan's secretly a hentai at heart," she chimed, stretching her arm out so that her fingertip prodded into Tsubomi's fiercely blushing cheek.

"Yaya-sempai no baka!" Tsubomi shrieked, jumping off the bed in a delayed reaction, causing Yaya's leg to fall to the bed rather anticlimactically. "I'm not a hentai, if anyone is, it's Yaya-sempai! Get off my bed!"

Stretching like a panther, her arms reaching high above her head, Yaya kept grinning up at Tsubomi. "Ah, but then you'd miss me," she said.

The pinkette rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure I would," she replied haughtily. "Right after I'm done throwing a party in your absence."

"You're too lame to throw a party, Tsubomi-chaaan," Yaya replied, playfully poking Tsubomi's arm with her toes. "You need to relax."

"And wind up like Yaya-sempai?" Tsubomi asked, folding her arms over her chest with a smug smirk as Yaya's grin became more of a pout. "No thank you."

"Tsubomi-chan's such a fun-sucker," Yaya mumbled, rolling over onto her stomach.

Tsubomi scowled and had opened her mouth to reply when a sharp knock came at the door. Glancing back over at the immobile Yaya, she sighed and walked over to see who was at the door. When she opened it, her eyes widened and she blinked several times out of shock.

"T-Tomori-sama?" she asked, stunned, as the Spican president had never visited their dormitory before. "Um, not that we're not glad to see you, but-"

"We're just really not," Yaya interrupted from beside her, having gotten up sometime within the few seconds Tsubomi had hesitated. The brunette was leaning against the wall, arms folded over her chest, and Tsubomi thought for a moment that she seemed a bit like a guard dog, staring Shion down with her dark, expressive eyes and folded arms. The thought forced a shudder down her spine, and thusly she quickly shook it away, finally comprehending what Yaya had said, as well as taking notice of Shion's clenched fists.

"Yaya-sempai," Tsubomi growled, flushing in embarrassment (and most certainly not anything more) from her sempai's behavior. "Gomenasai, Tomori-sama, I-"

Shion sighed and waved off the apology. "This delinquent is hardly your responsibility, Okuwaka-san," she said, causing Yaya to grit her teeth, "and besides, I'm here on strictly business matters."

"Right, well, that's too bad, we were hoping you were going to stay for tea," Yaya muttered, earning her a heated glare from Shion and an elbow to the ribs from Tsubomi. "Owwie, Tsubomi-chaaan~, she started it…"

Ignoring the brunette's whining, Tsubomi turned back to Shion, who, she'd just noticed, looked rather stiffer than usual. "Is…is there anything wrong, Tomori-sama?"

Shion sighed, her posture relaxing slightly as she lifted a hand to massage her temples. "There's been an…accident at another boarding school, just a few miles away from Astraea Hill," she said after a moment. "Usually the students would merely have a few extra days away from school, but in this case, the damage was extensive, and could take months to repair." She paused, taking a deep breath. "Therefore, the Head Sister has generously made an exception to Astraea Hill's policy on males on the campus grounds for the time being-"

"Woah, hold on a second," Yaya cut in, earning herself a penetrating glare from the already frustrated Shion. "Men, as in…men?"

"That's generally what the term 'male' means, Yaya-baka," Tsubomi snapped, though she was noticeably less bothered by the news than either Yaya or Shion. Turning back to the tired-looking president, she asked, "When will this be taking place, I mean, when will they be arriving? And why did you come to us about this?"

"Within the week," Shion said shortly, "And I'm warning everyone in Spica, it's tiring but it's my job."

"Males on campus, this is ridiculous," Yaya spat, her eyes dark with anger. Tsubomi was about to correct her (elbow her) once again before Shion spoke up.

"I could agree with you more, as much as I never thought I'd say those words, Nanto-san," she stated dully. "The reputation of Astraea Hill will be irreparably tarnished, despite the funding our schools are receiving for hosting our 'guests'." The blonde wrinkled her nose in distaste. "Luckily the entire school won't be attending, only select students whose parents insist on them staying in school while their own school is being serviced. But that's still a good chunk of the student body." She sighed and shook her head. "I have to go alert the rest of the Spican student body, have a pleasant day," she said, as if without thinking as she pulled away from the door.

Tsubomi shut the door to their dorm room and turned to Yaya, who looked positively outraged. "Yaya-sempai, maybe you're taking this a bit too hard…," she began, only to be cut off by Yaya's furious glare.

"Of course you would think that," the brunette snapped in a very unfamiliar tone, causing a shocked Tsubomi to shrink back slightly. Yaya's eyes widened and softened at the sight, and she seemed to break away from whatever spell had come over her. "I'm sorry, Tsubomi-chan, but you just don't understand this."

Tsubomi frowned, folding her arms over her chest petulantly. "I beg to differ- who was the one focused on listening instead of glaring at Tomori-sama?"

Yaya huffed and lay back down on Tsubomi's bed, arms tucked behind her head, her shirt riding up to reveal her toned stomach. The pinkette's breath caught in her throat and she forced her gaze away with some degree of difficulty. "I heard what was important," the brunette said simply.

"And why is it such a big deal?" Tsubomi questioned. "Of all people, I wouldn't take you for the type to be a stickler for campus policy."

"'m not," the brunette muttered, and Tsubomi found herself flushing slightly, the sight of a pouting Yaya being just a little bit adorable.

"Then stop being so upset about this, it's not even permanent," Tsubomi replied, sitting on the bed at Yaya's feet and pulling her shoes on, oblivious to the way Yaya's dark eyes gazed at her with an unreadable emotion flickering through them.

For all of you who've seen Adventure Time, is it just me or does PBXMarceline bear a startling resemblance to YayaXTsubomi in more ways than one?

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