A/N: Here are little short stories of little baby Damian. Another story idea prompted from the YJ anon meme. (Another one helping my muse come back from sleeping.)


Batman and Robin leave on an overseas mission/OR/Bruce and Dick go to a foreign charity event. Alfred either goes with them or is on a holiday.

So, Batman has to assign the Team a VERY important task while they're gone: Take care of a mean little baby named Damian Wayne.

Bonus: Damian's a biter.

Runs with that, anons!

Unnerving as it was, this particular member of Young Justice was given the task to prepare and feed the biological son of the Batman. She may not know exactly how human babies interact, but she had viewed a lot of Earth television shows to know that this baby's actions were a bit...peculiar. Oh what was she thinking?

This baby was scary enough to give the Batglare without the mask. Thank god the others were here with her.

"How cold is too cold for a baby?" Artemis questioned as she studied the water dispenser on the fridge, opened sippy cup in hand.

"I think you mean toddler, he's too old to be considered a baby. Isn't that right, little Dami?" Wally cooed and leaned in closer to Conner, who was holding the baby/toddler and had been the appointed "baby-guard" as directed by a sticky note signed with an R, as he held a finger to rub Damian's chubby cheeks.

The clone in return looked at the appendage with concern, "I don't think you should-"


"-do that..."

To everyone's amazement, Damian had attacked Wally's finger with his small set of chompers, and by small there were only two for the top and four for the bottom.

"Oh god! Make him let go! Make him let go! It hurts! Friggin' jeebus, I want to curse, but I can't because I'm in the presence of a kid and Batman will have my head if he drops the f-bomb for his first word. Please, make him stop!" Wally cried, clutching his entrapped wrist with his other hand pathetically.

Artemis, ever the one to laugh at his misfortune and stupidity, did just as expected and commented lightly, "I'm guessing Wally is his new teething toy now."

M'gann hurriedly rounded the counter with a bowl of mushed baby food in hand, mushed chicken and chicken gravy flavored. (The team had to cheat a bit and purchase Gerber products. Thanks to a notebook filled with neat cursive of instructions and tips on how to take care of the little devil.)

"Look, Damian! I have your favorite! Chicken and chicken gravy. Mmm doesn't that sound good?" She asked hurriedly, yet softly at the same time. Not about to take any chances, she levitated a gummified spoon, from the knapsack they were given, up next to Wally's hand and in front of Damian's mouth.

He regarded the spoon for a second, tightening his bite on the finger, making Wally howl and practically lean on Conner to support himself, before he released it.

If she didn't know any better, she would've thought Damian was actually enjoying Wally's pain. Against her better judgement, she felt around the kid's mind and found, much to her amazement, disappointment at his loss of fun.

Tenderly, she nudged the spoon against his lower lip, and after a bit of prodding, he reluctantly took the mouthful of food.

Poor Wally was on his knees, tears streaming down his face and looking ridiculous as he had his finger held above his head and pointed to the ceiling. Nobody really listened as he babbled through the pain. They were all enchanted by the way Damian started to eat the food. He actually looked a bit adorable as a few of the mush dribbled out of his mouth, and blinked when the spoon scooped up that bit of food to put back in his mouth. It was cute.

Mesmerised, Conner suggested, "Someone should probably take care of Wally..."

Wordlessly, Kaldur, who had strolled in during the whole fiasco with a few groceries, knelt down beside Wally to inspect any injury. No one saw the hint of concerned amusement on his face as he did so.

"No bleeding, my friend, but I believe you have become victim to a fair amount of saliva."

A resounding, "Thank God!" echoed within the halls of Mt. Justice.