Sadly he knew he was fated to find out more of Merlin's secrets probably in the most public and dramatic way possible.

This 'luck' continued.

When Arthur had found out the Mordred – cute, innocent Mordred – had became a psychopath and was destined to slaughter him horribly on the battlefield he'd laughed for a long time before spotting the serious look on Merlin's face and not falling off his chair.

Cute, innocent Mordred with the not-so chubby, chubby cheeks and wise eyes that bore into your soul and that knowing gaze. Mordred was going to kill him. He couldn't help it no matter the Knights looking at him as though he were insane. He laughed.


Then he found out that the egg that had apparently been destroyed had somehow hatched. There was now a dragon called Aithusia wandering around somewhere. Arthur wanted to think of neither where it was now nor how Merlin knew its name. He knew he'd probably get either more secrets and badly hidden lies or a sudden urge to faint.

This time it was Percival who had almost fainted – he'd grown up hearing stories of the Mighty Dragons and he had heard that they had all been killed a few years ago. He had been relieved to find that this was no longer the case, although he did seem puzzled as to how the egg had hatched after they told him the story of the Great Dragon; and the Dragon Lord that had been killed saving Merlin on their way back from finding him.


Hearing that Morgana was terrified of Merlin's alias was no longer a surprise to him. He was seriously creeped out by all of the revelations that had happened over the two months and Morgana had only heard half of them.

Apparently his power really was something to fear.

Only a short while ago he would have laughed hysterically.

Now, when Merlin approached them with that look on his face, he backed away slowly and ran as soon as possible.

How times change.

He wasn't sure he liked it. Correction, he didn't like it. It meant he couldn't throw things at Merlin anymore.


The next few months came and went. Magic slowly started to come back to Camelot both because magic users were understandably wary of going anywhere within a fifty mile radius and publically using magic, and the laws were only changing gradually (heart attacks were not good. For either him or his people – after all if they all died of shock, who was he going to rule over? He'd probably just have Gwen, Merlin and the Knights. Maybe Gaius. He couldn't exactly rule over Merlin – he never really had – and Gwen, well, she ruled over him. She did this irritatingly adorable thing that just made him want to bow to her will.)

It turned out that Merlin was given allegiance by the leader of the Catha, a group of war-waging druids who, it their two thousand year history had only been defeated once (by Sigan, who had been destroyed by Merlin in his pre-training days. He almost felt sorry for Morgana). Really?

When Arthur had asked Merlin about this, the former manservant had said, "Oh, I didn't really think it was that important. Alator and I were a bit preoccupied at the time to sort out any official alliances."

This was going to drive him insane (no Gwaine, he wasn't already).

Arthur concluded that perhaps his father hadn't been so wrong in keeping magic users out of Camelot, just killing them. Merlin alone had created another mountain of paperwork.


They were in the middle of a battle with Morgana, paint clad druids screaming curses at all sides (no, Arthur, it isn't paint. What is it then? Merlin had then gone into a long ramble about magical enhancers and fear factors.) Morgana's men were dashing around, Agravaine among them, and Camelot's citizens were watching astounded from behind a transparent shield.

Flashes of light were whizzing about, being thrown backwards and forwards around Merlin and Morgana who were having a very 'serious' conversation that seemed to involve insults and death glares. The only thing they seemed to be damaging was his castle.

Morgana was screaming like a banshee again, looking deranged. Arthur was having some very unfortunate flashbacks to his childhood, with images of Morgana's face after he'd cut all of the hair off her dolls. Uther had not been pleased – the tantrum Morgana had thrown had been heard in the Lower Town.

Merlin and Morgana were circling, and the only thing that Arthur could think was how funny it would be if one of them fell over.

And then one of them did.

Morgana fell to the floor with a scream, Merlin collapsing onto his knees beside her. He was screaming, roaring something incomprehensible.

And when the not-so dead, dead Great Dragon landed in the castle courtyard, accompanied by a series of faintings (Morgana included) and started to talk to and tease Merlin, Arthur wasn't really that surprised.

He'd run out of the ability to go into shock about seven revelations ago.

The End

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