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The drug wasn't meant to kill, killing a team member resulted in vengeance fed by intense motivation that would lead to inevitable failure on the part of the initial attacker. No, its main task was to disable, render the team off balance and through their worry and concern for a colleague they would be distracted enough to be inconsequential..

Use their strength against them.

The first burn of the drug entering his system was overshadowed by the rush of adrenalin from the fight he was currently engaged in. A swift punch to the gut followed by a jab to the jaw kept his opponent off balance. It wasn't until the larger man snuck in a strike to the side of his head that he let down his guard for a second. One small second. His vision swam and up became down for one, small second. Time enough for the needle to pierce the muscle of his neck and the liquid inside to flow deep beneath his skin. The surprise registered only as a raise of his eyebrows, and then his fists took over. His assailant stumbled back as blow after flow struck his head, solar plexus, ribs. Each blow lessening as the drug began to settle itself within the confines of his body. He made one final grab at the bigger man, his hand reaching up and around the man's collar. He hung on for a few seconds before being knocked back by a blow to his ribs. The larger man smiled through bloodied teeth and broken lips, ruthless and shark like as he stood to his full height. He knew full well that the smaller, younger man was succumbing. The urge to wrap his large hands around the throat of the other man was great, but the fear of the reprisal if he ruined his part of the plan, was greater.

He stood back and spread his arms, taunting the other man to continue the attack. They both stood, one gloating, the other slightly hunched and unsure of what was happening. The basement their fight had started in glistened with disturbed, ages old, dust and flecks of moisture from the sweat of their exertion. That smile again, predatory and knowing, sending the other man even more off balance as the fear of what was happening took the place of the adrenalin rush from the fight. The door to the basement burst open and a rush of feet descended the stairs. The larger man barely glanced up, he gave a wink and turned, kicking open the door behind him that lead to a second room with its own set of stairs and a door to freedom.

Ethan Hunt skipped the last five steps at the bottom of the stair case as he saw their target turn and flee. He shouted at his team mate to follow. Stopped as he realised the other man wasn't going anywhere. Ethan frowned, his head tilting slightly to the left. Brandt looked up at him, his face a mixture of confusion and fear. His hand reached up to a sore point on his neck, came away slightly bloody. Opening his mouth to speak he found he had no air, his knees gave way and he sank downward, unaware of the hands that caught him and slowed his descent to the cold, hard, unforgiving concrete of the basement floor.

Benji almost fell as he jumped down the stairs, he glanced at Ethan, then at Brandt, unconscious in his arms.

"What the hell?"

"Benji, stay with him, I'm going after Dabek." Ethan paused for a second before taking off through the second door. Benji looked down at his fallen friend, he was pale but breathing. Gently the agent ran his hands over Brandt's head, feeling for any tell tale signs of a concussion, head injury, anything that would explain why he'd passed out. Finding nothing he continued down to Brandt's torso, checking for bleeding wounds or broken ribs. Still nothing. Aside from a few red marks beginning to show from the fight there was nothing that indicated severe injury. Benji gently raised Will's eyelids and frowned as the pupils reacted sluggishly. Even in the dim light of the basement there should have been quicker movement.

"Will? Come on now. Time to wakey wakey." He emphasised his request with gentle taps to Will's cheeks. On the third , not quite so gentle, tap he got the response he was looking for.

"Stop it." Whispered and broken sounding, but just what Benji needed to here.

"Ah hah, there you are. Knew you were in there somewhere. You ok?"

"I don't know, am I?" Brandt had yet to open his eyes. He tried to swallow but a pain in the side of his neck stopped him short. He had a vague memory of something happening during the fight. Something he should be remembering. He frowned at his brain's lack of co-operation. He swallowed again and frowned as the pain in his neck registered more clearly. His hand reached up to seek out the source of the discomfort only to be stopped by Benji. The English agent gently pushed Will's hand back down and carefully moved his head to the side, leaning forward he wiped away some of the dust and grime that had been left from the fight, revealing bruising around a small spot of blood.

"What the?"

"He…. there was….. god I wish I could remember."

"Looks like a puncture wound."

Brandt's eyes opened at that. "He injected something?"

"What?" Benji sat back on his haunches. He glanced around the floor, his eyes coming to rest on a small syringe sitting discarded in the corner of the room. "Oh crap!" He exclaimed as he pocketed the syringe.

"He did inject something." Will breathed out as a wave of drowsiness swept over him.

"Hey, no no, you stay awake. You hear me?" Benji scooted behind Will and lifted his head into his lap. "Stay awake. We're gonna get you to a hospital but you HAVE TO STAY AWAKE."

"Only if you promise not to shout."


"Where'd Dabek go?" Will tried to look around the room but gave up as the walls tilted. He swallowed down the nausea that had crept over him.

"Out the other door, Ethan went after him. Jane's on that side of the building so hopefully Dabek ran right into her. Open you eyes."

"They are."

"Right, sure, because you are superman and can see through your eyelids."

"That's sweet. You think I'd superman."

"You know that's not what I meant. Come on, you have to tell me what happened."

Will took a breath and risked looking up at Benji, when the world didn't spin he breathed out and nodded as he began speaking. "I followed Dabek in here after he knocked Ethan into the wall, we were fighting, then, I don't know, I just felt weird. I think he got me in the neck."

"He did. What did it feel like?"

"Fine at first, then like a burn."

"I'm sure its just some sort of sedative. We'll get you to the hospital and back to your usual helpful self in no time." Benji hoped the worry in his heart hadn't bled through into his tone.


"Open your eyes."

"They are."

"No Brandt, they're not." Ethan's voice, in both its loudness and proximity caused his eyes to pop wide open. Will looked up to see both Ethan and Jane leaning over him. Benji patted his head before the three helped him to his feet. Benji and Ethan steadying him as the floor tilted and his legs threatened to give way.

"You get him?" Will asked as the three followed Jane back up out of the building and to the waiting car.

"No. For a big guy he's surprisingly agile."

"Doesn't matter."

"Why's that?" Asked Jane as she held the door open for Ethan to gently deposit Will into the back seat.

"Put a tracker on him during the fight."

"You what?" Jane paused, looking from Ethan to Benji. Benji shook his head in admiration. Ethan grinned as he lifted Will's legs into the car.

"What made you think you needed to track him?" He already knew the answer, but just needed to hear it out loud..

"Knew I wasn't going to win. Started to feel funny." Will's eyes had slid shut as he spoke.

"Will?" Ethan shook the younger man but was rewarded with nothing but his steady, slow breathing. At least that was something. Ethan turned as Benji pressed the tracker into his palm. He nodded, his concern matching that of his team mates.

"Benji, you and Jane get him to the hospital. God knows what he's been injected with but if they wanted him dead he would be, so I can only guess this is to slow us down."

"I've got the syringe so if the doctors here in Prague don't know, I can send a sample to our guys."

"Good work. Keep an eye out at the hospital, Dabek was just one of many." Ethan switched on the small screen and turned in a circle, the signal caught as he turned south down the street. The beep sounded strong , Dabek hadn't got as far as he'd probably hoped.

"Ethan, be careful." Said Jane as he turned to follow the signal.

Ethan nodded. "See you at the hospital.


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