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Will hung on for dear life, his grip knuckle white. He daren't look down, daren't open his eyes to see what lay beneath his gaze. He held his breath, knowing that eventually he would have to allow the air back in. Knowing it was a futile attempt to halt the path of time. This was one fight he wasn't going to win. He could feel the pressure building again, his muscles preparing themselves for the attack. Throat working convulsively as the acid rose from his stomach.

Benji sat back as Will threw up for what had to have been the twentieth time in ten minutes. The sick man was currently wrapped around the toilet in the bathroom of a rather posh hotel that the team had been treated to in Moscow. After taking down Crukov the team had earned a much needed respite. One suite for Ethan, Benji and Will, and the adjoining suite for Jane. The hotel had a spa, gym, gorgeous bar where the tab would be picked up by good ol' Uncle Sam, thank you very much, and was walking distance from a very impressive theatre.

All that of course had yet to be explored thanks to what was hopefully the last of the drug leaving Will's system.

It had taken all three of them to get him back into the van from the alley. Shortly after Benji had proclaimed the mission accomplished Will had given up his fight for consciousness and slumped sideways, his head coming to rest on Benji's shoulder. Jane had brought the vehicle closer after calling for the cleaners. Ethan and a slightly wobbly Benji had picked up Will between them and dragged him to the van where Jane was waiting with the engine idling. Settling him inside they'd stayed put until Ethan had confirmed his blood pressure wasn't anything to worry about and his heart rate had calmed. It was while Ethan had been doing his checks that Benji spotted the many, many, many bloodied tissues lying around his beloved computer equipment.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." He said as he looked dismayed at the mess.

"Don't worry, Benji." Comforted Jane. "I think he got Ethan too."

Ethan's head shot up and looked around for his bag. There, lying on top were three bloodied tissues. "He really does have a sick sense of humour this one." He said affectionately as he covered Will in a blanket.

"Ahh huh!" Exclaimed Benji.

"What?" Asked Jane.

"That's what he meant. He asked me to put the tissues in your bag. That's quite funny actually."

"How is that funny?"

"Well, it's a little funny. At least he used tissues. Lets face it he could have quite easily just held your bag under his nose and let the blood dribble out." Benji pulled up short as he tapped away on the keyboard, his fingers coming away slightly sticky and crimson. "Oh for gods sake!"

Will had regained consciousness just as the team had arrived in Moscow. He'd slept soundly the entire journey there. Unaware of the care and concern of his team mates, who took it in turns to check his heart rate and blood pressure. For a full five hours after awaking he'd been symptom free and ready to see the sites of Moscow. Jane had bought a new dress for a night at the theatre, Ethan had acquired silk suits for himself, Will and Benji from a source he refused to disclose. A restaurant had been booked and the four had been about to walk out the door when Will had called out from behind them. He looked up, into the faces of his team, his family. All colour drained from his cheeks and he turned and ran to the bathroom. The sounds of his retching had been the soundtrack to their evening ever since.

Jane came back into the bathroom, a glass of water in her hand. Benji moved aside, allowing her to pass and position herself behind Will. She coaxed his head up from its porcelain pillow and held the glass to his lips, encouraging him to drink a few sips. He shook his head but she insisted on him drinking more. Reluctantly he obeyed. She managed to get half the glass into him before he flatly refused to take anymore and retook his position lying against the toilet seat.

"At least it should be clean." Remarked Benji from where he sat on the edge of the tub.

"What should be clean?" Asked Jane as she held a cool, wet cloth to the back of Will's neck.

"The toilet. When you think of some of the places we've stayed he could be doing himself more harm than good by going beddie byes on a germ infested rim that leads to a cess pool. But because we're in quite the high class suite, not to worry." He said cheerfully.

Will groaned as he shifted slightly and moved his head off the rim of the toilet. He looked miserable as he lowered himself to the floor. Jane threw Benji an annoyed look as she picked up a towel and lifted Will's head, cushioning him against the cold hard floor with the cloth.

"Ok its sorted." Announced Ethan as he joined his team in the bathroom. "The tickets for the theatre have been changed to next week, along with the booking for the restaurant."

At the word 'restaurant' Will groaned again and attempted to raise his head back over the toilet bowl. Ethan stepped forward and hooked his hands under his armpits to lever the sick agent up.

"Sorry." He whispered in Will's ear as he began, once again, retching into the bowl.

"At least this should all be over soon." Supplied Benji helpfully.

Will looked up and attempted a smile, but gave up and laid his head back to its original place on the edge of the toilet seat. Jane leant forward and wiped his face, she rinsed out the cloth and then ran the cool fabric back over his face, under his chin, around his neck and then over his hair. Will moaned in relief as the action helped to cool his heated skin. Throwing up was definitely not on his list of fun things to do. Jane smiled, wet the cloth again and continued her ministrations.

"Will," Ethan said, shaking the agents shoulder to get his attention. "As soon as you feel up to it we'll move you to the bed. You'll be a lot more comfortable."

Will shook his head weakly. "Still throwing up." He whispered through a sore throat.

"Doesn't matter, I've brought a couple of ice buckets up so you don't need to move."

Will nodded thankfully. Not looking forward to moving but definitely looking forward to being in a bed. Especially after what Benji had helpfully mentioned about the toilet and the floor. When it seemed like he wasn't going to throw up right that minute, Ethan hooked his hands, once again, under Will's arm pits and pulled him back. The former analyst's head fell back to rest against Ethan's chest. Benji bent to pick up his legs and between them they carried the sick man into the bedroom. Lifting him gently and helping him sit up, Ethan and Benji went about getting him out of his silk suit and into a more comfortable sweat pants and T shirt. In the meantime Jane went down the hall to the vending machine to grab some lemonade and as many bottles of cool water as she could carry. She hoped the lemonade would help settle Will's stomach enough for her to coax him to drink the water. The last thing they wanted was for the agent to finally get the drug out of his system but end up in the hospital suffering from dehydration.

Will lay back with a contented sigh. He rolled gingerly onto his side facing Ethan. The older agent held up the ice buckets to reassure Will they were there. "If you wanna throw up just give me a signal."

Will nodded, his eyes closing as his body settled into the comfortable mattress.

"Much better than the floor?" Asked Benji.

"Much better."

"Cleaner too."

Will couldn't be bothered to respond. Instead he turned to glare at his friend before settling back and closing his eyes again.

Jane came back to the room to find Will almost asleep on the furthest bed from the door, Benji stretched out on the closest bed and Ethan situated in the arm chair with his feet up on Will's bed. Ethan had claimed the second bedroom, but he had a sneaking suspicion he wouldn't get to sleep in it until the following night when hopefully Will would be on the mend and well on his way back to his old self.

Jane settled on the bed next to Will, she sat on top of the covers and next to his back. Benji had hooked up his computer to the large flat screen TV that adorned the wall they were all facing. He hit a few buttons and then set the computer on the side and settled down as the credits crept across the large screen.

"Wha' we wa'ching?" Came a muffled query from underneath the covers.

"I think you'll like this Will, best to stay awake and enjoy." Had Benji's tone not been so overly happy, Will would have probably ignored the movie and allowed himself to drift off to sleep. The feel of Jane to his left side and Ethan to his right, along with Benji on his far left made him feel safe and secure, the pull of sleep seeming tempting in his cocoon of security. No mad Czech bastard was going to be able to drug him again with this team watching his back. Nope, not a chance.

Will forced his eyes open at the sound of Ethan's barely concealed snigger and Jane's giggle.

He moaned as the image on the screen came into view. "Benj, seriously?"

Benji hit the pause button before speaking. "Come on, it's a great movie. And it's relevant to recent events." Benji shrank as three sets of eyes glared at him. "Well, relatively speaking."

"Its about zombies." Protested Jane.

"They are NOT zombies." Defended Benji. "They're infected, by a man made virus. See, relevant." He smiled in his apparent victory, only to duck as Ethan threw a pillow at him. "Fine, I'll pick something else."

"Nah, leave it." Said Will as he repositioned himself to be able to see the screen better. Jane shifted, allowing him a little more room to curve forward. "I've not seen it all the way through."

"Really? Why the hell not?" Asked Benji, disgusted that someone could watch only half a movie.

"Get's a little boring after the sniper guy dies."

"It most certainly does not. Right, that's it, if you start to fall asleep after that bit I'll be holding your eyes open with my bare hands."

Ethan leaned forward and raised his eyebrows at Benji. The English agent ignored him and pressed play. Ethan settled back, allowing himself to finally relax and enjoy the company of his team without having the fear and worry that any one of them could have been the victim to the drug Brandt had been poisoned with, and the fact that it could have very easily have been a fatal drug he'd been hit with. They were finally at the end of what felt like a month's long mission. He yawned and stretched his legs out, moving quickly as Will slapped the foot away that was blocking his view of the screen.

The movie started, quiet and slow, a man and a woman in a dark kitchen, heating pasta by candlelight. Benji cracked open a bag of popcorn, Ethan munched on a bowl of nacho's, Jane had a box of chocolates, and Will? Well he had his family.


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