The Origins & Life of Claude Speed

It was late autumn 1965 in the tropical Florida city Vice City. It was nearing hurricane season and the rain was pouring as the wind blew palm trees and street poles to the ground and the thunder cracked. Despite the destructive and devastating weather, a green Perennial sped towards Escobar International Airport. They were being followed by a black Sentinel which pursued them relentlessly. Finally the car reached its destination. A man and a woman stepped out of the car and grabbed an infant car seat which was carrying a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket. As they got out of the car and rushed inside the airport, 4 men dressed in black suits wearing dark sunglasses holding Ithaca 37 pump action shotguns stepped out the Sentinel and continued the chase on foot.

The scared couple finally made to the front desk. Panting heavily, the husband said "We need 3 tickets to San Fierro, please".

"Names please" asked the attendant.

"Charles and Sylvia Speed" said Charles.

"We're sorry Mr. & Mrs. Speed, we only have 1 ticket available for San Fierro" the attendant told them.

As the mobsters closed in on the family, Sylvia handed the attendant the baby.

"Here, just make sure my baby is safe" Sylvia said as she handed the woman the baby.

Just then a loud shotgun blast rang out as the mafia men finally caught up with the family, causing people to panic and run around in a hysterical frenzy. In the midst of the chaos, the baby seat was dropped. The baby awoke, and as he opened his eyes, he saw one of the mobsters club his father on the back of the head with the shotgun. The baby stared as he watched the 4 men beat his parents with the shotgun for 5 minutes, breaking their bones and causing them to bleed.

He then watched as the men began raping his mother, while she screamed hysterically. After leaving the couple battered, broken, and lying in a pool of blood, the men allowed them to get up only to blast them in their kneecaps. They then took turns blasting their arms, legs, and torsos, severing a few limbs. Finally they ended the horrific and brutal assault by shooting the couple in the head. One of them then shouted "Salvatore Leone doesn't like it to be kept waiting!" The mobsters then fled to their Sentinel and drove off into the stormy night.

Following the bloody murder, the desk attendant called the cops before she heard crying. When she went over to comfort the crying baby, she saw a card in the baby seat. It read "Claude Speed, born July 7, 1965"; on the back was a note saying: "please get Claude out of Vice City; he won't be safe here as the mafia will kill him."

The attendant then remembered the ticket that had been bought by the Speeds prior to the murder. She picked up Claude and put him on a plane to San Fierro. As he fell asleep and the murder of his parents played over and over again in his head; even though he was barely 2 months old he made a vow to find and kill Salvatore Leone.

Following the murder of his parents, Claude lived in a majority of his life in a San Fierro orphanage. At the orphanage, Claude was bullied by the other orphans because of his calm and quiet demeanor. The bullying continued until age 8 when Claude slashed one of the kids throat with a jagged shard of glass. Ever since then none of the kids ever fucked with Claude again. In high school, Claude's silence disturbed some of the other students and teachers. After beating a jock into a coma for stealing his money, Claude was suspended and soon after dropped out of high school. In 1984, Claude co starred in a few pornographic films along with debuting actress Candy Suxxx.

After a 4 year stint in Vice City, Claude returned to San Fierro in 1988, where he became the top dog in an illegal racing ring, beating every top contender. He soon won a garage in Doherty and for the next 4 years was unbeatable. His reign as champion came to an end in 1992. In the winter of 1992, Claude met Catalina, who at the time was in a relationship with Carl 'CJ' Johnson. After losing to CJ and giving him the keys to his garage in Doherty, Claude joined the Columbian Cartel alongside Catalina before leaving for Liberty City. On their way to Liberty City, they made a few stops robbing banks and committing numerous murders. In 2000, after losing the trail of the cops, they finally reached their destination, Liberty City.