Aftermath and working for Toni

After killing Catalina, Claude left the organized crime and went back to working a hit man and small time criminal. One day, he took Maria out shopping in Torrington. As they walked around the city, 2 black sentinels cut them off. Claude, remembering the death of his parents became very nervous. 8 Leone Mafioso armed with shotguns and AK-47s stepped out of the car and surrounded.

"Get in the car, Don Toni Cipriani wants to have a word with you" one of the Mafioso ordered them.

Claude and Maria were taken Ma's restaurant in Saint Mark's. They were seated in front of Toni, who was smoking a cigar.

"Calm down kid, I don't want to kill you, I want to join the Cipriani Family" Toni told him.

Claude was immediately distrustful and wondered why Toni would want him to rejoin the Mafia; after all he was the man who killed Salvatore Leone.

"Listen kid, let me assure you that you have me word" Toni reassured him. "You killed Salvatore Leone, you crushed the Forellis, you single handedly defeated nearly the entire Columbian Cartel, and even though practically every gang in Liberty City hates you, you managed to survive"

Claude considered before asking "What's in it for me?" in a calm voice with a Brooklyn accent.

Everyone, including Maria was shocked to hear Claude's voice for the first time. Toni however just grinned before extending his hand.

"Whatever you want kid, this is our city" Toni replied "What do you say kid?"

Claude thought for a moment before accepting Toni's offer and shaking his hand.

"I say you, Toni Cipriani have got yourself a deal"

In January of 2001, Claude along with Toni Cipriani sold their stories to Rockstar North. In the fall of that year, Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto III, based on the series of events.

By summer of 2002, Claude was leading capo of the Cipriani Family. He and Toni, as well as Maria who occasionally got her hands dirty, controlled all of Liberty City. In 2004, when Homer Sexual was elected as Mayor of Liberty City, Toni attempted to blackmail the mayor into falling under their control. Their plan was foiled when the newly revived Sindacco family beat them to it.

With their plans being constantly being thwarted and increased police attention, Claude, Maria, Toni and his mother Ma, Luigi Goterelli, and Mickey Hamfists moved to Algonquin, Upstate Liberty in 2005. Shortly afterwards, Portland, Staunton, and Shoreside Vale broke away from Liberty and declared itself Anywhere City.

Desperately needing to avoid any potential attention, Claude changed his clothing style. He cut his slicked hair short, wore a white T shirt and blue jeans with a pair of Timberlands.

Soon afterwards the rest of the Cipriani family relocated to Liberty City. In 2006, with multiple mafias budding in Liberty City, the Cipriani family created the Commission, which would consist of the 5 most powerful mafia families in Liberty City. The original incarnation of The Commission fell apart in 2007 due to tensions rising.

In early 2008, the decision was made and the Cipriani Family relocated to San Andreas. During this time Maria and Claude became married and had kids. The Cipriani mafia quickly dominated and gained control of Las Venturas and San Fierro as well as establishing a truce with Los Santos' most powerful gang, the Grove Street Family.

In late 2009, with vast amounts of wealth, power, and influence Claude decided to retire from the life of crime. However he was still a member of the Ciprianis, and ran their casinos in Las Venturas. Renaming it the Speed Casino, Claude lived a luxurious life. He later went on to write 3 bestselling books.

Claude Speed died in 2020 after being killed by a car bomb planted by the San Fierro Yakuzas who were attempting to weaken the Ciprianis' influence on the city.

His tombstone read 'Claude Speed, loved husband, father, and friend. A powerful man of few words 1965-2020'