When it first came out no one could believe it.

John confirmed it, while they both denied it.

Despite what John had overheard, neither was changing their behaviour in public.

Despite finding Molly often wandering around the flat with Sherlock's robe, they'd absolutely contradict it.

It wasn't long before the papers got a sniff of it.

The press soon hounded her, causing her to be even more in Baker Street, until it quieted down.

Sherlock Holmes was indeed interesting alone, but became even more fascinating when there was a woman behind him.

Several concluded that this would be a problem and Molly would be damsel in distress.

They unfortunately were dumb enough to think that Molly Hooper wasn't resourceful enough on her own, they were wrong.

Sherlock Holmes became an even worse threat when they threatened her.

They had planned his public suicide and got away with it – for a reason.

When they worked together at all, there were venomous back handed comments, childish feuds about overstepping the other person's boundaries and general un-professionalism in their working habits.

They still got the job done, but even John was questioning whether or not they actually did like each other.

The rumour of them being together was only kept alive, due to the fact that innocent bystanders would often find them in cupboards at Bart's kissing passionately, which caused either of them to push the other off and walk away.

If one were to invite them to any sort of event, one had to do it separately, for they ignored the occasion entirely if their names were put together.

At John Watson and Mary Morstan's wedding, they were seated at different tables by request, and ignored each other completely.

It wasn't before Molly found herself attracting male attention that Sherlock would be near.

They'd always disappear after some time, first Molly and then Sherlock.

Nobody really wanted to ask what he or she disappeared off to.

Though there were constant questions about them.

What were they?

John would say girlfriend, which would cause Sherlock to look at him with the same dislike, as if he suggested him wearing the deerstalker.

Molly would just talk about her work when people asked her questions, specifically her mother.

Everyone expected one of them to start questioning things, which in general meant Molly, but there wasn't even a question.

Molly didn't even blink when Sherlock would disappear to work on an exciting case, and she would completely ignore him if she found a curious one.

She didn't barge in if she was in the apartment.

When a client appeared she'd just wander around ignoring the whole event and read the paper.

John found himself bothered by this, since he'd expected her to be involved somehow.

He could even see that Sherlock was infatuated with her complete disinterest, and often found it more stimulating if the case subject turned out to be less than thrilling.

Of course when they indeed found an interesting case, then Sherlock would not offer Molly a second thought it seemed.

Neither seemed really bothered by this, for when they did indeed meet each other after some time apart – they seemed to be absolutely indifferent.

That was of course to the public eye.

They never were seen out on dinners, or dates of any kind.

Though often John would find Baker Street empty, and when Sherlock wouldn't answer his texts - he'd phone - Sherlock would always answer albeit a bit breathless.

John couldn't see Sherlock being romantic, but then he couldn't see him in a relationship either.

Even his brother Mycroft was somewhat sarcastic about the whole subject, would shrewdly condemn them if they were at the same room, but would offer John money to figure them out.

At one point he'd even offered Molly some money, she'd just looked at him oddly for a moment, before leaving.

Everyone was intrigued by their relationship, which wasn't a relationship, despite the fact that all signs pointed to yes.

When things took to be worse for wear, they'd be hurriedly at each other's side, once comforted that everything was alright, they'd pretend not to have given a slim insight in their private thoughts.

The whole thing was demonstratively irritating to their social circle, but there were moments when you'd just know.

Like when Molly would throw daggers at anyone who'd call him a freak, or when Sherlock would look positively murderous when someone looked in Molly's direction, or talked to her in a condescending manner.

These small things extended to Sherlock often caught looking at his phone expectantly, or Molly lurking at Bart's in the evenings more than usual.

There were covert glances and subtext lurking in the sentences they threw at each other.

For it was obvious in the end that they did care for each other, despite none of them condescending to say it out loud in public.

They didn't have passionate quarrels, though they did argue, but not about things that meant something.

All their arguments would be about cases and him nicking body-parts.

Of course John would notice the change of temperature quite hurriedly when things were awry between them, but he started to understand that they weren't in fact angry at each other.

He caught Sherlock's mouth quirking up in a smirk when he'd say awful things to Molly, or Molly's eyes sparkle when she disregarded him entirely.

So John stopped asking, he stopped joking about Molly being Sherlock's girlfriend, that when John said "Well, we both have somebody we love," instead of denying it, instead of brushing it off – Sherlock just smiled.

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