My first effort at shamelessly rising the amount of fics in this archive. I've spent the day (when I should have been studying for midterms) reading through every fic here, and haven't found any attrocities. Actually, they were pretty much all excellent. Let's keep it that way, please? Let's make this the best archive, with no crappy fics, where everyone receives the proper attention.

Ky likes to watch the rain.

He stands at the sole window for hours, as the last drops trickle down the impenetrable glass, leaving nothing but watery tracks behind. And then the soft drumming dulls to silence, and the water sinks into the hungry earth.

Perhaps it's the simple consolation that he enjoys: that there are some things Society cannot control.

Ky knows there aren't many things that escape Society's cruel, scrutinizing eyes. But there are things just the same; the things that sprawl freely, lodged in the hearts and minds of individuals. The napkins. Words etched cautiously in the dirt. The hushed exchanges between forbidden partners; kisses shared in the quiet of the Hill.

These things stay with him through sleepless nights and grueling work. They remind him that he is not alone, here in this wasteland that they've hauled him away to. And though he does Society's work and eats Society's food, he thinks his own thoughts.

And one day, he will live his own life.