A/N: Soooo, this drabble took twice as long as the first one(Frodo's Good-Bye). I had 148 words, then I reduced it to 100. Hope you like it.
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Sam smiled as Jake's truck came into view. This was his first day back from college.

She ran to him after he got out.

"You're back! I'm sooooo glad!" Sam said, hugging him.

"Me too!"

Sam examined his figure.

He'd gotten taller and more handsome.

"What's with the buff?" Sam inquired.

"What's with your beautiful face?" Jake replied, staring at her.

She looked into his eyes.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. He liked her, that was certain. But were there even deeper feelings than mutual friendship? She hoped, but at the same time dreaded it.

I'll know soon, she thought.