Perlia rules

Percy: Wait… what's Perlia?

Thalia: It's our couple name kelp-for-brains!

Percy: But aren't I with Annabeth?

Me: No not in this one, in this one Annabeth is mean and dumps you.

Percy: NOOOOOOO! Annabeth why did you leave me?

Me: Because dummy, in this one Annabeth loves someone else.

Thalia: And my guess would be me and percy would develop feelings for each other?

Me: YES! I am a mad genus Bwhahahahahaha!

Disclaimer: I do not own PJO or THO!

Percy's POV

It was 3 years after the second war against the Titans. I was dating a beautiful and smart girl named Annabeth.

We had started going out just after the war had ended on my 16th birthday. Now my 19th birthday was approaching, but Annabeth seemed to be more… distant. She kept on leaving early and arriving late. So I decided that to get us together, I would ask the love of my life to marry me.

There was a small problem though, our parents kinda hated each other and wanted to separate us. Our parents have a feud going back thousands of years, and yes I said thousands.

You see me and Annabeth are demigods or half-bloods, one of our parents is mortal the other is either a minor god or an Olympian. My dad is Posieden god of the seas and Annabeths mom is Athena goddess of wisdom.

So any way I went to a store and got a ring. It was grey with owl patterns and had a sea green diamond on the top, In other words it was beautiful.

I then got in my car and drove to camp where I knew Annabeth would be. I walked up to Annabeth and said "hey Annabeth how are you?"

She turned around and put on a fake smile "oh hey Percy…uh I'm doing great, but ah…I need to talk to you".

I frowned, Annabeth was acting really strange "Annabeth… what's wrong?" I asked.

She bit her lip like she did when she was nervous "Percy follow me please".

She lead me towards the lake, once there she turned around and sighed "Percy" said "there's someone else in my life and I can't be with you"

I froze, I felt my insides crumbling and my heart shattering into thousands of pieces.

"A-Annabeth p-please n-n-no, d-don't l-l-leave m-me" I begged, beginning to cry.

"I'm sorry Percy but…I'm in love with someone else" She stated and shrugged.

I looked at here, tears blurring my eyes "W-who?" I asked.

She looked at me and said "Percy...this last year I've been going out with Conner Stoll, I'm sorry Percy" So that was why she was so distant. I thought.

"S-so you are going out w-with him n-now?" I asked tears still flowing freely down my cheeks.

"Yeah, I really love him he's just so incredible" She got this dreamy look in her eye as she thought about him.

"Then maybe he will get a ring and propose to you too" I shouted as I threw the box containing the ring onto the sand.

I then ran ignoring her shouts and dived into the lake my eyes still blurring with tears. My whole life had just been swept from under me. Annabeth, the love of my life had dumped me.

Thalia: WOW…Annabeth was mean.

Me: Yep and now he will discover feelings for you and you will quit the hunters and give Annabeth a what for.

Thalia: You bet I will no one hurts my Percy.

Percy: Thank you Thals I love you too.

Me: Please, Please, Please read and review and please take it easy this is my first fic.