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Chapter 3


Now they were working together on a project and friends ... ish. God, what was he supposed to do? With her, Zig always felt like grade-school again.

Were they friends or weren't they? He could sit next to her in class and not come off as weird - he always sat next to her in arts - and in the hallways he could always greet her when she passed by and sometimes, he could even stop by her locker and have small talk with her.

He did all of that with her but he was still not really her friend, was he? He was the acquaintance, the boy she worked with, but not quite someone she would have lunch with or meet up with after school.

No, no that was way too far-fetched. He was way off from that course. Zig had to do something quick, their first shooting was gonna be soon and then only six weeks would be left. If he didn't get her full attention by then, he would just be a single memory, soon to be forgotten. As soon as the project was over she'd simply forget about him, if he couldn't come up with something that is.

He whacked his brains for ideas and let a frustrated growl escape. And across from him, she was having lunch with Adam again. He glared at the boy even though they weren't even alone and sitting with at least four or five other students. He wanted to growl, even though Maya wasn't his to begin with, which made him all the more frustrated.

"Oh about the project, what time was it again?", Tristan nudged his friend and Zig turned his eyes away from Maya.

"Yeah, I'd like to know that too. And she has yet to tell me what theme it will be this Friday.", Tori added and Zig raised his brows. He knew the time. 6 o'clock on Friday. He also knew the theme. Beautiful forever. But he bit his tongue. This could be his chance.

"I don't know either.", he lied even though she had told him just the other day.

"I'll go and ask her.", he said quickly and got up before his friends could reply.

She was sitting with the seniors again. Adam and that friend of his who worked on the radio with him, Dave something. Some girl called Clare who always wore a promise ring that had been given to her by her boyfriend in college who had indeed promised to propose to her one day. Though Zig had been told her boyfriend was quite a strange one, Mr Doom was his nickname. And then there was also that Indian girl, A-something, Maya had talked about her once but Zig hadn't paid attention because he was focusing on Maya's sparkling blue eyes. Then some other random kids and Zig swiftly made his way to her table and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Zig.", she smiled pleasantly and the older senior girls started whispering and giggling.

"Ladies.", he grinned easily before returning to Maya.

"The others and I have got some questions concerning Friday. You wanna come sit with us and talk about it?", he asked and she laughed.

"Sure, no prob. Just a sec.", she replied and grabbed her bag while he grabbed her tray.

"You don't have to hold that for me.", she told him confusedly but Alli's loud laugh kept him from answering.

"Maya, sweetie. He's trying to be the gentleman for you.", the girl said loudly, making the boys hoot and Maya blush in embarrassment.

"Oh my god, Zig, let's go. They're being idiots again.", she hissed, her cheeks burning and Zig laughed, he absolutely loved her blush.

"Move over, the boss is here.", he joked and pretended to shove Tristan out of the way so Maya could sit but Maya merely rolled her eyes and sat down.

Next to Tristan, not next to him.

He glared, then quickly shook his head. He was not supposed to be acting jealous quite yet.

"So what's the big plan for Friday?", he asked casually.

"We're shooting the balcony scene. The music video will be filmed in daylight, some other time so I'll just have you memorize your script for this Friday not the lyrics. We'll be practicing first starting at 6 o'clock and it's cool that it's autumn already. We can probably start with the actual filming when the sun sets at about 7:30. Is that alright with you and your parents?", Maya chirped and the others shrugged. "Sure."

"Then the theme. It's 'beautiful forever'. I know it sounds weird but their love is supposed to be the forever kind of type. I'll try to capture the night and stars like it's endless and the emotions you have to portray should give the spectators the feeling that this endless love really exists. It's a lot to ask from you, I know, but I'm sure you can pull it off. And as for the beautiful part, that's Tori. And it's really important because everyone can see that Romeo worships Juliet and her beauty. He compares her to all kind of things and adores her. So Tori, you are pretty but Friday night you have to look completely dashing.", Maya explained and Tori rolled her eyes.

"I won't mess up.", she retorted cockily.

"Never said you were.", was Maya's simple reply and Zig grinned.

He easily put an arm around her, which made Tori narrow her eyes in distaste and Maya blush again.

"You are amazing.", he said sincerely. "Come on, neither of us could have come up with that. I think this project screams for an A+. I don't think the others have a better idea than this.", he chuckled and Maya shook her head.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that. I heard the kids who got the fight between the Capulets and the Montagues decided on rapping their texts and do some break dancing.", she told them. "I think it's a pretty good idea too.", she remarked.

"I think yours is better."

"You're just sucking up.", she teased him and Zig grinned.

"Is it working?"

They looked in each others' eyes and Tori glared at the pair. Tristan knew her look all too well and shot her a look which she decidedly ignored. She was supposed to sit next to Zig, his arm draped around her own shoulders and not Maya's. She wanted Maya to disappear so badly. And Zig had had the nerve to ask her to have lunch with them again. He stated it was just for the project but everyone could see he had a thing for her. Hell, he might even actually like Maya and Tori was pisses beyond believe.

Finally, the bell rang and Zig excused himself because he had to have a chat with his coach for soccer practice. The others nodded and went to English on their own. Tristan smiled kindly at Maya but Tori just sneered at her when they sat down together.

"Tori, Zig has told me what happened between you two and I'm sorry about that.", Maya started and the brunette glared at her.

"It was a jerk move but maybe we could all just forget about the past and simply be friends or something, you know? I'm not trying to steal him or anything.", the blonde explained but Tori looked haughtily at her.

"Please, you couldn't even steal him from me if you tried. He's only using you to make me jealous.", Tori stated and Maya gave her an incredulous look.

"Did you honestly just say that? What's wrong with you? He rejected you. Get over yourself and as I already said, I'm not even trying to steal him away. We're just friends.", Maya said sincerely but something inside Tori just broke. She lost control and lunged for the blonde.

"You're such a bitch. Acting all high and mighty!", she shouted angrily and pulled on her hair.

"I don't know what your problem is psycho!", Maya retorted and pulled on Tori's headband. They started screeching and a loud cat-fight evoked.

"Girls! Girls! Knock it off!", Ms Dawes shouted angrily. "Both of you! Go down to the office. I don't know what's wrong with you but this is not acceptable.", she said sternly and the girls glared at each other before grabbing their things and stalking out of the room.

"I hope you know that this is all your fault.", Tori hissed and Maya glared at her.

"So it's my fault that you're a jealous cow that wants to attack me? Wake up.", Maya hissed right back but Tori kept arguing.

"If you had just chosen another group to work with. If you had not thrown yourself at Zig. If you had not forced yourself on us. None of this would have happened. You're just a little parasite and you're mistaken if you seriously think that someone like Zig would actually be interested in you. Face it, you're nothing.", Tori said and even though Maya didn't want to admit it, her words stung her and she kept her mouth shut all the way to the principal's office.

Their principal was disappointed in them but let them off with a week of detention.

Maya was in a bad mood for the rest of the day and barely talked with Zig during Arts. She liked him, alright, they were on good terms and got along well.

In her eyes, Zig was a charmer. A resident ladies' man. She loved his cute way of flirting and she never thought he was serious but when Tori had told her so directly that she was not even in Zig's league and that he would never even consider her, she felt a small stab and it wouldn't go away.

God, it was not like she liked him or anything, uh, no, seriously, no way. Kind of. But that she was not even considered pretty or worthy enough irked her. She knew she wasn't all that pretty or all that amazing but she liked to think that she was at least somewhat appealing. She had been asked out before for a reason, she told herself and then sighed.

She would be so happy if the project would end soon.

Zig was playing his games with her just for the hell of it, Tori was bitching on her and Tristan, well Tristan was just watching and not doing anything. She really should have just gone to an Arts School and not to Degrassi.

In times like these, Maya seriously wished she had her sister with her. Clare was nice and so was Alli, she also confided in Adam sometimes but Katie had always been with her.

"Maya.", a voice drew her out of her trance and she was surprised to see Zig. School had long left out and she was waiting for her dad to pick her up after detention but Zig still seemed to be around.

"Soccer.", he explained, chuckling at her confused expression and she offered a small smile but didn't respond. Unbeknownst du her, his mind was reeling.

He had noticed something was off, he had heard about the fight between Tori and her and was damn near screaming his lungs out at Tori because he had told her they wouldn't ever be together but she still insisted that something was going on.

And now the fight. He really wondered if Maya wasn't hurt somewhere because damn, Tori had some nails.

"You alright? The boys in the locker rooms were talking about your fight with the devil.", he nudged her after sitting down next to her on the pavement.

"Sure.", she smiled slightly. "No biggie.", she added as to not come off as weird but Zig already knew something was wrong.

"Look, I don't know what this fight was about, probably me, I guess. But don't let Tori get to you, she can be a real bitch but when you get to know her, she ain't all that bad.", he explained and Maya nodded and then looked for her dad's car. She just wanted to leave and not talk to her problem at the moment, or ever. She was a sophomore for god's sake, how would she know how to deal with crazy-obsessed girls and a school hottie?

"And she probably said something mean to you but don't worry about that. She talks shit when she's heated. She doesn't really mean anything anyways. And if she's said something about me, or me and you, don't give a shit. It's Tori.", he nudged her again and this time Maya finally laughed.

"Get over yourself. Not everything's about you.", she stuck her tongue out and Zig smirked.

"You sure about that? You, yourself, said that I'm quite the talk of the girls' locker rooms. Ain't I awesome?", he grinned his mischievous smile but Maya rolled her eyes and right then, everything was alright again.

She realized, something inside her was stirring. She felt something weird, down in her tummy and while he kept her company, while waiting for her dad, she unconsciously blushed and she noticed how she smiled more and laughed more.

She wasn't quite sure what it was, but the feeling was pleasant.

And she was quite sure too, that Zig liked her company too.

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