Scarlett flicked her brown hair slightly, grinning cockily in the mirror before turning round to the toilet stall behind her, pulling her jacket off the door and putting it on, walking out of the public toilet and onto the street. It had just turned 5 in the evening, and it was getting dark. She was only 15, but she was used to being on her own. Her brown hair swayed in the wind and she wore a plain red strapped t shirt, black jeans and high top trainers, with a brown leather jacket. She sat down on a park bench next to a elderly lady and dug her hand into her pockets, pulling out a hand gun. She frowned at it and casually sat it next to her, ignoring as the old lady next to her let out a little squeak, getting up and shuffling off as quickly as she could. Scarlett finally pulled out her phone, staring at the blank screen. Millions of thoughts ran through her head in one go before she typed in a random phone number she had worked out and saved it in her contact list as Not Dead. She chuckled quietly, putting her phone in her pocket and picking up the gun, spinning round and shooting at a man dressed in black's ankle, who was watching her from behind a tree.

"Piss off!" She shouted, running off out of the park, stuffing the gun back into her pocket, jumping into a taxi. "Baker Street please." She said quickly, out of breath as it started to drive along the street. "221b."


Scarlett stuck her hand into her pocket, sliding out a slim silver key and jumping out of the taxi, giving him some money. She walked up to the black door, sliding the key into the lock and pushing the door open. She shut it quietly behind her and walked up the stairs and round the corner, looking at the open door. She slowly walked in, looking round the flat. "Anyone in?" She called out, slumping into one of the empty chairs. She sat for a few minutes, fingers tapping on the arm of the chair before a figure appeared at the door.

"Who the hell are you?" She turned and smirked as John stood in the doorway, staring at her gobsmacked.

"So you must be John Watson." She said casually, standing up, putting her hands on her hips.

"Sorry, who are you?"

"Oh, I was just leaving." She said, walking towards the door.

"Scarlett Holmes, you sit down this instant, your not going anywhere!" She felt a hand on her shoulder before being pushed down into the chair.

"Mrs Hudson!" Scarlett groaned, rolling her eyes.

"Mrs Hudson, who is this?" John asked, starting to get impatient.

"This is Scarlett Holmes, Mycroft's daughter."

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