By the time all the whispers and gasping from everyone started to die down, Mary had vanished out of thin air. John stood in silence, his feet glued to the floor, staring at Sherlock whilst Mrs Hudson, Lestrade and Molly all stood around him, half looking at Sherlock and half comforting him. Mycroft stood a few feet away between his seat and John, staring at his brother and daughter, not sure what to say.

"What do I do?" Sherlock whispered to Scarlett.

"I'm not sure." She said quietly. "We did just ruin his wedding day."

"How long did it take to work it out?"

"Oh the second I saw her."

"What am I supposed to say Sherlock?" John finally said, still not moving. "What do you expect me to say?" He gulped. "When I finally think I can start to forget about you cause your dead, and you do this? Now of all days!"

"I'm sorry."


"I MEAN HOW THE FUCK DID YOU SURVIVE?" John shouted as he paced the flat, everyone inside as the argument unfolded. "YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME, I WAS ON MY OWN SHERLOCK!"

"I should have stayed away." Sherlock sighed, looking over at Lestrace, Mrs Hudson, Molly, Mycroft and Scarlett.

"Yes, you should of." They turned round to see Mary in the doorway with a gun. Her wedding dress was torn, and mascara smudged down her cheeks. "I don't remember doing it, but if you tell anyone, I'll get sent to prison, Sherlock Holmes." She said, walking up to him and aiming the gun at his head.

"Mary, please." John whispered.

"Sorry John." She whispered, closing her eyes and pulling the trigger. The gun fired and Mary fell to the floor. Scarlett grinned cockily, swinging her own gun between her fingers.

"See Mrs Hudson, this gun did come to some use after all!"

6 months later...

"All I'm saying Sherlock is that you don't have to keep shooting the walls, it's bad enough Scarlett does it!" John's voice could be heard from up the stairs. Scarlett slotted her key in the door and opened it, shutting it behind her. She slung her school bag inside the door and made her way up the stairs and into her uncles flat. "Talk of the devil." John muttered, sitting down.

"How was today?" Sherlock said.

"Why bother asking, you've deduced it the second I walked in the door." She said, sitting down in one of the arm chairs.

"Wasn't great then?" John asked cautiously.

"I accidently got my maths teacher arrested."

"How?" John spluttered.

"I deduced that he was having a affair with a pupil in my class."

"As first days go, that's not bad. I caused a drug bust and closed down the canteen after someone put poison in the food."

"Well what a surprise." Scarlett chuckled, turning to look at the door as a figure appeared in the doorway. "Hello Father." She said. Mycroft stood in the doorway, looking in on all of them.

"You got your maths teacher fired, well done dear." He said sarcastically.

"Well I'm not used to school am I? I left primary and never went back y'know?" She said.

"Oh my god!" Sherlock and Scarlett both suddenly said.

"Shit." Mycroft muttered.

"What?" John asked curiously.

"God little brother, sleeping with your assistant now are we?"

"Christ Dad."

"You know, it still really scares me when you lot deduce things."

"Come on you, home." Mycroft muttered.

"Ok, but you've got explaining to do!" Scarlett chuckled, walking out the door. "Seeya tomorrow!" She called back to John and Sherlock.

The End