Title: Nightly Visits

Summary: Jekyll receives late night visits from Skinner, not that he knows why. Oblivious!Jekyll and Angsty!Skinner ensues.

Rating: PG/K for implications.

Word Count: 1,326

A/N: Wrote this up nearly year ago, figured I'd try look like I was still being productive.

Because I think there should be more invisible thief/ mad scientist love out there.


Henry couldn't concentrate on his work right now; He'd known he wouldn't be able to from the moment he started but he had stubbornly gone ahead and tried.

Tonight was the night Skinner dropped into the doctor's room for some company and talk each week. Despite an awkward and uneasy first few visits (he had, after all, accused the man of betrayal) they had soon become comfortable in one another's presence and now shared talks that lasted for hours, ranging from childhoods back in London, to chemistry, to gossiping about the rest of the league. It wasn't long before Henry found himself looking forward to the invisible man's visits every week.

Desperate for company are we Henry?

Henry rolled his eyes weakly at Hyde's snide dig. On Skinner days he got louder and more frequent with his complaints. His distaste for the man apparently lay in the fact that Hyde could see Skinner, and the brute had no liking for Skinner's usual lack of clothes. When he had brought it up with him, Skinner had laughed.

"Jealous of what he sees is he?" He had joked.

Hyde had fumed non-stop for a week after that, which only caused Skinner to think he had been correct.

He wishes!

"Edward, I'm not letting you out just so you and Skinner can compete over it."

Hyde made some kind of strangulated grunt whilst Henry checked his pocket watch, turning it over in his hand as nerves built, and the more his built the more he cursed himself. There was no need to work himself up, surely?

A brief knock at the door had him bouncing towards it, his previous anxieties forgotten; Hyde gave a half-hearted sneer at his enthusiasm. Opening the door he found Skinner smiling, fully clothed (much to Hyde's relief) and grease paint applied.

"Evenin' Henry."

"Good evening Mr Skinner."

Without another word Skinner pressed the book he was holding into Henry's hands and made himself comfortable by heading for the drinks cabinet.

"Did you enjoy the book?" Henry queried, settling in one of the chairs as Skinner brought over their scotch and flopped into another.

"Didn't get a word of it." He grinned, before swigging from his glass.

"No, I can't say I did either." Jekyll confided, smiling at his friend who gave him a shocked look through his sun glasses.

"Clever gentlemen like yerself? Shame on you Henry!" He teased, causing him to laugh.

"I doubt you're as uneducated as you pretend Skinner."

"Oh, what makes you say that?"

Henry shrugged, sipping from his own glass.

"I've learned not to take things at face value." He mused, Skinner nodded, apparently thinking his comment over.

"Good idea to live by mate." He lifted his glass. "Cheers."

Henry clinked his glass to Skinner's; sparkling eyes caught the space where Skinner's should have been.


A few hours later, the pair had exhausted the conversation and the alcohol and both were slightly unsteady on their feet, Henry more so than Skinner.

"Time to get you to bed I think Doc." Skinner slurred, slightly dragging the muddled doctor off the chair. But, pulling to hard, Henry ended up half falling on Skinner, faces close together.

"Hello." Henry said, blinking as if uncertain about how Skinner had suddenly become so close.

"All right?" Skinner asked, not releasing his hold on Henry's waist. The doctor seemed equally reluctant to remove his hands from Skinner's shoulder. Eventually, he decided he could not stay in this position all night, more's the pity.

Gracelessly, he manoeuvred Henry towards the bed, gently coaxing him to lie down on it. From his horizontal position he gave Skinner an adorable, half-drunk grin.

"Thanks Skinner."

"Any time mate." He was unsure if his reply was heard as already Henry had closed his eyes, breathing evening out. In his apparent sleep he looked even more innocent and beautiful to Skinner, who was unable to pull away or stop his hand from reaching out. His longing to touch Henry easily beat out common sense thanks to the alcohol in his system. His gloved hand stroked tenderly on Henry's cheek.

The touch instantly caused his eyes to fly open. He flinched back from Skinner's hand and fixed him with a stare.

"What are you doing?" All slurs had disappeared from the doctor's speech. Skinner felt an evasive "I don't know" wasn't going to work.

"S-sorry mate I… I just."

He gave up on his attempt to make sense and ran for the door, leaving a baffled Henry behind.

I always thought he was strange.

"Shut up Edward."


Skinner sprawled out on his bed, going through every single reason he could think of to leave the league. Quite a few were related to the good doctor.

He groaned and threw a gloved hand over his face. It hadn't gone as well as he thought, but then, what had he thought would happen? That Henry would suddenly wake up to a love for the invisible man, that he'd share thoughts such as his own? He'd been taught from a young age that to lust for other men was evil. All of Henry's evil resided in Hyde, and that was definitely not a route Skinner wanted to go down.

He had to face it, he was everything that was wrong for Henry; the wrong gender, the wrong class, even the damn wrong visibility.

Realising his thoughts would just spiral from here; Skinner decided he needed more alcohol to join him for a night of self-pity.


For the next few days the Nautilus crew saw nothing of Skinner, who had put his extraordinary talent to good use. Whilst the others were partly reassured by the fact that Skinner had no chance of leaving the Nautilus, Henry still worried. Obviously what had occurred in his room was the trigger behind the man's hiding. Henry fully intended to seek him out again.

That night when Skinner skulked back to his room after successfully cleaning out Nemo's drinks cabinet. He was pleasantly tipsy as he fumbled with the door and stumbled through.

"Good evening Mr Skinner."


Henry smiled to himself at the surprised exclamation that seemed to come from thin air.

"How'd you notice me?" Skinner asked, regaining his composure.

"Despite what you'd like s to believe, the doors here don't open by themselves." He paused, taking on the expression he usually did when talking to Hyde. "Edward's ability helps too. He'd like me to pass on his dislike of your lack of clothing again."

"Tell 'im it's tough. Makes it easier to disappear." He huffed, wondering if he'd be able to make a break for the door and avoid Henry for a few more days.

"I think you've done enough hiding recently, Mr Skinner. I want to talk to you."

Skinner cringed at Henry's cold, serious tone. He didn't want to have this talk with Henry. He would hide away from the doctor for years if he had to, so he didn't have to listen to his disgusted voice. It hurt to stay away, but it would be much more painful to be pushed away.

"If yer gonna give me a lecture about my sinful ways Henry, you can-"

"Why would you think that's why I'm angry?" He asked, standing from the chair and walking to where Skinner's voice had come from. "What did upset me was you leaving so soon after."

Skinner felt relief flood through him at the implication of his words.

"Yer not mad?"

"No, not at all."

Smiling an invisible grin, Skinner reached out and took Henry's hand, pulling him closer.


Henry gave a shaky breath as Skinner's close proximity, feeling the other's alcohol smelling breath mingle with his own.


Skinner needed no more reassurance as he gently pressed his lips against Henry's, revelling in the softness and taste of them.

Hyde complained and screeched throughout each night they spent together, Henry couldn't bring himself to care.