My muse , my muse, where did you go? Finally the last chapter. Thanks to everyone who stayed until here and who left a comment for me. I really apreciate it.

"My turn" she said with a mischievous grin as she pushed him up on the bed. She admired the view as he lay before her naked. She always knew he would look really good under his too many clothes. But now that she saw him for the first time, ready for her, she thought he was perfect. She longed to touch every part of him and suddenly realized that she could do just that right now.

Slowly she let her hands trail the skin from his feet to his hips as she crawled up on the bed between his legs. Leaning down she pressed light kisses on his stomach, careful not to touch his still growing erection. She felt her way up his abs and found his nipples again, pinching them lightly. She loved to hear him growl her name, as her tongue trailed around his navel, with every circle closer to where he wanted her most.

"Look at me" she whispered as she took his erection in one hand and let her tongue touch its tip. She made slow, teasing circles on his tip, never breaking eye contact. She had never felt so turned on in her life before. His eyes were dark and full of lust, making her feel beautiful and desired at the same time. Slowly she let her mouth sink down, sucking at him, as she took as much of him in as she could.

"God Abby" he groaned, fighting for control as her lips moved delicately over his hard on. He never took his eyes of her face, mesmerized by the sight of his cock going in and out of her mouth, her breasts bouncing up and down with her heads movements. He knew if she kept going like that he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer, and as much as he wanted to let her finish, he also wanted to be inside her, preferably now.

"You need to stop this Abbs" he growled.

"You really … want me … to stop?" she asked him, innocently taking him into her mouth between words.

"No, but…" Was all he managed as she started to nibble down the length of his cock, massaging the flesh behind his balls firmly.

"Thought so." With a smirk she started to rub him hard and fast, only to stop entirely when she felt him harden even more.

"But if you insist." She smiled at him playfully crawling up to kiss the lost look off his face. She let her body glide over his, on fire with the sensation of his skin on hers all the way.

Not able to take it anymore he rolled them both around positioning himself between her legs. He looked at her with a question in his eyes.

"You never have to ask Gibbs" she smiled.

Smiling back he pushed inside her, and from there everything they held back until now surfaced. His trusts were almost frantic and she matched his every move, her fingers clawing in the muscles in his back. They both raced toward a high neither of them ever experienced before. And when he felt her muscles close around him as she came, so did he.

Falling on top of her his head came to a rest near her neck. She felt his heavy breathing against her and it made her shiver, goosebumps tickling her over sensitive skin. Holding her at the waist he turned them around and she got comfortable on his shoulder naturally. With his other hand he grabbed a blanket from the floor and pulled it over them.

When she woke up a few hours later, feeling sore in all the right places, she looked around only to find him watching her.

"Hey you."

"Hey yourself." He answered, reaching out to put a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Leaning into his touch she smiled at him feeling a little uncertain.

"Any regrets?" he asked as she mirrored the insecurity he felt since he woke up with her eyes.

"No. You?"

"No." he stated, relived.

"Can we do it again?"

"As long as you'll have me Abby."

"So forever then…."

With everything said for that moment they kissed and showed each other just how much they loved and wanted the other, because forever would never be enough.