(Hey guys! I know the story is over but I thought i'd let you know that the sequel to this story has just been posted! You should go check it out! It's called "A Dark Knight in Arkham City." So, instead os just putting up an authors note I decided to write an epilogue to go with it. Enjoy! And be sure to check out the sequel!)


(Three Weeks After Arkham Asylum)

Vickie Vale smiled at the camera in her cheery way. Her outfit was perfect, as usual. Her hair was just gorgeous. She looked camera ready. She stood in front of the Gotham City Courthouse. It was a winters day. The snow was gently falling down on the city. She wasn't the only reporter there. You could see Jack Ryder's crew in the corner of the screen.

"Hello Gotham. I'm here today at the Gotham City Courthouse to witness what everyone has been talking about. Millionaire Bruce Wayne is signing the paperwork to officially adopt Miss Sarina Gibson." Vicki Vale reported. A picture of the fifteen year old appeared in the corner of the screen. It was clearly a school photo. Judging by that cliche background. It screamed high school. "Miss Gibson is rumored to have been in the asylum when the Joker took over." The picture of Sarina faded off the screen. "After the tragic loss of her mother, Mr. Wayne offered to allow the poor girl into his home." The crowd erupted in shouts and cameras flashed everywhere. The camera zoomed in on Bruce Wayne and Sarina Gibson exiting the courthouse. Vicki Vale rushed up to join the mob of reporters and spectators around the two. Bruce smiled and waved at the camera like he had his entire life while Sarina looked like she didn't know what to do. She covered her eyes, avoiding the bright lights. But she smiled and tried to give the press a couple good shots.

"Sarina, how does it feel to be adopted by the richest man in all of Gotham?" A reporter asked.

"Pretty good." Sarina answered, awkwardly. She didn't look all that comfortable in the lime light.

"Miss Gibson, what are you going to do now?" Jack Ryder asked, fixing his hair. Bruce Wayne took over.

"We're going to Disney World." He answered with a smirk. With that, the two of them got into a nearby limo. Reporters screamed out their questions. They were never answered as they sped off down the road. The TV paused.

The Joker smiled to himself. Sarina had managed to get adopted by the one and only Bruce Wayne. She just kept surprising him. He sat in his favorite recliner in his hide out. Whenever he broke out of Arkham he would hide out here until he came up with a game plan. Except now, there wouldn't be an Arkham to go home too. "Mayor" Sharpie was shutting it down. Building some Arkham city. An entire community of criminally insane citizens. What a brilliant idea. Ever since Harley put two and two together and discovered that Sarina was her long lost daughter, she just couldn't get enough of her.

"That's our baby girl!" Harley squealed. "She's got your eyes."

"And my hair." Joker said. Harley was extremely confused.

"What?" She asked. Joker rewinded the show to where Bruce Wayne and Sarina were smiling for the cameras.

"Look at that strand of hair in front of her face." Joker stated. Harley squinted her eyes until she saw it. There was a greenish tint to it. Barely noticeable. But it was there. Harley gasped.

"She has your hair!" She cheered. "Oh Mistah J! Are we ever going to see our little girl again?"

"Of course we are! I have a feeling we'll be seeing her very soon." Joker smirked. That's when he started to cough.

"Are you alright Puddin'?" Harley asked, concerned. However, she got to close and Joker slapped her.

"I'm fine!" He snapped. "I've still got a bit of TITAN in my system. I'll be better in no time."

5 months later

(Sarina POV)

"BRUCE!" I called downstairs. "ALFRED?" No one answered. Where could they possibly have run off too? Bruce told me to dress up all fancy like because we were going to some 5 star restaurant for my birthday. Did they really just have me get all dress up for nothing? I started to walk down the great staircase. "Guys where-"

"SURPRISE!" My mouth dropped to the floor. The mansion was filled with practically everyone in all of Gotham.

"Oh my god." I said. It was a giant party just for me! Bruce threw me my dream sweet sixteen. I walked down the giant staircase. All eyes on me. The second I saw Bruce I gave him a giant hug. "Thank you so much!"

"No problem. Now go enjoy your party." Bruce said. I walked around the room and chit chatted with everyone. Reporters were there too. Claiming my birthday was the party of the century. I had a blast. I spent hours on the dance floor. I think I danced with everyone at that party! I even danced with someone who wasn't invited….

I began dancing with this man at the party. He wore a black suit and a hat that a gangster would wear in the twenties. I laughed because I was just having too much fun, but when I looked up into his face and realized exactly who it was.

"Happy Birthday Sweetheart." The Joker smiled. I tried to break free from his grasp and run away. He just tightened his grip on me. "Wouldn't want to ruin your lovely party, now do we Sarina." He was right. I wasn't going to make a big scene. It wouldn't help and he'd probably just get away anyway. Maybe if I just listen to what he has to say he'll leave.

"What do you want?" I snapped.

"Every good birthday party needs a clown." He explained. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm sick and tired of your bull crap." I snapped.

"Can't a father dance with his little girl on her sweet sixteen?" He questioned. I gave him an evil glare. "Look sweets, I've just come to chat. You're sixteen and it's not too late to join me." I laughed.

"Finally, one of of your jokes are actually funny." I growled.

"Clocks a ticking Sarina." Joker said. "One of these days you'll be just like me." He took a strand of my hair and held it in his fingers. Then he let it drop. "You can't fight it forever." The song we were dancing to ended. "See ya real soon." With that, he left. As quickly as he appeared, he was gone. I was awestruck. I didn't really know what to do. A girl from my school rushed up to me.

"OMG! The Black Eyed Peas are here!" She cheered. "C'mon!" She dragged me through the crowds towards the band. I was a big Black Eyed Peas fan!