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note: again, bear with my newness at this. i do hope this isn't too ooc but asdfghjkl do i love dick being damian's batman way more than bruce.

Dick yawned loudly as he walked to the door. Whoever was knocking at whatever godforsaken hour it was when he'd only had about fifty minutes of sleep was in for one hell of a verbal beating. The knocks grew louder and Dick groaned. "I'm coming," he grumbled.

As he unlocked the door, he took notice of the fact that he was in only his boxers. He paused, considering going back to his room for a shirt or something, but the knocks seem to grow even more incessant.

Scowling, Dick opened the door. "What—" He stopped when he saw who was there. "Damian?"

Damian nodded in greeting. "Grayson."

Dick could only stare blankly. "Damian, what are you doing here?"

"I've decided to take up residence with you," the boy explained. He stared pointedly at the door, refusing to meet Dick's eyes.

At a loss for words, Dick moved to the side to allow his former partner to enter the apartment. After closing the door, he looked at the overstuffed backpack hanging off the boy's arm. "Damian…" Dick sighed and pressed a palm to his face. "God, how did you even get here?" he questioned, looking utterly confused. When Damian raised an eyebrow, asking if he really wanted to know, Dick could only sigh. "Damian, what are you doing here?"

Damian finally put his backpack down. "I've already told you, Grayson. I've decided to take up residence—"

"Yes, but why? You should be with your father—" Dick's eyes widened and he groaned into his hand. "Damian, does your dad know you're here?"

The boy's expression grew darker and he glared at the wall to his left. Judging by Damian's current attitude, Dick could only assume that he and Bruce weren't getting along particularly well. After releasing a frustrated sigh, Damian picked his bag back up and put it on. "If you don't want me here, then I'll just go."

Dick rolled his eyes and pulled Damian's bag away before he could make any other sudden movements. "You're not going anywhere until you explain what the heck you're doing, Damian."

Damian scowled. "I don't have to explain anything to you!"

"Well then I guess you're stuck here," Dick stated firmly, pushing the boy into his bedroom. He pretended not to notice Damian's lack of customary death threats or any physical protest to being made to stay.

"Like you can make me do anything," Damian muttered. Still, he didn't fight as Dick pulled at the covers and all but shoved him into the bed.

Dick rolled his eyes. "Of course. Go to sleep, Damian," he ordered, going around the bed and dropping onto the other side. "We'll discuss your living situation in the morning."

"You can't make me stay," Damian tiredly groused.

Dick smiled, knowing he didn't have to.