"Tal, you need to get your child before I tear him limb from limb." I was exhausted, and very pregnant with our second child.

She was due to arrive in three days; I was more than ready for it.

"Come on, bud. Let's let Mama rest for a bit," Edward said, scooping Jonathan up and carrying him away like a football.

Jon was three and more than a handful. He was mouthy, and a charmer, just like his father.

Little Sofia Grace would arrive to a house full of love and laughter. And maybe a little more yelling than was strictly necessary, but after three years of being horrifyingly outnumbered in my own home, it may have been more necessary than one assumed.

Later that evening, after Jon went to bed, Edward brought me a glass of water and rubbed my feet. "Did you ever think we'd end up this way?" he asked.

"What way?"

"Happily married. One beautiful boy. A sweet girl on the way."

"No," I said honestly. "You didn't like me very much at first, Tal."

"What, when you were five?"


"You were a very annoying five year old, Skunk."

"And you were a snobby eleven year old."

"When did you know you loved me?" he asked after several moments of silence.

I thought for a minute. "At my eighth birthday party. You smashed cake in Jasper's face because he told me Bambi was a stupid movie."

Running a hand along my swollen stomach, he kissed the top of my head. "I was a goner the moment you stalked up to Jasper and me and said, 'I'm Rose. I'm five and I live next door. I've decided we're going to be friends.' Then you just stalked off, and that was that."

I cupped his cheek in my palm and smiled. "I was right."

"Yes," he kissed me softly, "you were."

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